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Mon Jan 22 1:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroA Tale of Two Wizards; Rockullan, Papyron, Scissorian DISXD

Boone fears he's going to be replaced when the team joins up with a more competent wizard; the gang visits a world where rock, paper and scissor people are locked in an endless war.

Mon Jan 22 1:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroNinki Ninja Fight Town; My Mischievous Son DISXD

Penn must defeat Rippen in a martial-arts tournament; Penn tries to stop Rippen from ruining an important dinner for his boss.

Tue Jan 23 1:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroAt the End of the Worlds(Season 2, Episode 5) DISXD

Everyone must band together to stop the Most Dangerous World Imaginable from destroying all life.

Tue Jan 23 1:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroAt the End of the Worlds(Season 2, Episode 5) DISXD

Everyone must band together to stop the Most Dangerous World Imaginable from destroying all life.

Tue Jan 23 5:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroThe Last Mountain Beast(Season 2, Episode 3) DISXD

Penn prioritizes finding his parents over winning the mission.

Tue Jan 23 5:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroAlpha, Bravo, Unicorn; A Game of Cat and Mouse DISXD

Penn and team return to Wingfire Academy to help the dragons fight a squadron of fearsome unicorns; Penn, Sashi and Boone zap onto a spaceship that's drifting into a black hole.

Tue Jan 23 6:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroThe Pirates, the Parrot, the Puzzles and the Talking Boats(Season 2, Episode 2) DISXD

In order to beat Rippen to a pirate treasure, Penn must solve a series of puzzles.

Tue Jan 23 6:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroThe Kobayashis; Cereal Fugitives DISXD

Sashi's parents discover her real part-time job and try to get her to quit the team; Rippen, Larry and the Milkman break out of jail and pursue a treasured cereal prize.

Tue Jan 23 7:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroThat Purple Guy; Rootilda DISXD

Sashi helps the Purple Princess win the affection of Grinkon; P.I. Penn tries to solve the mysterious case of Boone's kidnapping.

Tue Jan 23 7:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroThe Bewildering Bout of the Astounding Automatons; Back to the Past of Future Balls DISXD

Boone and Larry are steampunk inventors who build Penn and Rippen automatons for a robot boxing match; Penn must go back in time to save his friends and all of Ball-manity.

Wed Jan 24 1:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroI'm Super!; The Fast and the Floor Rugs DISXD

Penn wants to be a superhero; Penn becomes a powerful genie in a world of street-racing magic carpets.

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Thu Jan 25 1:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroChicken or Fish?; The Old Old West DISXD

Penn helps Boone face an embarrassing secret, while defending an underwater kingdom of fish-people; Penn tries to give a washed-up sheriff a second chance at greatness.

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Thu Jan 25 1:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroBaby-Pocalypse; That Purple Girl DISXD

Penn, Boone and Sashi try to save a plushy town from evil giant babies; Penn and Boone both fall for the same princess they are assigned to protect on an alien jungle planet.

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Fri Jan 26 1:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroNorth Pole Down(Season 1, Episode 1) DISXD

Penn, an ordinary boy from the suburbs, becomes a part-time hero. In the opener, Penn is zapped to the North Pole to save Christmas as Santa Claus himself.

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Fri Jan 26 1:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroBrainzburgerz; Chuckle City DISXD

A zombie uprising occurs just as Penn is zapped to a shopping mall and given a normal job; Sashi tries to get in touch with her silly side to save a mission in a clown universe where silliness is a powerful weapon.

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Mon Jan 29 1:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroFlurgle Burgle; Temple of the Porcelain God DISXD

Penn is turned into a weird space animal; the gang are 1920s explorers.

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Mon Jan 29 1:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroDefending the Earth; Number One Number Two DISXD

Boone participates against Rippen on a galactic game show that will determine the fate of Earth; Penn goes undercover as Rippen's minion to find a village's stolen gold.

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Tue Jan 30 1:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero3 Big Problems; Cereal Criminals DISXD

The team zap into a world filled with huge monsters and must convince the president of a nearby island nation that the creatures mean them no harm; Penn tries to catch the villainous Milk Man who threatens to flood all the cereal crops with milk and make t (more…)

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Tue Jan 30 1:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroI'm Still Super!; Balls! DISXD

Penn returns to the world of superheroes but discovers they have all been turned evil by Captain Super Captain's nefarious twin brother, Professor Evil Professor; the team zap into a world where they are sports balls and must teach a ball species to defend (more…)

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Wed Jan 31 1:00pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroThe Princess Most Fair; Hail Larry DISXD

The team enter a musical fairytale land where they must sing whatever they say and their true feelings come out in song; Larry fills in for a sick Rippen and becomes a part-time villain.

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Wed Jan 31 1:30pm
Penn Zero: Part-Time HeroIt's a Colorful Life; Larry Manor DISXD

Rippen tries to rob the world of all its color; a power outage prevents anyone from zapping, so the part-time heroes and part-time villains kill time at Larry's estate and try to locate Jerry's missing teacup elephant.

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