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VIDEO: Little Angels of the Night

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Little Angels of the Night
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Length: 06:39:47
Aired: 2/22/1978

Kelly and Kris go undercover as prostitutes to try and solve a brutal double murder. The Angels quickly find two suspects that work at the Italian restaurant across the street from the brothel. watch

VIDEO: Little Angels Of The Night

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Little Angels Of The Night
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Length: 50:00
Aired: 2/22/1978

When two blonde "call girls" are brutally murdered in Mrs. Dolly Smith's apartment building, Kelly and Kris reluctantly go undercover as prostitutes and move into Mrs. Smith's establishment. On their first day at work, the trio arouses suspicion with their clever tactics to avoid meeting with "customers." But the Angels are more interested in the Italian restaurant across the street, where Freddie, the macho delivery boy works. He brings pizza to the girls in the building almost every day, and always acts aggressive and threatening. Then Bonnie, another blond girl, is attacked but manages to escape. When she says her assailant smelled like a restaurant, it looks like Freddie is the man. Freddie swears he's innocent, and when his shark's tooth pendant is found beside the latest victim, Sabrina wonders if it isn't a bit too obvious a clue. The owner of the Italian restaurant, Roman Vail, also has access to the apartment building, and the. Angels are surprised to learn that he knows Freddie lost his pendant. Also the last victim died with bits of skin under her fingernails, and Vail's arms show many scratch marks. When Sabrina and Kelly finally put the evidence together, they must rush to rescue blond-haired Kris who is alone in the restaurant with Vail. Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd star as the Angels, Sabrina Duncan, Kelly Garrett and Kris Munroe, respectively, who work for Charlie, an unseen and very sophisticated boss who phones in their instructions. David Doyle stars as Bosley, Charlie's harried assistant. watch


Little Angels of the Night

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