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Exclusive: Whatever Happened to Duncan Kane? Veronica Mars Star Teddy Dunn Speaks Out

We know who killed Lilly Kane. We know who crashed the school bus. We know who murdered the Dean and the identity of the Heart College serial rapist. But there's one question still plaguing Veronica Mars fans: What the frak happened to Duncan Kane?!

Teddy Dunn was a core cast member for the first half of ofVeronica Mars' run -- until he was abruptly written off and never directly acknowledged in the series again. But now that Veronica Mars is experiencing a renaissance — not to mention its 10th anniversary — the questions surrounding Dunn's exit have resurfaced.

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Investigating Veronica Mars: Creator Rob Thomas on the Show's Enduring Legacy 10 Years Later

"Veronica Mars has heat right now, you know?"

That's what Ryan Hansen tells Kristen Bell in the new digital series Play It Again, Dick — and he has a point.

It's hard to imagine that little over a year ago, the idea of more Veronica Marswas nothing more than a pipe dream for creator Rob Thomas. For six years after the show's cancellation, Thomas struggled to get the long-awaited movie made and only got the go-ahead from Warner Bros. if he could raise his own funds. But after the film proved profitable — if only by a small margin — not only is Thomas working on a second new Veronica Mars novel, but now executives are coming to him with projects, including The CW Seed seriesPlay It Again, Dick.

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Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring and More Return for Veronica Mars Webseries

Break out the marshmallows, because the Veronica Mars gang is getting back together again! Well, sort of.

Earlier this year, the CW closed a deal for a Veronica Mars digital spin-off revolving around Ryan Hansen's fan favorite character Dick Casablancas...read more


Jumper: Ny Life
The Manchurian Candidate
The Manchurian Candidate
The Manchurian Candidate

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2008 CSI: Enough
Season 5, Episode 6
Episode, Actor - Kevin Hall
2008 Jumper Movie, Actor - Mark Kobold
2006 Veronica Mars TV Show Series, Actor - Duncan Kane
2004 The Manchurian Candidate Movie, Actor - Wilson

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Were you as psyched as I was ...

Question: Were you as psyched as I was to see Teddy Dunn on Grey's Anatomy Sunday night?

Answer: Not sure if psyched is the right word, but I was definitely surprised. I'll tell you who was doing cartwheels: the Grey's writing staff. "We were also excited to get Teddy Dunn to play Heath, our overly enthusiastic hockey player," blogged Gabrielle Stanton on greyswriters.com. "When he left after his audition, I turned to Peter Horton and said, 'Oh, my god. He plays Duncan Kane, Veronica's boyfriend on Veronica Mars. I love him!' Peter looked at me like I was nuts, but Harry and I watch that show religiously and thin read more

Grey's Anatomy The real test...

Grey's Anatomy The real test to determine whether an actor is doing an effective job is not just how well he or she acts in a scene but how he or she re-acts. We had some really great reacting tonight. An obvious example is Sandra Oh's facial expressions as Cristina was forced to be Bailey's baby-sitter. How hilarious was she while changing the baby's diaper? Then when she told the baby to "Shut it!", I had to TiVo back and watch it again. But back to the reacting. Patrick Dempsey's face said it all while Meredith was explaining to Derek the horrible thing she did to George. Meredith asked Derek to act like a friend, not as her ex, and you could tell he was struggling just by the expression on his face. I love th read more

Please tell me that you have ...

Question: Please tell me that you have some Veronica Mars spoilers! I'm starting to go into withdrawal waiting for new episodes!

Answer: Assuming the scheduling can be worked out, Teddy Dunn will be back for one more episode later this season. But there's nothing definite yet.

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Any word on why Teddy Dunn ...

Question: Any word on why Teddy Dunn left Veronica Mars? Did he want to leave or did they write him out of the show? Is this the last we've seen of Duncan?

Answer: In an interview I cribbed from my colleague, Ileane Rudolph, Rob Thomas said the Logan-Veronica-Duncan triangle had simply run its course. "Shows can start to become stale if they milk the same story line forever," he explained. "She's a high-school senior and I don’t expect her to get married next season. So, I think in an attempt to keep the show fresh, there is going to need to be other guys in her life." One glimmer of hope for Duncan fans: Teddy Dunn still has one episode left on his Season 2 contract; he signed on for 12 but only appeared in 11.

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Our (Cult) Hero
Veronica: The year's coolest underdog

"I'm officially calling life unfair," teen sleuth Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) moaned after her dad lost a tight race for sheriff this month. And has she even seen the ratings? Talk about unfair. Ironically, the two shows having the best sophomore seasons air opposite each other: the popular Lost and the equally fine but underwatched Veronica Mars (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET on UPN). As the show's tiny but rabid fan base will tell you, this one actually gives you answers to its mysteries. Mars' payoffs come in many ways: in the clever blend of heart-stopping whodunit and heartfelt teen soap, in the witty dialogue for characters young and adult, and in the biting depiction of class and racial tensions among the haves and have-nots of N read more

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