Battle of the Fierce Females: New Girl’s Cece Parekh vs Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Rosa Diaz
01:26 — Who is Tuesday Night’s “Ultimate Bad Girl?" New Girl’s Hannah Simone takes on Brooklyn Nine Nines Stephanie Beatriz! TUE 9/8c & 9:30/8:30c
Audiovisual Birth Control: Highly Embarrassing Announcements
04:41 — Reggie Watts, Rachel Bloom and Emo Philips answer questions about expecting parents after watching their cringe-worthy music video parodies.
Cynthia Made a Sex Tape
02:35 — Little 13-year-old Bobby saw something he can never un-see.
#HashtagWars: #CatBooks
01:32 — Inspired by the upcoming release of the kitten flick "Keanu," Affion Crockett, Jamar Neighbors and Tiffany Haddish make up cat-themed book titles.
Famous Family Spin-Offs: Obsessed With Fame at Any Cost
01:33 — Reggie Watts, Rachel Bloom and Emo Philips pitch reality TV spin-offs featuring celebrity families.
Panderdome: Feel the Butts, When in New York, D.E.R.P.
03:47 — Reggie Watts, Rachel Bloom and Emo Philips read comments posted by election hopefuls, list ways Hillary Clinton can win over New Yorkers and cut fake (more…)
Cast of NBC’s “The Carmichael Show!”
04:54 — Steve welcomes cast members from the NBC sitcom “The Carmichael Show” (Sundays at 9/8C) including JERROD CARMICHAEL, DAVID ALAN GRIER, LORETTA DEVINE, (more…)
#HashtagWars Recap: Week of Apr 4, 2016
01:39 — The comedians relive the magic of the #BestWeekendIn5Words, make up #ElderlyMovies, list #CatBooks and #BroadwayACeleb.
Jammie Dodgers: Pinched in the Caper of the Century
01:36 — After seeing mug shots of cookie thieves, Affion Crockett, Jamar Neighbors and Tiffany Haddish introduce them as characters in a Guy Ritchie film.
What Is Gentrification?
03:23 — Jerrod and Maxine have different opinions about gentrification.
#HashtagWars: #BroadwayACeleb
01:47 — In anticipation of the Tony Awards nominations, Reggie Watts, Rachel Bloom and Emo Philips infuse celebrities with Broadway charm for a theatrical mas (more…)
Maxine Is a Drug Mule
03:36 — Maxine unwittingly drives Jerrod's friend to a drug deal.
Jerrod Sells His Integrity
02:04 — Jerrod meets up with Maxine's dad to do what Maxine can't.
Joe Reconciles With His Father
04:58 — Joe comes to terms with his abusive father after he tries to write his eulogy.
The Antonin Scalia School of Law Acronym Mishap
01:09 — Affion Crockett, Jamar Neighbors and Tiffany Haddish name classes they would take at the regrettably named Antonin Scalia School of Law.
Cynthia Has a Breakthrough
02:48 — Maxine gets Cynthia to open up about her depression.
Feminist Face-Off
01:55 — Maxine and Cynthia butt heads over the true meaning of feminism.
Joe's Crazy... for Trump
02:27 — Maxine and Joe clash over political candidates.
The Carmichaels' Muslim Mistake
02:56 — Joe and Cynthia steal a package from the Muslim neighbors thinking it could be a bomb. What happens when they come looking for it?
Russian to the Altar: Ice Florida
03:46 — Affion Crockett, Jamar Neighbors and Tiffany Haddish describe what's happening in bizarre Russian wedding photos.
Maxine's Sexual Accident
04:32 — Maxine tells the Carmichaels she might be pregnant.
Pants On Fire: Fib Fest
01:51 — On Tell a Lie Day, Affion Crockett, Jamar Neighbors and Tiffany Haddish own up to fibs they've told.
Cynthia Is a Cyberbully
02:49 — When Joe friends an ex on Facebook, Cynthia's jealousy spirals out of control.
First Look: The Carmichael Show
01:53 — Jerrod Carmichael and the cast tell you what to expect when Season 2 premieres, Sunday, March 13 at 9/8c on NBC. And catch a special one-hour preview, (more…)
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