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My Stepmother Is An Alien
00:31 — My Stepmother Is An Alien
Life Goes On: Pig O' My Heart Trailer
01:06 — Drew opens his restaurant. But it's Corky who brings home the bacon: a lovable, supersized hog.
Life Goes On: Brothers Trailer
01:01 — The Special Olympics is a great opportunity for fun, for friendship, and for one man to come to grips with his son's disability.
Life Goes On: Call Of The Wild Trailer
01:12 — The spirit of a long-gone brave appears to Corky just as Drew begins a development on sacred Native American land.
Life Goes On: Break A Leg, Mom Trailer
01:14 — Guilt-stricken Corky fears that he's the reason Libby gave up a glamorous show-biz career.
Life Goes On: Save The Last Dance For Me Trailer
01:03 — Once she danced in front of royalty. But now life's curtain comes down for Becca's beloved ballet teacher.
Life Goes On: Corky Rebels Trailer
01:07 — Rebel with a cause: Corky demands some independence, like riding the bus by himself.
Life Goes On: Becca's First Love Trailer
01:06 — When Becca flips for a bad-boy rocker in a local garage band, her normal good sense goes missing.
Life Goes On: Thacher And Henderson Trailer
01:03 — A high school reunion football game brings Drew together with his former best friend...and current foe.
Life Goes On: Paige's Date Trailer
01:05 — Concerned that Paige seems drawn to losers, Drew arranges a blind date for her with a corporate go-getter.
Life Goes On: Corky's Crush Trailer
01:06 — It's all in the timing. After 45 years, Libby's parents split up. After 45 seconds, Corky falls for the new girl in class.
Life Goes On: With A Mighty Heart Trailer
01:04 — Drew is a great dad, a skill he didn't learn from his own father, a footloose guy who specializes in not being there.
Life Goes On: Becca And The Underground Newspaper Trailer
01:12 — Becca writes a hard-hitting exposĂ© of the school janitor's criminal past. But she doesn't have all the facts.
Mama'a Family: Mama's Birthday Trailer
01:48 — Flashback to Mama's disastrous 30th birthday celebration.
Life Goes On: The Spring Fling Trailer
01:06 — Island Night at Marshall High means leis, music, punch...and Corky and Becca at their first high school dance.
Life Goes On: The Baby-Sitter Trailer
01:05 — Corky learns that teens are more trouble than little kids when rowdy classmates crash his baby-sitting gig.
Life Goes On: Corky For President Trailer
01:16 — "The brain and the brainless." That's what the in-crowd calls a geeky campaign manager and his class-president candidate, Corky.
Life Goes On: Paige's Mom Trailer
01:02 — Paige's actress mother comes to town every few years, full of big promises that never come true.
Life Goes On: Pets, Guys And Videotape Trailer
01:02 — Paige's new boss is a veterinarian who can't seem to get along with anyone who doesn't have four feet.
Life Goes On: It Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be Trailer
01:11 — Becca goes for the Teenage Miss beauty crown- and so does her icy, arrogant, beautiful classmate Rona.
Life Goes On: Corky Witnesses A Crime Trailer
01:01 — Corky is the football team's equipment manager! Then the coach slugs a student, and Corky isn't sure if a team player tells.
Life Goes On: The Return Of Uncle Richard Trailer
01:03 — Drew's brother is everything Drew isn't: a flashy, glib rascal. So naturally the kids adore him.
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