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This Is the Week!

Hello there, good people, and thanks for checking out the blog! I have gotten a few comments and I just want to say that I appreciate the compliments both on the blog and on my previous work. It means a lot to me that people out there have followed my career. But more than that, I want to say your budding enthusiasm for Hidden Palms is fully justified. I think you guys are gonna love it! My first blog was a little indulgent insofar as it chronicled my personal experiences associated with getting to work on Hidden Palms. So now I’m going to be a little more generous and talk about the basic premise of the show, the experience of shooting the pilot and, of course, my fellow cast-mates. So let the dirt-slinging begin! So some of you have asked about the premise of Hidden Palms. It’s a classic coming-of-age story, unique to our times and distinctive in that it comes wrapped in the particularly arch intelligence of a Kevin Williamson project. Those of you who have never seen o... read more

Hey, Everyone!

Hello there! My name is D.W. Moffett (but maybe you already figured that oneout), and I have been given the distinct privilege of blogging here at TVGuide.com about my new show Hidden Palms, as well as a few other projects I have under way. I am very much looking forward to this experience as being a two-way street, with a significant part of my content coming in response to your comments and questions. So bring it on! Are you ready? Here we go....The folks here at TVGuide.com have asked that I initially give you a little idea of what Hidden Palms is about... you know, its tone, the cast and all the vicious, horrible things actors do to each other when... no wait. Wrong magazine. But I am going to spice things up a bit when the time comes and the hat fits and all that, so keep your eyes open.Seriously, though, my first contact with Hidden Palms was a script that appeared on my doorstep followed shortly by a phone call from my agent that went something like this:Hello?Hi, D.W., it's ... read more

Meet The O.C.'s New VIP

So far, O.C. newbie Oliver seems like a sweetheart, doesn't he? The kind of ex-druggie you wanna just hug. The sort of mental patient you could bring home to Mom, even if Mom is piranha Julie Cooper. But, according to the poor little rich kid's portrayer, Taylor Handley, there may be something a wee bit sour behind his screen counterpart's sweet smile. "Oliver is very intelligent," the 19-year-old tells TV Guide Online (as if we aren't glued to Fox every Wednesday at 9 pm/ET), "and intelligent people are good manipulators." In other words, our hero Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) won't want to turn his back when main squeeze Marissa (Mischa Barton) is around Mr. Nice Guy. Says Handley: "There's definitely some tension between Ryan and Oliver since Marissa now has a boyfriend and also a friend — especially because my character is very needy due to his past. It kind of takes Marissa's attention away from Ryan." The sullen sexpot might as w read more

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