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Wed Jul 27 12:00am
That's So RavenDouble Vision(Season 3, Episode 6) FREFM

Raven tries to keep her distance from the boy Chelsea likes, but that proves difficult since the two are working together on a benefit concert.

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Wed Jul 27 12:30am
That's So RavenBend It like Baxter(Season 3, Episode 7) FREFM

Raven poses as a Russian gymnast to impress a cute jock, while Cory pretends he's visually challenged for the benefit of a girl he likes at school. Jerry: Chancellor Miller.

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Wed Jul 27 1:00am
That's So RavenThe Big Buzz(Season 3, Episode 8) FREFM

Raven has almost given up on her dream of being named “best dressed” at school when her sweet, but not very chic, guidance counselor, Ms. Romano (Susan Lucci), offers some words of encouragement. To pay her back for the confidence boost, Raven treats M (more…)

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Wed Jul 27 1:30am
That's So RavenTrue Colors(Season 3, Episode 9) FREFM

Raven has her first ugly run-in with prejudice when she's denied a job because of her race. At the same time, Cory's initial reluctance to write a 500-word report about Black History Month is overcome after he daydreams about an encounter with Frederick Do (more…)

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Wed Aug 3 12:00am
That's So RavenDog Day Aftergroom(Season 3, Episode 10) FREFM

Chelsea goes against her better judgement when she helps Raven and Eddie land jobs as dog groomers working for an eccentric pooch lover named Claire (Kathie Lee Gifford). Meanwhile, the wool gets pulled over Victor's eyes by Cory, who's secretly making a p (more…)

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Wed Aug 3 12:30am
That's So RavenThe Royal Treatment(Season 3, Episode 11) FREFM

An exchange student from Shakobi bestows Raven with strange but meaningful gifts, all of which she accepts without realizing that they symbolize his very serious intentions towards her. Meanwhile, Cory must choose between friendship and money when his pet (more…)

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Wed Aug 3 1:00am
That's So RavenPsychic Eye for the Sloppy Guy(Season 2, Episode 23) FREFM

After watching a makeover show on TV, Raven gets a sloppy student to agree to let her redo his look.

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Wed Aug 3 1:30am
That's So RavenStark Raven Mad(Season 3, Episode 1) FREFM

Raven develops a crush on the football team's captain, but then a new girl arrives and causes trouble between the two; Chelsea and Eddie study the effects of depriving themselves of sleep for 48 hours.

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Wed Aug 3 11:30am
Jackie Brown HBOSGe

Quentin Tarantino's slick, complex crime story is spun around a hard-bitten flight attendant (Pam Grier) trying to outsmart a smarmy gunrunner (Samuel L. Jackson). Based on an Elmore Leonard novel. Louis: Robert De Niro. Melanie: Bridget Fonda. Ray: Michae (more…)

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