Terry Rhoads



October 15, 2006: Like It Was

Well, the battle between Susan and Edie for Mike's attention was certainly resurrected tonight. In true soap opera form, Mike finally came out of his coma and the only one not around or even in town was Susan. Susan was gallivanting with Ian in the country again, in a place where there was, of course, poor cell reception. When Susan's daughter Julie finally got through to Susan's cell, I was so hoping Julie would've said: "Umm... Mike came out of his coma. Can you hear me now?" I didn't think Susan was being fair to Ian. She didn't have to reciprocate his flirtations in the first place, but she did. But then I felt bad for Susan when Mike told her he didn't remember her and asked her not to come back for a while since he had to go to physical therapy. Retrograde memory loss will do that to you. You just knew Edie was going to be leering around the corner and then tell naïve Mike that he wasn't in love with Susan. Payback's a bitch and her name is Edie.Orson is one of my favorit... read more

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