Tiger Woods

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Eldrick T. Woods
  • Birth Place: Cypress, California, United States
  • Profession: Golfer
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5-year-old Tiger Woods shows off his golf skills on TODAY
03:32 — In this flashback video from 1981, TODAY’s Bryant Gumbel introduces the world to 5-year-old Tiger Woods, a golf prodigy with a bright future ahead.
Tiger Woods’ amazing comeback: Could he win the Masters Tournament?
02:30 — The 2018 Masters Tournament tees off Thursday morning, and after fighting back from years of injury and personal struggles, Tiger Woods is looking to (more…)
Lindsey Vonn Praises Tiger Woods!
01:14 — Mr. Woods has at least 1 fan.
Catdog On a Stick
11:32 — The Robot Chicken crew lets you know if Santa Claus is a racist, Tiger Woods gets his own Space Jam type of movie and we find out what The Bratz girls (more…)
Segway Joust: Elijah Wood vs. Stephen Colbert
02:02 — Stephen can't seem to remember Elijah Wood ever being on the show, leaving Wood with no choice but to defend his honor in a duel.
Tiger Woods Gives Presidential Golf Reviews
05:32 — Tiger Woods reminisces on his hero Arnold Palmer and his father's significance to the Tiger Woods Foundation. He also has some strong critiques for al (more…)
Jorge Ramos Wants You To Know What Makes Trump So Dangerous
06:04 — Journalist and author Jorge Ramos tells Stephen why Donald Trump had him removed from a press conference, and details his encounters with heightened r (more…)
Donald Trump Admits He'll Probably Whine More If He Loses
05:11 — Donald Trump has revealed that he'll graciously accept the results of the presidential election, as long as he wins. If he loses? Well, only one way t (more…)
Elijah Wood Connects The Universe And Also Has Cool Tattoos
07:24 — Your favorite actor Elijah Wood reveals some interesting tattoo ink, and inspires Stephen to share how Wood convinced him that everything in the unive (more…)
Emoji News: Tiger Woods' Break-up
04:50 — James quizzes his audience on current events by only showing headlines in emoji form and makes them guess the story's details.
Woods Talks Wood, Wood Talks Woods
02:01 — Two legends, two vaguely similar names. In this web exclusive for The Late Show, Tiger Woods and Elijah Wood bond like never before.
Requiem For A Debate
1:43:18 — To help improve the viewing experience of the final 2016 Presidential debate, we added the only thing that could possibly even attempt to make it civi (more…)
Stephen Colbert Considers Fleeing America
05:58 — In the event that Donald Trump wins, Stephen has an airtight plan to escape to Canada. He just has to visit the Canadian embassy first.
Tiger Woods Is Elite At Both Golf And Video Games
06:15 — Legendary golfer and pop-culture icon Tiger Woods chats about returning to golf, playing Call of Duty, and maintaining a strong friendship with his ex (more…)
Former Golfer David Feherty Talks State of the Game, Tiger Woods
02:29 — David Feherty, former professional golfer, is hosting his sixth season of “Feherty” on NBC sister network the Golf Channel, in addition to joining NBC (more…)
Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods: We’ve Split up
00:26 — The Olympic skier posted on Facebook of the breakup, “After nearly three years together, Tiger and I have mutually decided to end our relationship.” W (more…)
Justin Bieber: Pulls a Tiger Woods ... Chokes On Golf Course
01:38 — Here's proof Justin Bieber is no different than ANYONE ELSE on the golf course -- slamming his club to the ground after a crappy shot ... and then tak (more…)
Mike Lupica to Tiger Woods’ Caddie: ‘Give Him His 5 Iron, and Shut up’
03:19 — Mike Lupica sits down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer to talk about his latest sports-centric novel for young people, “Fast Break,” whose young protagonist is (more…)
KLG: Lindsay Vonn Perfectly Described Her ‘Love’ of Golf
02:00 — Kathie Lee and Hoda chat about Lindsay Vonn’s response to Seth Meyer’s asking how much she enjoys watching boyfriend Tiger Woods play golf. The share (more…)
Tiger Woods and Robin Thicke Are TWINSIES!!
01:54 — Okay not really but they are both missing teeth and that’s close enough.
Biography: Tiger Woods
04:28 — Biography's Jack Perkins takes a look into the life of Tiger Woods and the influences of Earl Woods that made his son a champion golfer.
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  • Birth Name: Eldrick T. Woods
  • Birth Place: Cypress, California, United States
  • Profession: Golfer

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