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Know thy self because what else is there to knowSarah ConnorApparently the Connors and Cameron were not the only ones teleported seven years into the future Cromarties head and body we later find out made the trip as well He spends the entire episode getting his head straight gruesomely literally In the meantime the Connors are attempting to acclimate to the year 2007 First on the agenda is getting new identities Cameron informs them that there is a group of resistance fighters from the future that can help them with what they need As Sarah and Cameron pay these soldiers a visit they discover two surprises the soldiers have been massacred and their killer another Terminator is playing dead After a fight and chase resulting in the enemy cyborg escaping Sarah questions why they even had to jump into the future Cameron reveals that Sarah died from cancer in 2005 in the original timeline Sarah agrees with John that they should enlist the aid of read more


You want to stop Skynet We can go kill it before its born You can stop running stay in one place FightCameron PhillipsWelcome to the TV Guide Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles blog Lets get a move on soldier and dive right in shall weIn a series of camera shotsscenes reminiscent of and possibly to tie into Terminator 2 Judgment Day T2 we are presented with the open road fate time the future moving ever forward with a voice over from Sarah Connor herself This is a dream of Sarahs or rather her nightmare now modified because of the events in T2 while running away John her son is shot in the back by a Terminator while Sarah can do nothing It ends with a nuclear explosion and the Terminator choking SarahThe date is 82499 Sarah awakens and decides that she and her son must now move on Not sure what spurs her forward the dream or the feeling that she is getting too comfortable with her fiancher life She tells John i read more

Thomas Dekker Previews Terminator and Spills Shocking Heroes Secrets

Thomas Dekker, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Born into a family of musicians and performers, Thomas Dekker never considered a career outside the entertainment biz. He began acting at the age of 5 and has worked steadily ever since, including recently landing the coveted role of John Connor on Fox's highly anticipated Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. spoke with Dekker about starring alongside Lena Headey and Summer Glau in the newest installment of the Terminator saga, premiering this Sunday (8pm/ET), and about leaving his recurring role on Heroes. How does it feel to be playing the eventual savior of the human race?Thomas Dekker: At first, terrifying, because we're stepping on some sacred ground here. But it's an honor and it's also actually not as difficult as I feared, because I feel pretty close to John. read more

Star of TV's Terminator Ponders (What Else?) the Future

Summer Glau, Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker and Richard T. Jones/Fox

Thomas Dekker is in heaven, and not just because hundreds of people have lined up for a screening of his new Fox series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (premiering Jan. 13). "That's the Borg Queen from Star Trek," he says, pointing at a replica of the grayish lady standing in the corner of the Golden Apple comic store on Los Angeles' Melrose Avenue, which hosted the sneak preview. Dekker has every reason to be excited about his show, as his is one of the few that will air original content this spring. And so excited are his fans that some flew from Virginia to L.A. this past Saturday to see the cast and get a signed poster.Sarah Connor Chronicles picks up after the events of Terminator 2, and benefits from having T3's James Middleton as a producer. James Cameron, who brought Ahnuld's time-traveling cyborg to life, is not involved in the small-screen adaptation, but he merits an "obvious homage," Dekker says, in the form of a pivotal new character named Cameron (played by Fi... read more

Terminator Sequel: Fox Makes Mid-season Noise

Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker in The Sarah Connor Chronicles by Joe Viles/Fox

With the Fox network, it's often all about the mid-season, the time when shows like American Idol and 24 come along to rescue the network from its fall doldrums. Not that it's impossible for any of Fox's September newcomers to catch on. The Kelsey Grammer/Patricia Heaton sitcom Back to You looks very commercial. The situation is admittedly tougher for the downbeat New Orleans crime drama K-Ville or the murky supernatural crime drama New Amsterdam (about an immortal detective) to buck the odds and be a factor come January. While it's possible one or both may hit its mark, you can't help but feel that they might as well be titled "Placeholder 1" and "Placeholder 2" (shades of last fall's Vanished, Justice and Standoff).Once again, Fox is holding back one of its biggest guns (literally) for January. Easily the most anticipated show on the network's lineup is The Sarah Connor Chronicles (look for the word Terminator to be added to the title before it premieres): a high-octane, big-budge... read more

Sam I Am Wild About! Plus: Jaime Sommers and Sarah Connor

I'm working my way through the 2007-08 TV season pilot screeners, and thought it time to share my initial batch in a series of kneejerk thoughts. The theme for this one, you might say, is "Ladies first," as it covers ABC's new Christina Applegate comedy, NBC's Bionic Woman and Fox's The Sarah Connor Chronicles.Samantha Be Good (né Sam I Am, thanks to Dr. Seuss), is, I am prompted to rave, an early and huge favorite. I watched the pilot last Friday (and again with the wife on Saturday) and both times was disheartened to see it end. Applegate, you may know, stars as a young woman who awakens from an eight-day coma with no knowledge of what she soon realizes was a very bad-girl past. Pre-amnesia, Sam was a boozing floozy of a party gal who could probably drink Lindsay Lohan under the table... at rehab. Now she's an innocent desperate to come to terms with her "reputation" and prove that she need not revert to it. But oh, is it fun seeing her juggle who she was with who she believe... read more

How much longer is the ...

Question: How much longer is the character of Zach going to be on Heroes? When he was mind-wiped and forgot his friendship with Claire, it seemed like a natural opportunity for producers to resolve his story line and rid themselves of a problem actor. So I was disappointed when I tuned in to the Jan. 22 episode and saw actor Isaiah Wash — oops, I mean Thomas Dekker — still under their employ. Is Zach going to officially "come out" as straight on the show, or will his orientation remain a mystery until he leaves for his sure-to-be-canceled Terminator series on Fox?

Answer: Get this: Monday's episode was Dekker's — and Zach's — last. And let's not be so quick to blame Dekker. As I was recently made aware, his manager was one of several forces conspiring to "straighten up" read more

Casting News: <I>Heroes</i> Cutie Is <I>Terminator</i> Series' Savior

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Thomas Dekker, aka Claire's freshly mind-swiped bud, Zach, on Heroes, has been cast as savior-of-humanity John Connor in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fox's drama pilot set in the aftermath of the Terminator 2 film. (In related news, Heroes is replaying the fall finale Saturday at 9 pm/ET. Watch poor Eden stain the window all over again.)Also, Variety reports that Rebecca Romijn is joining ABC's Ugly Betty as a series regular, playing the mystery woman who has been conspiring with Wilhelmina to take over "Mode" — minus any blue body paint, I am sad yet behooved to report. UPDATE: ABC's own press release reads, "Romijn will play the mysterious woman behind the mask who's been plotting to take over 'Mode.'" read more

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