Tig Notaro

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Mathilde O'Callaghan Notaro
  • Birth Place: Jackson, Mississippi, United States
  • Profession: Comedian, Actor
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It Was a Very Dark Time
00:49 — Comedian Tig Notaro – who shot to stardom after performing a set about her cancer diagnosis and losing her mother – on how her life has changed in the (more…)
Calendar: Week of June 27
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Tig Notaro finds a way to laugh through the pain
08:27 — The comedian's brush with death and family tragedy would make most give up on life. Luke Burbank introduces us to female comic who finds humor in just (more…)
18 Was a Big Year for Wilmer Valderrama & Shawn Mendes
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Short Story Long: Ogre & Little Girl
01:47 — Ben Schwartz, Zach Woods, Susan Sarandon, and Tig Notaro improvise a modern day fairy tale.
Alabama college student comes out after Orlando attacks
02:14 — A young Alabama man made the most important decision of his life after the Orlando attack. No longer able to sit by quietly, he took to Facebook and a (more…)
Cashing in to go to school
01:47 — Jim Gaffigan is baffled that anyone goes to school when they aren't being paid, let alone that people pay to go to school. He's so confused by the not (more…)
Almanac: Teflon's accidental discovery
01:50 — Roy Plunkett was born, the accidental inventor of a the remarkable non-stick substance we have come to know as Teflon, was born 106 years ago today. P (more…)
We Don't Know Who Won The World Series
01:04 — This Late Show episode was taped before Game 7 of the World Series, so Stephen thought it best to congratulate both teams, in case one of them wins.
NYC Pigeons take flight with new light show
05:51 — Duke Riley remembers when pigeons were treated like eagles. In recent time, these flock of birds have gotten a bad rap. Now he's on campaign to put th (more…)
Web extra: Tig Notaro on family plans
03:11 — Tig Notaro and her wife Stephanie discuss their life together, including how they use humor fight fair during disagreements, Tig's infatuation with mi (more…)
Yankees Fan Boots Stadium Proposal
04:04 — James looks at a roundup of stories including a Yankee Stadium proposal that almost went very wrong and some frisky burglars.
Gary Johnson Pulled a Gary Johnson
03:22 — After James looks at Gary Johnson's world leader gaffe, James explains why National Coffee Day has to go.
Late Late Captions: Usain Bolt
07:24 — After James reads his favorite Instagram captions for a photo he posted of himself and Usain Bolt after a race, he lists off all the places on the Int (more…)
Stay Wednesday Love Riots in Central Park!
30:52 — Jon Batiste and Stay Wednesday take a field trip to Central Park to live stream one of their famous 'Love Riot' jam sessions.
From the archives: Ralph Stanley
08:22 — This past week we learned of the death of Ralph Stanley. He is considered a Founding Father of modern bluegrass music. After decades of performing on (more…)
Corporate Acronyms: IKEA, Craigslist
04:13 — You may not know it, but some of the world's most recognizable apps and brands are all acronyms.
Emoji News
05:43 — James tests the audience on the latest headlines by presenting them in emoji form.
Outlander's out of this world reach
06:34 — The "Outlander" book series has been a staple on the best-sellers list. The story has been developed into a television series, and it's evolved into a (more…)
Michael Strahan And Tom Brady Are Documenting The Religion Of Sports
09:30 — The retired NFL superstar traveled the world shooting 'Religion of Sports' and found that the sporting world's rituals have a lot in common with the r (more…)
Is the World Ready for a Shawn Mendes-Niall Horan Collaboration?
00:48 — Shawn Mendes confirms that he and Niall Horan have every intention to write music together, but explains what's been delaying them.
Will Max Greenfield Open for Tig Notaro at Carnegie Hall?
05:48 — After Tig Notaro explains why doing comedy about your children is inevitable, Max Greenfield unearths an old bit from his one attempt at stand-up. And (more…)
Donald Trump Urges Early Voters To Change Their Ballots
10:12 — Stephen doesn't believe in letting early voters change their minds, as Donald Trump has suggested. Voting is like a tattoo: you're stuck with it.
Nick Kroll Is Done Being A Comedian
10:03 — Kroll enjoyed his dramatic role in the movie 'Loving' so much, he's swearing off comedy forever.
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  • Birth Name: Mathilde O'Callaghan Notaro
  • Birth Place: Jackson, Mississippi, United States
  • Profession: Comedian, Actor

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