Thomas Middleditch

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  • Birth Place: Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
  • Profession: Actor, Comedian, Writer
Splinterheads - Official Trailer
02:25 — For Justin Frost (newcomer Thomas Middleditch in a breakthrough role), a typical day is rolling out of bed at one, practicing improvised karate, and m (more…)
Silicon Valley: Trailer
01:32 — Tech geeks look for their big break in 'Silicon Valley,' the comedy series created by Mike Judge ('Office Space').
Silicon Valley: Invitation to the Set
01:32 — Join 'Silicon Valley' creator Mike Judge on the set of this riotous comedy series.
Brainzburgerz / Chuckle City
An exhausted Penn is relieved when the team is given "normal" jobs, until the zombie uprising begins. In a clown universe, Sashi must learn to get in (more…)
Silicon Valley, Season 2: Trailer
01:32 — Get pumped for another hilarious year with the Pied Piper gang in this peek at Season 2 of Mike Judge's hit series 'Silicon Valley.'
Baby-Pocalypse / That Purple Girl
In a world of plush animals, three stuffed amigos must save a plushy town from giant babies. On an alien jungle planet, Penn and Boone both fall for t (more…)
Season 4 Trailer
01:46 — A sneak preview of Season 4 of 'Silicon Valley.'
3 Big Problems / Cereal Criminals
The team zaps into a world where they are enormous monsters, but they mean no harm. In a world where everyone is a cereal mascot, Penn must catch The (more…)
I'm Super! / The Fast and the Floor Rugs
Penn is convinced that nothing could be cooler than being a superhero. In a world of street-racing magic carpets, Penn struggles with Boone who has be (more…)
Silicon Valley, Season 2: Preview
02:48 — Erlich, Richard and other characters from 'Silicon Valley' provide some buzz on Season 2 of the hit comedy series.
Defending the Earth / Number One Number Two
Boone is on the most popular game show in the galaxy competing to save the Earth! After a long losing streak, Rippen holds try-outs for a new minion t (more…)
It's a Colorful Life / Larry Manor
Penn, Boone, and Sashi zap into a colorful, whimsical world for a feud against the Rippen-lead Drabs. A power outage prevents anyone from zapping.
I'm Still Super! / Balls!
Penn returns to the world of superheroes, only to discover the heroes have been turned evil! The team become balls and must defend themselves against (more…)
North Pole Down
Feeling down on his first Christmas without his parents, Penn zaps to the North Pole to save Christmas as Santa Claus himself!
The Princess Most Fair / Hail Larry
The team zaps to a musical fairy-tale land where they sing their true feelings! When Rippen stays home sick, Larry fills in as part-time villain, beco (more…)
Chicken or Fish? / The Old Old West
While defending an underwater kingdom of fish-people, Penn helps Boone face an embarrassing secret. Penn tries to give a dinosaur-riding Sheriff a sec (more…)
Flurgle Burgle / Temple of the Porcelain God
The team zaps in as spaceship heroes who must save a damaged starship from certain destruction. Our heroes are explorers in a race against time, and a (more…)
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Volume 3
Penn's battle to defend the multiverse intensifies!
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero Volume 3
Penn's battle to defend the multiverse intensifies!
Night Beats: "No Cops”
02:49 — Night Beats performs “No Cops” from The Glass House in Pomona. Only on Last Call.
Night Beats: "Puppet On a String”
02:45 — Last Call sets up shop at The Glass House for the music of Night Beats. This is “Puppet On A String."
Thomas Middleditch
04:57 — “Silicon Valley” star Thomas Middleditch gets the Last Call Spotlight treatment.
Night Beats: "Hey Mama”
04:54 — The band Night Beats is featured on Last Call with Carson Daly. Here they are performing “Hey Mama” from The Glass House.
Once Upon A Time In Venice - Official Trailer
01:49 — Bruce Willis (Die Hard) is Venice Beach P.I. Steve Ford: a detective who’s good with the ladies, bad with the punches, and wild about his dog, Buddy. (more…)
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  • Birth Place: Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
  • Profession: Actor, Comedian, Writer

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