Sabrina and Emma
00:32 — As they get ready for the wedding, Sabrina tells Emma that they are more than lucky--they're blessed.
Epiphany Questions Liz
00:34 — As the wedding approaches, Epiphany asks Liz where Dr. Drake is.
Felicia Confronts Liz
01:02 — Felicia confronts Liz about her testimony at baby Connie's custody hearing.
Anna and Robin Reunite
01:39 — Anna and Robin see each other again and remember a similar reunion many years before.
Week of Nov 25, 2013: Patrick and Robin
01:58 — Robin resurfaces as Patrick prepares for his wedding to Sabrina.
Mac Comforts Felicia
00:45 — Mac tells a distraught Felicia that Maxie will be able to see her baby again.
Maxie Loses Custody
02:36 — The judge rules that Maxie can not see baby Connie for six months.
Everybody Hates Chris - Dinner Guests
02:36 — Rochelle is nonplussed when her neighbors invite themselves to dinner.
Everybody Hates Chris - The Hat Competition
02:20 — Rochelle's desire to win the hat competition at her church brings out the very worst in her.
Everybody Hates Chris - Who's Awkward?
03:54 — Chris tries to explain his feelings about an 'awkward' girl to his dad, but when she goes glam, he goes 'damn!'
Everybody Hates Chris - Campaign Contribution
02:51 — When a politician shows up to ask for the Rocks' support, Julius takes the opportunity to remind him that is is he who owes something to the Rocks. (more…)
Everybody Hates Chris - The New Principal
03:12 — A new principal arrives at Chris' school just in time to see Chris getting beaten up by the school bully.
Everybody Hates Chris - So Disappointed!
02:45 — When the truth behind Chris' newspaper article is revealed, his teacher wonders if he knows what a disappointment he is to his race. (more…)
Everybody Hates Chris - Uncle Lewis
01:23 — Julius' brother comes for another visit.
Everybody Hates Chris - Yo' Mama
01:36 — Chris' 'Yo' mama' jokes gets him in trouble at school.
Everybody Hates Chris - Moment of Truth
01:38 — Rochelle takes Chris to the store to find out why he was sold imitation perfume but charged for the real thing.
Everybody Hates Chris - Bad Boys
02:36 — A ex-con asks Chris to help him learn to read and write.
Everybody Hates Chris - Protecting the Family
02:38 — When Chris invites an ex-con into their home, Rochelle gets some protection for the family.
Everybody Hates Chris - Et Tu, Kunta Kinte!
02:14 — When the football coach learns that Chris has been homework for members of the team, he tries to explain to Chris how the behavior is a betrayal to hi (more…)
Everybody Hates Chris - Laundry Duty
02:17 — Instead of getting to sleep in on a Saturday, Chris has to go to the laundry.
Everybody Hates Chris - C+
01:34 — Chris deliberately tries to fail a test to escape the basketball team and is shocked when he receives a C+.
Everybody Hates Chris - Date With A Giant
01:10 — Chris tries to figure out how to get out of date with a girl who towers over him.
Everybody Hates Chris - Major Purchase
01:34 — Chris wants to make a major purchase with some money he has saved but getting his mother to agree is not going to be easy.
Everybody Hates Chris - Helpful Husband
01:30 — Rochelle is beside herself when Julius becomes a little too helpful around the house.
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