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00:28 — Tina Fey (Date Night, 30 Rock) and Paul Rudd (I Love You Man, Knocked Up) star in Admission, the new film directed by Academy Award nominee Paul Weitz (more…)
An NBC Sneak Peek: 30 Rock
03:53 — Get a behind the scenes look at the brand new season of 30 Rock. Coming off its 3rd consecutive Emmy win for Best Comedy, Liz and the rest of the TGS (more…)
Scarlett Johansson - January 14, 2006
15:46 — Chandeliers: A low-budget ad selling the elegance of chandeliers (Scarlett Johansson, Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch). Sweet Sixteen: Parody of the MTV (more…)
The Slumber Party
12:40 — Pearl's getting ready for her slumber party, but Mr. Krabs' meddling in the party preparations is getting out of control. Pearl forces him out of the (more…)
Lance Armstrong - October 29, 2005
17:24 — Lance Armstrong Monologue: Lance Armstrong takes questions from the audience (Sheryl Crow, Fred Armisen). Iron Man: Lance Armstrong is great at the b (more…)
A Timeline of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's Epic Friendship
02:21 — It's a big week for besties Amy Poehler and Tina Fey! Amy is turning 43 -- and Tina is back on the big screen for This is Where I Leave You. We're ce (more…)
Flashback! Watch Tina Fey Talk 'Mean Girls' On TODAY in 2004
01:20 — "I definitely see myself as a writer first and foremost," Fey said, later revealing, "I'm supposed to be developing a show for NBC."
'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Star Ellie Kemper On 'The View'
04:54 — Actor Ellie Kemper talks about her pregnancy and working with Tina Fey.
Tina Fey Explains Why She and Amy Poehler Don’t Work Together More
00:43 — Fans loves watching Tina Fey and Amy Poehler work together, whether it’s in movies like “Sisters” or while co-hosting the Golden Globes. So why don’t (more…)
After Show: Having Tina Fey as a Boss
Season 13 Episode 71: A WWHL caller asks Ellie Kemper the good and bad of having Tina Fey as a boss on her show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
Watch What Happens Live
'Watch What Happens: Live' is Bravo's late-night, interactive talk show that features guests from the world of entertainment, politics, and pop cultur (more…)
Meet Your Second Wife
04:50 — Hosts Helen Walsh (Amy Poehler) and Tina Fey introduce three contestants (Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson) to their future second wives.
Season 6: 30 Rock: Season 6 Trailer
01:02 — 30 Rock returns for its sixth season, January 12th at 8 PM!
Season 2: 30 Rock: Deleted Scene Trailer
00:54 — The 2008 Emmy Awardr-winning comedy 30 Rock is told through the comedic voice of Emmyr and Golden Globe winner Tina Fey ("Liz Lemon") and features Emm (more…)
30 Rock: Hey Baby, What's Wrong? Trailer
00:56 — On Valentine's Day, Criss (James Marsden) and Liz search for a dining room table. Avery's mother (Mary Steenburgen) visits Jack. Jenna and Pete prepar (more…)
30 Rock: My Whole Life Is Thunder Trailer
00:32 — Jenna is furious at Liz for stealing her wedding thunder. Jack devises an elaborate plan to avoid disappointing his mother while Tracy tries to cheer (more…)
30 Rock: The Beginning Of The End Trailer
00:29 — Liz Lemon, head writer of the sketch comedy show "TGS with Tracy Jordan", must deal with an arrogant new boss and a crazy new star, all while trying t (more…)
30 Rock: Dance Like Nobody's Watching Trailer
00:45 — As Tracy becomes frustrated in his attempts to anger Liz, Jack questions the family friendliness of NBC's new talent competition and Kenneth prepares (more…)
30 Rock: Leap Day Trailer
00:45 — Jack learns to appreciate Leap Day while Tracy takes the writers to a restaurant to spend an almost-expired gift card. Liz and Jenna try to seduce an (more…)
01:00 — From the studio that brought you "Shrek," "Madagascar" and "Kung Fu Panda." "Megamind" is the most brilliant supervillain the world has ever known. A (more…)
00:47 — Tina Fey (Date Night, 30 Rock) and Paul Rudd (I Love You Man, Knocked Up) star in Admission, the new film directed by Academy Award nominee Paul Weitz (more…)
Monkey Kingdom
00:44 — Disneynature’s “Monkey Kingdom” spotlights the gripping reality of a newborn monkey and its mother, struggling to survive within the competitive socia (more…)
This Is Where I Leave You - Official Trailer
02:30 — When their father passes away, four grown siblings, bruised and banged up by their respective adult lives, are forced to return to their childhood hom (more…)
00:33 — Tina Fey (Date Night, 30 Rock) and Paul Rudd (I Love You Man, Knocked Up) star in Admission, the new film directed by Academy Award nominee Paul Weitz (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Elizabeth Stamatina Fey
  • Birth Place: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Birthday: May 18, 1970, Taurus
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Comedian, Producer