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Morning Rounds: Can emails help you quit smoking?
06:51 — Dr. Jon LaPook and Dr. Tara Narula join "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the importance of vaccines before traveling internationally, the role (more…)
The Amazing Race - 2km Too Far
01:11 — Becca realizes Floyd had to return with all the shrimp traps, she doesn't want Tara and Joey to catch up. Scott passes Floyd on his bicycle. Meanwhile (more…)
The Amazing Race - We're Not Going Home
02:02 — Phil praises Tara & Joey for overcoming their Speed Bump and being one of the strongest teams in the Race.
Behind the shocking twist in Tara Grinstead's murder case
03:29 — Tara Grinstead's disappearance in 2005 from her home in Ocilla, Georgia, made no sense to her friends, family and police. Investigators interviewed mo (more…)
The Amazing Race - Ready for a Beer
02:42 — Tara & Joey eat a meal while waiting for the travel agency to open, then quasi-joke with other teams about not saving their place in line.
The Amazing Race - Thanks For the Support
04:37 — Joey gives Tara a hard time while she tries to row the boat, then insists on taking over - but can't do it at all. Tara then squashes his toes under (more…)
The Amazing Race - Pay The Driver
01:22 — The teams arrive at the bus station. Brooke and Scott try paying the bus driver to leave without Tara and Joey, but they make it on the bus just in ti (more…)
The Amazing Race - A True Friend
04:31 — Tara & Joey struggle to carry their mannequins, and are ticked that Brooke & Scott didn't tell them about the ladders - even though they admit that th (more…)
The Amazing Race - A Loud Cheerleader
02:42 — Brooke & Scott talk about the end of Brooke's Negative Nancy attitude, how everyone was working to get Tara & Joey out, and how they differ in what mo (more…)
The Amazing Race - Pahtners
01:23 — Tara & Joey talk about misreading the clue, and how physically exhausting the Race is.
The Amazing Race - Like A Pro
02:08 — Redmond praises Matt's ability to row with his feet, and the boys believe that Tara & Joey can recover from the Speed Bump.
Tara Davis destroys the competition
00:37 — Agoura's (CA) Tara Davis set the second-fastest time in U.S. high school history in the 100m hurdles with a time of 12.89. Courtesy of Tara Davis (@t (more…)
Morning Rounds: Novel drugs and the risks of cotton swabs in ears
07:20 — Dr. Jon LaPook and Dr. Tara Narula join "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the safety of novel drugs, the risks of children using cotton swabs in (more…)
Grandma’s Egg Surprise vs. Cocoa Tangerine Pancakes: TODAY’s Ultimate Cook-Off
04:48 — TODAY asked you to send your recipes, and you responded for our Ultimate Cook-Off. Now finalist Maria Harvey demonstrates Grandma’s Egg Surprise, and (more…)
The Amazing Race - Two Arahovas?
02:00 — Tara & Joey get confusing directions to the location of the village, and argue about whether to stop and reconfirm.
The Amazing Race - Bandana Row
03:08 — Liz & Michael enjoy the perks of the charter flight, discuss how Tara & Joey plan to U-Turn another team to help them out, and joke around with London (more…)
The Amazing Race - Race in a Race
00:47 — Tara & Joey experience another Amazing Race first!
The Amazing Race - Helping Out Friends
01:29 — Tara & Joey explain why they U-Turned Becca & Floyd.
The Amazing Race - First When it Matters
01:45 — Matt & Redmond explain how they didn't U-Turn anyone, think Tara & Joey and Becca & Floyd will be joining them in the finals, and discuss how tired th (more…)
Gisele Bündchen on Tom Brady at the Met Gala & Meditating With Her Kids
02:48 — At the David Lynch Foundation's Women of Vision Awards, Humanitarian Award honoree Gisele Bündchen speaks exclusively with Access Hollywood field prod (more…)
Morning Rounds: 'Mini stroke' symptoms, asthma and chest pain
05:56 — Dr. Tara Narula joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss how to recognize the symptoms of a 'mini stroke,' the importance of staying vigilant wit (more…)
Worthless - Official Trailer
02:56 — Tara Reid and Quinton Aaron are featured in Worthless, a film about bullying. Follow the world of Talia Medici, who comes from a powerful family where (more…)
The Amazing Race - Literally Run Raw
03:03 — Phil compliments Matt & Redmond for their tenacity, they explain what they've learned from each other, and admit that Tara & Joey are tough competitio (more…)
The Amazing Race - Life Lessons
03:07 — Tara & Joey discuss their Italian ancestry, Joey admits to realizing that he doesn't know everything, and Tara tears up while talking about her family (more…)
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