Jason Remembers the Penthouse Roof
01:13 — A memory stirs up feelings for Jason and Sam.
GH Spoiler: Can Lulu Revive Her Marriage?
01:38 — Lulu comes up with a plan to save her marriage.
Dante & Lulu Get a Divorce
01:51 — Dante and Lulu agree that something between them has been broken beyond repair and make the mutual decision to end things.
Sam Is in Danger
00:40 — A heater malfunction puts Sam's life in danger.
GH Spoiler: Can Nina Save Crimson?
01:00 — Nina, Dillon and Maxie celebrate the arrival of their first collaboration on Crimson, only to discover an embarrassing error that threatens to scuttle (more…)
GH Spoiler: Who Is Trying to Scare Liz & Jason?
01:02 — The police arrive to investigate the break in at Liz & Jason's house.
GH Spoiler: Will Hayden Say Yes to Nikolas?
00:47 — Nikolas is surprised when Hayden hesitates answering his proposal.
Jason Rescues Sam
00:33 — Jason gets Sam to safely just before the house explodes.
Nathan & Maxie's Plan Works
00:47 — Dante & Lulu decide to work on their marriage.
Meet Dr. Hamilton Finn
00:48 — Monica tracks down Dr. Hamilton Finn to help with Tracy's case.
Richard Simmons Attacks Lucy Coe
02:04 — Richard Simmons attacks Lucy Coe at the 2013 Nurses' Ball and is escorted out by security. From the 2013 General Hospital Nurses' Ball.
Sonny & Michael Rescue Sabrina
01:19 — Sonny & Michael rescue Sabrina in Puerto Rico.
Spencer's Bow Tie Benefit
01:50 — Spencer set up a bow tie sale at school to benefit Shriners.
Liz Declines Nikolas's Offer
01:34 — Nikolas offers his home to Liz and her sons.
Anna Is Arrested
00:42 — The truth about Anna and Paul's crimes comes out.
Richard Simmons Crashes the Nurses' Ball
01:18 — An enraged Richard Simmons causes a ruckus at the Nurses’ Ball when he chases Lucy Ball out on stage in her underwear. From the 2013 General Hospital (more…)
Will Alexis Stand by Julian?
02:03 — Alexis is horrified by Julian's actions.
Sam & Jason Question Shawn Butler
01:10 — Sam & Jason question Shawn about the shooting.
GH Spoiler: What Really Happened to Nikolas?
02:38 — Jordan investigates the disappearance of Nikolas Cassadine.
Nikolas Cassadine Is Alive
00:43 — Ava realizes that her seatmate is Nikolas Cassadine.
Who Is Rachel?
00:38 — A stranger recognizes Hayden at a Las Vegas chapel.
GH Spoiler: Is Nathan Telling Maxie the Truth?
01:39 — Maxie isn't buying Nathan's story about "Claudette" the French poodle.
Tracy Has a Seizure
00:39 — Tracy rocked by a life-threatening seizure.
Jason Is Concerned About Sam
00:50 — A worried Jason calls Sam after hearing about the gunman.
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