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"Allison from Palmdale"

Flashbacksforwards to the Skynet future are juxtaposed with Camerons present-day experiences in this episode These flashes for the lack of a better term considering the whole timespace continuum seem to be triggered when Cameron is sent out grocery shopping by John The flashes detail how the Cameron cyborg was created the original template for Cameron was a resistance member named Allison Young The yet to be named Cameron was trying to learn as much about Allison as possible so that she would end up being a perfect copy then doing what Terminators do best she would attempt to infiltrate the resistance and eliminate John Connor Cameron goes Vader on the girl then kills her after Allison lies about the bracelet she is wearing The bracelets are the resistances way of identifying each other from the cyborgs and now Skynet knowsAs stated above the episode flashes ala Lost to present day Cameron is suffering from amnesia and assumes the name of her mold read more

"Automatic for the People"

This weeks Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles blog will be extremely abbreviated because of the Monday Night Football game that Im watching while imbibing a few beers why couldnt the Philadelphia Eagles play during a repeat Hope there arent many typos -haha Next weeks blog will be in my standard formatSarah decides that the sanctuary thing isnt working out so she finds a house to rent I predict that this house will be destroyed by the end of the season My prediction almost becomes a reality as yet another time traveler sent from the future by John man I hate exposition for the newbies -check out the way crapped out is explained jumps through a window and dies but not before warning them of the danger at a nuclear power plant Sarah and Cameron get jobs at the plant so they can investigate Carl Greenway OMG Its Ryan Chappelle Shame what happened to him Why Jack why an official at the facility They discover that if Greenways precaut read more

"Samson and Delilah"

We have to kill her John-Sarah Connor Picking up exactly where the season one finale left off Camerons Jeep splodes via a car bomb planted by Sarkissian and his man who overpower Sarah and John in their attempt to find the missing hard drive Cameron reactivates herself and seemingly comes to the Connors rescue however Sarkissian is already deceased when she enters the room All is not well as Cameron draws her weapon on John -she is about to terminate him bc of damage to her CPU An explosion gives Sarah and John enough of a delay to escape Cameron They jump out the second story window are injured and escape via a stolen mini-van which Sarah ends up crashing The wounded pair hobble off until they seek sanctuary in a local churchAlso picking up from the previous episode are Agent Ellison Cromartie and the aftermath of the FBI massacre at the apartment complex After this experience apparently Ellison now believes Sarah wellderr Charley Dixon head read more

VIDEO: Sarah Connor's Son Warns, "No One Can Be Trusted" in Season 2

If you think you got to know Fox's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles after just nine episodes, think again. As Thomas Dekker told me here during a location shoot, the new batch of episodes will be "very different" and (get this) "100 times better." "The level of everything has been raised," he says. "Something happens that immediately changes [John]. A lot of people wanted to see [him fulfill his destiny], and now they will. He's a cold soldier."Dekker also teases what's ahead for John and new love interest Riley (played by Leven Rambin, at the 2:30 mark); raves about TV mom Lena Headey, who apparently rocks hard at bumper cars (3:20), and talks about meeting John Connor's father both on screen and in real life (3:55). T:SCC launches its second season Monday at 8 pm/ET. — Matt MitovichRelated:• On the Set VIDEO: Summer Glau reveals what's next for Cameron• Lena Headey VIDEO: Is Sarah Connor Gunning for Romance?• VIDEO: Meet Terminator Newcomer Leven Rambin&... read more

Young Hollywood Awards Bring Hot Stars, Cool Scoop

Thomas Dekker by Jeffrey Mayer/

"It takes a special kind of person to be part of young Hollywood," host Aisha Tyler told the audience at Hollywood Life's 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, before rattling off the undergarmentless achievements of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and friends. But at Avalon nightclub, the young ones honored were far from the scandalous kind. Chris O'Donnell, America Ferrera, J.J. Abrams and more took center stage to honor those on the cusp of breaking through, purely on the basis of their talent. TV Guide caught up with Thomas Dekker on the red carpet, who, despite sweltering conditions, was the epitome of cool. And for good reason — Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are back this fall, bigger than ever. "I'm so excited. We're going to have to crank [the episodes] out pretty quick because we're going on in October." Viewers can look forward to an action-packed 13 episodes. "A lot of very dark twists immediately take place right at the beginning," teases Dekker.... read more

Episode recaps: "Vick's Chip" & "What He Beheld"

In the first part of the two-hour season finale Cromartie goes from school to school checking the records of new students searching for John Connor Derek surprises the Connors and Cameron when he produces Vicks chip that Cameron has not destroyed contrary to what she had told them in the past In order to disprove his accusation of mistrust about her Cameron works with John to pull data off the chip including a visual record of the cyborg As it turns out Vick was married to Barbara Chamberlain the City Manager for Los Angles who is responsible for creating the advanced traffic system Automated Real Time Traffic Exchange or ARTTE for the city Cromarties search leads him to John and Camerons high-school however Cameron is able to trick him into thinking John is not a student there Still upset over Andy Goodes death Sarah convinces the others to search for what they think is Barbaras body from evidence in Vicks visual record When they discover the body its not B read more

"Queen's Gambit"

To win you must be patient bold calculating And most of all willing to sacrificeSarah ConnorAndy Goode contacts Sarah to invite her to a computer chess tournament that he has entered Andys new version of The Turk the chess computer that Sarah destroyed when she burned down his house is entered into the competition the grand prize being is lucrative military contract Chromartie under the guise of Special Agent Kester contacts Charlie Dixon to see if he has any information about the Connors John and Cameron deal with the aftermath of the suicide at school John again encounters Cheryl Weston whom he is told is damaged goods Back at the chess tournament Andys computer loses the match much to the relief of Sarah who was mulling over killing him Shockingly Andy is later found dead by Sarah in his hotel room She is able to chase down the possible killer but the police arrive and apprehend him before she can interrogate him After ded read more

"Heavy Metal"

If youre gonna be a hero you gotta learn how to drive stickSarah ConnorWhile John laments over the death of Jordan Cowon Cameron discovers that Cromartie was able to make the trip ahead with them into the future via news footage from a cell phone camera she doesnt sleep after all With a newspaper reports of an arson at a dock and the re-routing of coltan a key element in the construction of cyborgs Cameron deduces that Cromartie is attempting to reconstruct or repair himself The group decides to be pro-active instead of running like John thinks his mother always wants to do and intercept Cromartie as he picks up the coltan At the docks they discover that it is not Cromartie who is busy getting some plastic surgery done but rather another model Terminator that is programmed to stockpile the element for Skynets future plans John forces Sarah and Camerons hand into helping secure the element and effectively dealing with the new Terminator Crom read more

The Turk

No one dies in vainSarah ConnorJohn and Cameron attend their new high-school for the first time and get a small taste of its social inner workings Sarah meets up with Tarissa Dyson who identifies a man that could possibly be one of the creators of Skynet Cromartie tracks down a researcher to help him look like he did 10 years agoCommentaryThis is what I like to call a plotcharacter development exposition episode Not much happened action-wise but we are introduced to the Connors plus Ones new world and a few hints are dropped as to where the various storylines might be heading Sarahs search for possible Skynet creators John and Cameron attempting to fit-in in their new school John making sure Cameron blends in Cameron making sure that John doesnt stand out Cromarties rebuild and eventual hunt for the time travelers and Agent Ellison piecing everything together The three unknowns at this time are Charlie Dixon the missing resistance read more

When I first heard they were ...

Question: When I first heard they were making a TV show based on the Terminator films, I was reluctant to get excited. It seems my reluctance was well-founded. The show is totally uneven. I know they can't do as much on TV as they can in a film, but I know for sure that TV can do much better than this. First of all, the acting is sub par at best. Summer Glau, whom I loved in Firefly, hasn't exactly won me over as the new Terminatrix. In fact, and I can't believe I'm saying this, she's actually giving me newfound respect for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lena Headey is definitely not on par with Linda Hamilton. I would even go so far as to say that the character of Sarah Connor seems like a totally different person (though the writing may be equally to blame for this). Thomas Dekker is the only bright spot so far, and that isn't saying much. It almost seems like they just threw a cast (and the show) together all willy-nilly and simply assumed it would be successful just because it was based on ... read more

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