Mon Jun 1 8:00am
Saved by the BellDancing to the Max(Season 2, Episode 1) E!

A dance contest sparks a rivalry between Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Slater (Mario Lopez) over who'll be the dance partner of the school beauty queen (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen).

Mon Jun 1 8:30am
Saved by the BellLisa Card(Season 2, Episode 2) E!

Lisa's friends come up with far-out schemes to help her pay off the far-out bills she ran up on her father's credit card. Lark Voorhies. Miss Wentworth: Carol Lawrence. Father: Henry Brown. Max: Ed Alonzo.

Mon Jun 1 9:00am
Saved by the BellGift(Season 2, Episode 3) E!

Screech is hit by a bolt of lightning that gives him the ability to see into the future, thankfully just prior to a big history exam. Screech: Dustin Diamond. Testaverde: John Moschitta Jr. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Mon Jun 1 9:30am
Saved by the BellFatal Distraction(Season 2, Episode 4) E!

Zack acts like an insect: he bugs a slumber party to find out what Kelly thinks of him. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Screech: Dustin Diamond. Slater: Mario Lopez.

Tue Jun 2 8:00am
Saved by the BellScreech's Woman(Season 2, Episode 5) E!

Zach goes beyond the limits of friendship to find a girl for Screech. Belding: Dennis Haskins. Screech: Dustin Diamond. Zach: Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Slater: Mario Lopez.

Tue Jun 2 8:30am
Saved by the BellAloha Slater(Season 2, Episode 6) E!

A jealous Zack devises a sneaky plan to get rival Slater to move to Hawaii. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Slater: Mario Lopez. Major: Gerald Castillo. Screech: Dustin Diamond.

Tue Jun 2 9:00am
Saved by the BellSubstitute(Season 2, Episode 7) E!

A totally gorgeous sub teacher (Hank Stratton) totally melts the girls---and steams the boys. Miss Simpson: Pamela Kosh. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Slater: Mario Lopez.

Tue Jun 2 9:30am
Saved by the BellCream for a Day(Season 2, Episode 8) E!

Screech invents a blemish cream that might smooth Kelly's way to homecoming queendom. Charlie: Scott Fults. Max: Ed Alonzo. Muffin: Becky Fernandez. Screech: Dustin Diamond.

Wed Jun 3 8:00am
Saved by the BellPinned to the Mat(Season 2, Episode 9) E!

Slater gives up wrestling after Zack makes a bet on him against a rival school's champ (Gino De Mauro). Mrs. Cummings: Bunny Summers. Belding: Dennis Haskins. Slater: Mario Lopez. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Wed Jun 3 8:30am
Saved by the BellBeauty and the Screech(Season 2, Episode 10) E!

Kelly is delighted with her new tutor Screech, which doesn't delight rivals Zack and Slater. Dr. Mertz: Avery Schreiber. Kelly: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Screech: Dustin Diamond.

Wed Jun 3 9:00am
Saved by the BellFriendship Business(Season 2, Episode 11) E!

Friendship loses when friends compete against friends to sell tokens of friendship. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Lisa: Lark Voorhies. Screech: Dustin Diamond. Jessie: Elizabeth Berkley. Slater: Mario Lopez. Belding: Dennis Haskins.

Wed Jun 3 9:30am
Saved by the BellThe Mamas and the Papas(Season 2, Episode 12) E!

For a school project, the kids are paired off in mock marriages to see how they'd handle the real thing. Screech: Dustin Diamond. Lisa: Lark Voorhies. Slater: Mario Lopez.

Thu Jun 4 8:00am
Saved by the BellElection(Season 2, Episode 13) E!

Zack opposes Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley) for the student-body presidency after learning that a week in Washington is a surprise prize. Belding: Dennis Haskins. Dewey: Patrick T. O'Brien. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Thu Jun 4 8:30am
Saved by the BellThe Zack Tapes(Season 2, Episode 14) E!

Zack wows and woos Kelly by sneaking a hidden message onto a music tape. Miss Wentworth: Carol Lawrence. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Kelly: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Screech: Dustin Diamond.

Thu Jun 4 9:00am
Saved by the BellKing of the Hill(Season 2, Episode 15) E!

Zack and Slater devote the first day of school to the pursuit of Kelly (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen). Belding: Dennis Haskins. Dewey: Patrick T. O'Brien. Miss Simpson: Pamela Kosh.

Thu Jun 4 9:30am
Saved by the BellSave That Tiger(Season 2, Episode 16) E!

The annual prank war between Bayside and Valley is waged in sync with the cheerleading competition. Belding: Dennis Haskins. Stingwell: Ronnie Schell. Jessie: Elizabeth Berkley. Screech: Dustin Diamond.

Thu Jun 4 1:35pm
Son-in-Law FLIXe

A student invites her eccentric L.A. dorm counselor (Pauly Shore) home to meet her conservative family at Thanksgiving. Rebecca: Carla Gugino. Walter Jr: Lane Smith. Connie: Cindy Pickett. Walter Sr.: Mason Adams. Zack: Patrick Renna. Theo: Dennis Burkley (more…)

Fri Jun 5 6:00am
White CollarWithdrawal(Season 2, Episode 1) USA

In the Season 2 opener, Peter and Neal try to stay a step ahead of a sophisticated bank robber. But once alarms are set off throughout the city, the guys realize they're dealing with a true professional.

Fri Jun 5 7:00am
White CollarNeed to Know(Season 2, Episode 2) USA

Neal plans to expose a corrupt politician by going undercover as a political fixer.

Fri Jun 5 8:00am
Saved by the BellThe Prom(Season 3, Episode 1) E!

The big question is: who's taking whom to the prom? Kelly: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Lisa: Lark Voorhies. Screech: Dustin Diamond. Slater: Mario Lopez.

Fri Jun 5 8:30am
Saved by the BellZack's War(Season 3, Episode 2) E!

The athletic teams in the Army's high-school Cadet Corps battle it out. Lt. Adams: Cylk Cozart. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Slater: Mario Lopez. Lisa: Lark Voorhies. Butch: Dylan Tucker. Belding: Dennis Haskins.

Fri Jun 5 9:00am
Saved by the BellSave the Max(Season 3, Episode 3) E!

Baysiders take to the airwaves to keep the Max from going down the financial tube. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez. Belding: Dennis Haskins. Lisa: Lark Voorhies.

Fri Jun 5 9:30am
Saved by the BellDriver's Education(Season 3, Episode 4) E!

When Zack sets up Slater to flunk driver's ed, the plan backfires. Zack: Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Slater: Mario Lopez. Tuttle: Jack Angeles. Screech: Dustin Diamond.

Sun Jun 7 6:30am
Jake and the Never Land PiratesJake the Wolf; Witch Hook DISNEY

Jake turns into a wolf under a full moon when he disobeys a warning written on a gem; Captain Hook is turned into a witch when he angers the old Sea Witch's magic mirror.

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