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Road to Redemption, Round 1: Cowan vs. Wong
07:49 — Chefs Wong and Cowan battle in the Road to Redemption, Round 1.
Watch Al Roker Help Teach Dads How to Barbecue Live On the TODAY Plaza
06:10 — Tim Love, executive chef of the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, joins TODAY’s Al Roker on the plaza to conduct a high-spirited grilling lesson for a gro (more…)
New technology allows firefighter to track flames
02:22 — Firefighters are still battling wildfires this Labor Day weekend. At least 56 large fires are burning in the U.S. and most of them in the far west. On (more…)
Kentucky clerk’s office issues marriage licenses
02:01 — Supporters of a defiant county clerk in Kentucky plan to hold a rally today outside her jail. Kim Davis, the county clerk, is behind bars after refusi (more…)
Cuba's race to prepare for influx of tourists
04:42 — U.S. travel to Cuba is booming and with the Obama Administration planning to ease travel restrictions by the end of the year, many more travelers will (more…)
Exhausted migrants travel through the night to Austria
02:59 — Thousands of desperate migrants are fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East arriving in Austria from neighboring Hungary. Thousands more travel by (more…)
Clinton and Trump take hits over latest interviews
04:28 — Hillary Clinton continues to take heat for using her personal e-mail server while she was Secretary of State. In a recent interview with Andrea Mitche (more…)
College football kickoff: Auburn, Louisville face off today on CBS
04:21 — The 2016 college football season gets into full swing today, including the 6th ranked Auburn Tigers take on the Louisville Cardinals, in a game you ca (more…)
A peek at Hollywood's must-see autumn offerings
06:21 — The summer movie season is fading away. Fall’s most anticipated blockbusters range from the film adaptation of best-selling novel “The Martianâ€? (more…)
New CDC report reveals serious cardiovascular risk
06:23 — A disturbing new study from the Centers for Disease Control found that 70 percent of American’s hearts are aging faster than they are. That’s crea (more…)
Tim Love brings western cuisine to The Dish
04:46 — Texas chef Tim Love is known for his urban western cuisine and his big personality. With multiple restaurants in the Lone Star state, Love consistentl (more…)
How technology may change our labor and leisure
04:39 — As artificial intelligence continues to improve, many experts are predicting that the demand for workers, from taxi drivers to lawyers, will be drasti (more…)
Russia may insert combat aircraft into Syria creating uneasy air space
01:44 — In a development that caught U.S. intelligence by surprise, Russia has set up an air traffic control tower and modular housing units for hundreds of p (more…)
Unemployment rate reaches pre-recession levels
03:02 — There’s another big drop in stock prices, driven by job numbers that actually put unemployment at its lowest level in seven years. The August jobs r (more…)
Vegetarian Pasta With Mushrooms: Tim Love’s Recipe Is Hearty, Quick and Easy
03:48 — Tim Love is the chef and owner of Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in Texas. He joins TODAY to share his hearty recipe for tagliatelle pasta with roasted (more…)
Campfire Chaos
01:50 — The chefs head out to the desert and must cook over an open flame.
Last-minute Holiday Menu Items: Prime Rib Roast and Potato Latkes
04:14 — Tim Love, the chef and owner of Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, and Gail Simmons, the special projects director for Food and Wine magazine, join TODAY t (more…)
Final Four feast on a shoestring
05:16 — Chef Tim Love cooked up two of his favorite including his signature mini "Love" burgers and some chili marinated grilled gulf shrimp, in preparation f (more…)
Slice and Dice Showdown: Episode 5
02:35 — Robin and Ron compete to sort out the most green cereal.
Extended Judges' Table: Padma Got Game
01:29 — The judges must debate whether really good sides but a bad main component or really a good main component and bad sides will be eliminated.
Game Over
02:25 — Despite knowing her mistakes, Dakota Weiss maintains there were other chefs that could have gone home before she did.
Tim Love
02:00 — What's not to love about Chef Tim?
Recap: Camping
01:26 — Cutting a cactus, cooking in a dust-filled desert, and Eli's idea of a living hell.
Meet Chef Tim Love
00:58 — Learn more about this chef best known for his urban spin on traditional western dishes.
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