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VIDEO: Medium: Me Without You

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Medium: Me Without You
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Aired: 1/21/2011

Allison and Joe begin new careers that take them in different directions. watch

VIDEO: Me Without You

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Me Without You
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Length: 04:12:46
Aired: 1/21/2011

When Allison becomes a lawyer and Joe starts a new job, the Dubois family is forever changed. watch

VIDEO: Me Without You [HD]

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Me Without You [HD]
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Length: 44:00
Aired: 1/21/2011

Allison and Joe begin new careers that take them in different directions. watch


Medium Season 7 [HD]
Medium Season 7

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Year Title Description
2011 Medium: Me Without You
Season 7, Episode 13
Episode, Actor - Lynn DiNovi
2010 Medium: Talk to the Hand
Season 7, Episode 5
Episode, Actor - Lynn DiNovi
2010 Medium: The Match Game
Season 7, Episode 2
Episode, Actor - Lynn DiNovi
2010 Medium: Smoke Damage
Season 7, Episode 8
Episode, Actor - Lynn DiNovi
2008 Medium: A Cure for What Ails You
Season 4, Episode 13
Episode, Actor - Lynn DiNovi

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Drowned World

What a show The Medium season finale opened with Joe throwing the 2200 cashmere robe at Meghan and then asking for his idea back and then he shot her Unfortunately he woke up Too bad that conniving bottom-feeder deserved thatWhen he actually did see Meghan aka your favorite neighborhood she-devil he was understandably ticked off at her He told her he had shown the robe to Allison and she was none too happy about it Its a robe Its cashmere Its a luxury item Meghan offered to call Al and straighten everything out But Joe wouldnt let her He said he intended to dissolve the business Meghan reminded him she owned him He responded by packing his things and walking out of the office Meghan came after him asking where he thought he was going Im taking my morals and Im going homeIt looked like Joe was out of an idea and a job and the potential of an awful lot of money However Meg read more

A Cure for What Ails You

Medium began this episode with a Peeping Tom If a guy walks around the neighborhood peering into peoples houses from the sidewalk no less is considered a Peeping Tom then I guess I am one too Who doesnt love to look into random houses and see how other people live I always thought of Peeping Toms as rather seedy characters who crept around in bushes and spied on people But the real mystery is why was the girl undressing in front of the window that looked out on the main street anyhow I think people are as much exhibitionists as they are voyeuristic Sure there would be no Jerry Springer without voyeurs but youve got to have people willing to open the proverbial trench coat in order for there to be something to see Lynns tennis partner Kim ended up dead after an apparent accident cause when her pain medication affected her ability to stand upright The womans husband Russell Furlong claimed to have argued with her and then went to sle read more

"And Then"

Mediums fourth season opener left me speechless Not only was there singing and dancing and mice and marionettes but Anjelica Huston stopped by for her first of many visits to the show Ahhh so good I dont even know where to start Lets just get this out of the way This was a heart-wrenching show The premise a very small boy gets lured to his death by a sick-o with a penchant for dancing There have been so many stories recently about small children being killed lately I found this episode to be very timely and really hard to watch So many things popped into my mind when I watched the scene where Bens father proved his inability to actual parent his child I mean what was he thinking Who in their right mind would let a four-year old take off in a big store If youre going to spend time with your child mister how about actually paying attention to him Ariel learned a lesson or two I could not believe what her friend said to Brooke to shake her confidence and read more

May 16, 2007: “Everything Will Come to a Head”

Season finales make me wistful The third part of a trilogy bringing Neve Campbell and Jason Priestley to the Dubois roost wrapped the season up nicely I love when everything comes together and there are no loose ends This show while not quite as fantastic as last weeks still held its own especially when you consider Allisons special talents and the risks she had to take to solve the murder of her friendenemy PD MacColl Everyone got a spot in this show Manny Scanlon and Lynn Scanlon finally got some good scenes as well and he and Lynn are back together Those two are very on again off again Perhaps next season they might even have a subplot of their ownJoe had another decent story line losing his job because of Allisons newly exposed abilities yet still loving his wife at the end of the day What a guy Clone him please Manuel lost his job as well but since Allison had his back Im sure it was only temporary Best Line PDDebra read more

May 9, 2007: "Heads Will Roll"

Thanks for cutting me some slack getting the Medium blog up Now without further ado I give youOne of the best openings Ive seen on this show One of the best shows this season I still have goosebumpsOne creepily believable performance from Neve Campbell as sneaky underhanded reporter PD MacCollOther great titles for this show would have been Life Needs Your Attention or Stop the Murderer Stop the Murder Where have I heard something like that before Any Heroes fans out there Save the Cheerleader Save the World ring any bellsSo this being May sweeps the folks over at Medium really tried to pack a lot in There was more humor than normal a film noir short and Howie Mandel himself Plus by putting Phoenixs great DA Manuel Devalos on the auction block weve got the perfect setting for a real cliffhanger with next weeks showTo start Joes meeting with his father was hysterical The entire conversati read more

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