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Thu Jun 30 12:00am
Lizzie McGuireEl Oro de Montezuma(Season 2, Episode 2) FREFM

Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo get “slimed” with rice pudding while competing on a Spanish-language game show; and Matt invents an extreme version of hide-and-seek. Erik Estrada guest stars. Lanny: Christian Copelin.

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Thu Jun 30 12:30am
Lizzie McGuireMom's Best Friend(Season 2, Episode 3) FREFM

After reading a book about a wonderful mother-daughter relationship, Lizzie wants to become best friends with her mom (Hallie Todd); Matt and Lanny pal around with a lost chimpanzee that wreaks havoc in the McGuire house.

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Thu Jun 30 1:30am
Lizzie McGuireWorking Girl(Season 2, Episode 5) FREFM

Lizzie has a new job at a local coffee house that's a bit of a grind; and Miranda finds herself the object of Matt's affection and unceasing attention.

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Thu Jul 7 12:00am
Lizzie McGuireAnd the Winner Is(Season 2, Episode 6) FREFM

A school-sponsored scavenger hunt finds Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo competing against each other, as Matt secretly sets out to win the treasure for himself.

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Thu Jul 7 12:30am
Lizzie McGuireThe Longest Yard(Season 2, Episode 7) FREFM

Looking after Matt and Lanny is no easy task for Lizzie, who scolds the boys for busting Sam's Walter Payton-signed football, then must find the boys after they sneak off to fix the damage. Matt: Jake Thomas. Lanny: Christian Copelin. Miranda: Lalaine. Gor (more…)

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Thu Jul 7 1:00am
Lizzie McGuireJust Friends(Season 2, Episode 8) FREFM

Lizzie won't take no for an answer after she works up the nerve to ask Ethan Craft (Clayton Snyder) to the Sadie Hawkins Dance at school. Matt, meanwhile, cashes in as the host of the neighborhood's newest hotspot. Lanny: Christian Copelin. Tudgeman: Kyle (more…)

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Thu Jul 7 1:30am
Lizzie McGuireThose Freaky McGuires(Season 2, Episode 9) FREFM

Lizzie and Matt swap bodies. As a result, they're each forced to experience the other one's life.

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