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Mon Sep 26 12:00pm
BonanzaVengeance(Season 2, Episode 21) TVLAND

A despondent Hoss refuses to defend himself against the vengeful brother of a man he accidentally killed. Ben: Lorne Greene. Red: Adam Williams. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Joe: Michael Landon. Mary: Beverly Tyler. Willie: Keith Richards.

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Tue Sep 27 12:00pm
BonanzaTax Collector(Season 2, Episode 22) TVLAND

The townspeople unite in rebellion against new tax collector Jock Henry. Ben: Lorne Greene. Hoss: Dan Blocker. Henry: Eddie Firestone. Joe: Michael Landon. Ellen: Kathie Browne. Hop Sing: Victor Sen Yung. Hart: Russ Conway.

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Tue Sep 27 12:00pm
Criminal MindsBloodline(Season 4, Episode 13) ION

A family is suspected of working together to abduct young women.

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Wed Sep 28 12:00pm
BonanzaThe Rescue(Season 2, Episode 23) TVLAND

The Cartwrights tangle with cattle rustlers. Tatum: Leif Erickson. Ben: Lorne Greene. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Hoss: Dan Blocker. Joe: Michael Landon. Moss: Richard Coogan. Hop Sing: Victor Sen Yung. Jack: Burt Douglas. Johnny: Ron Hayes.

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Thu Sep 29 12:00pm
BonanzaThe Dark Gate(Season 2, Episode 24) TVLAND

James Coburn appears as a rancher who accuses Adam of having an affair with his wife. Mrs. Marquett: CeCe Whitney. Ben: Lorne Greene. Hoss: Dan Blocker. Joe: Michael Landon. Monk: Med Florey. Billy: Dean Stanton.

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Fri Sep 30 12:00pm
BonanzaThe Duke(Season 2, Episode 25) TVLAND

An English boxer with a weakness for women is pitted against Hoss in a prizefight. Duke: Maxwell Reed. Lambert: Jason Evers. Limey: J. Pat O'Malley. Marge: Randy Stuart. Ben: Lorne Greene.

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Mon Oct 3 11:00am
Burn NoticeDead to Rights(Season 5, Episode 12) ESQTV

Michael tries to clear his name of Max's murder by taking drastic action. Elsewhere, Larry resurfaces and insists Michael help him with a job.

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Mon Oct 3 12:00pm
BonanzaCutthroat Junction(Season 2, Episode 26) TVLAND

The Cartwrights join forces with trouble-shooter Ted Trask to break up a mob. Belle: Shirley Ballard. Ben: Lorne Greene. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Hoss: Dan Blocker. Joe: Michael Landon.

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Tue Oct 4 12:00pm
BonanzaThe Gift(Season 2, Episode 27) TVLAND

Horse thieves stalk Joe and his friend, who journey across the desert with a valuable Arab stallion. Joe: Michael Landon. Wolfe: Jim Davis. Cash: Jack Hogan. Ben: Lorne Greene. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Hoss: Dan Blocker.

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Wed Oct 5 12:00pm
BonanzaThe Rival(Season 2, Episode 28) TVLAND

Hoss struggles with his conscience when he spots his rival for Cameo Johnson's affections leaving a lynching. Cameo: Peggy Ann Garner. Ben: Lorne Greene. Applegate: Charles Aidman. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Joe: Michael Landon.

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Wed Oct 5 10:35pm
National Lampoon's Animal House IFC

A party-centric fraternity causes all sorts of havoc and hijinks on a college campus in the early 1960s, leading to their expulsion and a grand act of revenge.

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Thu Oct 6 10:00am
Burn NoticeBroken Rules(Season 1, Episode 8) ION

Michael poses as a thief to infiltrate a criminal gang that has been terrorizing a local merchant. Elsewhere, Michael blackmails an agent into handing over information about the burn notice.

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Thu Oct 6 11:00am
Fletch STZEN

An investigative reporter assumes a variety of identities while pursuing a scoop, continually getting sidetracked by his own curiosity. While undercover, Fletch is approached by rich aviation executive Alan Stanwyk, who claims to be dying of cancer and has (more…)

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Thu Oct 6 12:00pm
BonanzaThe Infernal Machine(Season 2, Episode 29) TVLAND

A con man induces the townspeople to invest in Daniel Pettibone's horseless carriage. Ben: Lorne Greene. Pettibone: Eddie Ryder. Pete: George Kennedy. Throckmorton: Willard Waterman. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Robin: June Kennedy.

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Fri Oct 7 12:00pm
BonanzaThunderhead Swindle(Season 2, Episode 30) TVLAND

The Cartwrights try to discredit reports of a silver strike---and become marked for death by miners. Ben: Lorne Greene. Adam: Pernell Roberts. Joe: Michael Landon. Hoss: Dan Blocker. Cunningham: Parley Baer.

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