Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: I Begged Ashley to Cut Bentley

Bentley and Ashley

Although The Bachelorette's Ashley Hebert has a strong group of guys to choose from, one suitor stood out in the season premiere, but not in a good way. Before the night began, Ashley explained to host Chris Harrison that she had been warned about Bentley and that he was going on the show to promote his company and not find love. Despite Ashley's intel — and Bentley admitting to producers he had hoped Emily Maynard would be the Bachelorette — she gave him a rose. Harrison tells TVGuide.com he begged Ashley to cut him, but she went with her gut. Plus: Harrison weighs in on some of the night's more memorable men.

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The New York Daily News reports that The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being stalked by an anonymous female who has tried to get the working mom in trouble with Children's Services. "This is a malicious attempt to harass our family," Elisabeth and her husband, Tim, parents of 1-year-old Grace, tell the the News in a statement. "These allegations have been fully reviewed by authorities and medical professionals and found to be absolutely false." read more

Project Runway After all these...

Project RunwayAfter all these weeks of having only two days to complete a project, you'd think seven months would be enough time for 12 outfits. Apparently not. But before we get to that, let me say how nice it was to see this other side of Santino, eating dinner at his friend's house with a little girl crawling on his lap, and even confessing about his insecurities. Looooved seeing all those '80s Sears portraits of the finalists and their families. And the product placement worked: I officially covet that Saturn roadster Tim rented. So far Santino's dress actually looks the most wearable, ironically. That pleated rainbowy dress is gorgeous. Chloe's ginormous poofy-sleeved jacket thing was more over-the-top and weird. Tim read more

Super Low, Emmy High for View Cutie

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View

Last week was an emotional roller-coaster for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Just days after brother-in-law Matt Hasselbeck's Seattle Seahawks were deprived of a Super Bowl win, she and the other ladies of ABC's The View racked up 10 Daytime Emmy nods. Is this the year that they at last grab the gold for Outstanding Talk Show Host? Just minutes after the nominations were announced, TVGuide.com caught up with Hasselbeck, aka that sunny Survivor, to discuss the show's chances and to tackle a very hot topic — the questionable refereeing during that Super Bowl loss. TVGuide.com: First of all, congratulations on The View's nominations [including best talk show]!Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Thank you. The show's been nominated right from the jump, so it's nice to know it's always been in the game. It's certainly deserved it every single year. TVGuide.com: From where you're sitting, when read more

Hi, my name is Joe, and I have...

Hi, my name is Joe, and I have a problem: I'm a live-music junkie. I just can't resist the siren song of an intimate club show, as my wallet can attest. So even though I live in relative squalor, I have seen a lot of bands. For whatever reason, there are a ton of incredible performers on the circuit who haven't hit national success — yet. The Bielanko Brothers, Jay Morgans and Edward Gieda all come to mind. And after watching Jessica sing to be saved as part of last night's bottom three (along with Suzie and Deanna), I can add her name to that list, too. I'm simply stumped as to why she hasn't made it prior to this series. The girl possesses a vicious voice, an assured stage presence and, oh yeah, sex appeal to burn. With or without INXS, I'd pay to see Jess in a sweaty bar. And it looks like it's gonna be without 'em, cause Jessica is sent packing by Taskmaster Tim. Can that guy crack the whip or what? I have to wonder, th read more

If there's ever been a rocker...

If there's ever been a rocker more deserving of an encore, it's Jordis. And the guys in INXS know it. The irony is that she may actually be too good for the band. With youth and an incredible voice on her side, I think she's capable of mounting a solo career that could save pop music and refasten the Seventh Seal that's sure to be opened when Britney births her spawn. It might actually be more beneficial for Jordis to be eventually ushered out the stage door. Right now, though,  Brandon, Tara and Ty are gracing the bottom three. Brandon: The nattily dressed Brando snags "Devil Inside," one of INXS' best. But his performance has all the consistency of a warped 45 rpm: It's skipping and hopping all over the place.Tara: Much like her performance last night, Tara's "Beautiful Girl" sounds as if she's holding one big indecipherable note. It's almost like a code, and one I don't think Tim and the boys are interested read more


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