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The Man With the “Golden Voice”
07:35 — Then, Steve catches up with TED WILLIAMS, the homeless man with the “golden voice” whose redemption story swept the nation back in 2011.
Ted Williams biographer talks slugger's life and legacy
06:06 — Author of "The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams" Ben Bradlee Jr. joins the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts to discuss what made the Red Sox slugger (more…)
'Man With Golden Voice' Returns to Radio Five Years After Being Homeless
02:03 — The once homeless man with a golden voice made his return to the radio station where he got his start. Ted Williams, dubbed "the man with golden voice (more…)
Will Ted Williams Be the Last Player to Hit .400?
02:13 — In 1941, in just his third season in the majors, Ted Williams began his assault on one of baseball's holiest grails: hitting .400 for an entire season (more…)
Never Call Baseball Legend Ted Williams a "Natural"
02:30 — The Red Sox's Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters in baseball history, was widely considered a natural hitter. The only person who vehemently di (more…)
"Golden Voice" Ted Williams on Life After Rehab
07:21 — Ted Williams, the once homeless man who skyrocketed to fame because of an Internet video talks to Erica Hill and Chris Wragge about his road to recove (more…)
Fenway Park: The Golden Age - Official Trailer
01:29 — This 100-year celebration has rare footage of Red Sox southpaw Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx and Lefty Grove. This superb documentary bridges the gap to Ted (more…)
Sport Report - Rush Limbaugh & Ted Williams' Frozen Head
Rush Limbaugh makes a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams, and cryogenics employees play baseball with Ted Williams' frozen head.
Today in History July 5
Highlights of this day in history: Elvis Presley holds his first major recording session; Birth of the bikini; Enron's Kenneth Lay dies; Arthur Ashe w (more…)
This Day in History: Baseball Hits and Misses
On this day in history, Ted Williams made baseball legendary...these other players...not so much.
Where Is 'The Man With the Golden Voice' Now?
Nearly five years ago, Ted Williams, a homeless man, rocketed to fame. Now he's hoping to give back to the community.
Louisville Slugger Maker to Sell Iconic Brand
The company that made bats for a who's who of baseball greats, including Babe Ruth and Ted Williams, announced a deal to sell its Louisville Slugger b (more…)
Today in History April 20th
Highlights of this day in history: Nazi Germany's dictator Adolf Hitler born; Gunfire erupts at Columbine High; Cubans in the Mariel boatlift arrive i (more…)
Mets' Reyes Walks Away with Batting Title
New York Mets slugger Jose Reyes became the first member of the team to ever win the batting title. But, for some fans, including Jerry Seinfeld, that (more…)
Today in History for July 5th
Highlights of this day in history: Elvis Presley holds his first major recording session; Birth of the bikini; Enron's Kenneth Lay dies; Arthur Ashe (more…)
The Fifth Mascot: Ted Williams' Frozen Head
Ken Broo, Mike Canan and Mr. Satin compare Joey Votto's recent hitting streak to the baseball legend Ted Williams. And then the conversation takes a t (more…)
The Fifth Mascot: Votto, Iglesias, and Ted Williams' Frozen Head
Ken Broo, Mike Canan and Mr. Satin touch on all things historic this week on The Fifth Mascot: Joey Votto's run to have the one of the best post All-S (more…)
"Golden Voice" Ted Williams' Amazing Journey
02:44 — Erica Hill recaps the story of Ted Williams and his journey from homelessness to international recognition.
Homeless Video Star Making Waves
02:34 — A homeless man named Ted Williams is being flooded with job offers after a video of his dulcet radio voice went viral on YouTube. Seth Doane reports.
Ted Williams' Life-Changing Week
02:41 — Ted Williams, the golden-voiced homeless man who skyrocketed to fame following a YouTube video, capped off a life-changing week with a reunion with hi (more…)
The Psychological Effects of Instant Fame
13:37 — Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein spoke with Lauren Wanko and Lonnie Quinn on how the "golden voiced" Ted Williams can mentally prepare for the futu (more…)
Ted Williams' Emotional Reunion with Mother
00:36 — Ted Williams, who's become an overnight sensation after demonstrating his voice-over skills while begging by the side of the road, reunites with his m (more…)
Ted Williams' New "Golden" Life
03:00 — Offers for Ted Williams are pouring in after a Youtube video made the homeless man famous. Chris Wragge reports.
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