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The Libertine - Trailer No. 1
Johnny Depp portrays poet John Wilmot, the Earl of Rochester, in this fiendishly witty costume drama.
The Libertine - Trailer
Johnny Depp stars in this period drama as John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, the notorious 17th-century poet whose licentious life scandalized Europe and (more…)
Enduring Love - Trailer
An odd, tragic accident brings two men together and threatens to destroy the sanity - and lives - of each.
Married Life - Trailer No. 1
Married Life - Trailer No. 1
The Heroes Lose Their Memories Again
02:21 — They arrive back in Storybrooke with no memory of what happened.
Emma Rips Out Merida's Heart
03:14 — Merida takes the wisp and Dark Swan emerges.
King Arthur Meets the Heroes
01:24 — Merlin predicted the Saviour was coming.
Emma and Hook Go On a Date
02:15 — Hook struggles when his dark side comes out during a date with Emma.
Emma Finally Learns Her Parents' Secret
02:32 — Emma is devastated by her parents' secret. From the Once Upon a Time season 4 episode, "Best Laid Plans."
The Snow Queen Casts a Spell On Anna
02:30 — The Snow Queen wants to bring out the dark side in Anna.
Hope for Robin and Regina
02:17 — Robin and Regina find hope in a new page that might be from the Storybook.
Merida Initiates a Fight With Emma
01:18 — Emma meets Merida - and she wants to fight.
Anna Defeats Rumple
03:44 — Anna uses Rumple's dagger against him.
Hook and Rumple Blackmail Each Other
02:45 — Rumple tells Hook the truth about his dark side.
Rumple Captures the Snow Queen
02:55 — After capturing Ingrid, Rumple reveals his plan to go after Emma.
Zelena Is Alive!
03:51 — Zelena tells Gold how she took over Marian's body.
Hook Confesses to Swan
01:43 — Hook tells the truth in order to save Emma.
The Snow Queen Gets Emma & Elsa's Powers
03:57 — Emma's reunion with her family is cut short by The Snow Queen.
The Snow Queen Freezes Arendelle
03:51 — After Anna puts Elsa in the urn, the Snow Queen gets revenge.
The Truth About the Author
02:41 — August explains why the Author was trapped in the book. From the Once Upon a Time season 4 episode, "Best Laid Plans."
Elsa Confronts Anna
02:28 — Will Elsa believe Anna -- or the Snow Queen's lies?
Snow and Charming Make a Desperate Move
01:28 — The Charmings take Maleficent's dragon egg. From the Once Upon a Time season 4 episode, "Best Laid Plans."
Anna Makes a Deal With Rumplestiltskin
01:34 — Anna makes a deal with Rumple to learn the truth about her parents, on the next episode of Once Upon a Time.
Rumple Captures Anna
03:56 — Rumple needs Anna to gain access to the Sorcerer's Hat.
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