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Kasich Campaign Explains Alliance With Cruz
03:08 — Trent Duffy, spokesman for the John Kasich campaign, joins NBC's Erica Hill to discuss the alliance between John Kasich and Ted Cruz and how it will i (more…)
Indiana Early Voter: Why I Voted for Kasich
01:56 — MSNBC's Tony Dokoupil joins NBC's Erika Hill ahead of the Indiana primaries to explain the high turnout of early voters and also interviews a John Kas (more…)
Ted Cruz: 'If Trump Were the Nominee...'
01:25 — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz explains the resulting "perfect storm" if GOP front-runner Donald Trump nabs the nomination.
Could Cruz-Kasich Alliance Backfire?
01:43 — Trump spokeswoman Scottie Nell Hughes claims the unprecedented alliance between Ted Cruz and John Kasich could work in Trump's favor.
Tamron Hall Remembers Her Friend, Prince
08:20 — MSNBC’s Tamron Hall: ‘I’m a lucky person to have had a friend like this’
Prince and Tamron Hall: a Look at the Special Bond They Shared
02:00 — As Dylan Dreyer, Willie Geist and Al Roker gather for TODAY’s Take, they reflect on the close friendship between late music icon Prince and TODAY’s ow (more…)
Prince: See Moving Tributes from Tamron Hall, Other Celebs
01:08 — Actors and musicians from Katy Perry to Whoopi Goldberg, as well as TODAY’s own Tamron Hall, a friend of Prince, are mourning the loss of the musical (more…)
Ted Cruz: We're Fighting for the Young People
03:10 — Ted Cruz insists that the race for the GOP nomination is far from over. NBC's Hallie Jackson talks to the Republican presidential candidate on the rop (more…)
See Natalie, Tamron and Dylan Show Their Survival Skills (in Central Park)
01:46 — On Tuesday night, TODAY’s Natalie Morales, Tamron Hall and Dylan Dreyer showcased their survival skills in New York’s Central Park for History Channel (more…)
Hillary Clinton Eyes General Election
04:43 — Did Bernie Sanders get too personal before the New York primary and turn off Democratic voters? Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina joins MSNBC's Tam (more…)
Can Bernie Bounce Back After NY?
05:30 — The Bernie Sanders campaign claims Sanders is the more electable general election candidate, but is he hanging by a thread after Hillary Clinton's New (more…)
Watch Kate Hudson Celebrate Her Birthday With 3 Shirtless Guys
02:25 — This week marked actress Kate Hudson’s 37th birthday, and Instagram video shows her surprised by three shirtless, hunky guys. TODAY’s Tamron Hall has (more…)
‘I Love the ‘90s’ Concert Coming to TODAY Plaza: See Tamron’s Fly ‘90s Look
03:30 — As Tamron Hall, Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al Roker gather for TODAY’s Take, they’re all excited about the “I Love the ’90s” concert coming to (more…)
See Why Jennifer Aniston, 47, Is People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person
02:32 — Tamron Hall is joined in the Orange Room by People magazine’s Julie Jordan, who reveals the magazine’s pick for Most Beautiful Person is Jennifer Anis (more…)
How Will Cruz Move Forward After NY?
06:35 — National Spokesman for Ted Cruz’s campaign, Ron Nehring, talks to MSNBC’s Tamron Hall about Cruz’s plan for the future of his campaign past New York.
Clinton Looks to ‘Wrap Up Nomination’
05:34 — Democratic strategist Howard Wolfson talks to MSNBC’s Tamron Hall about why he believes Bernie Sanders needs to stop his attacks on Hillary Clinton an (more…)
Kasich Tops Clinton in Match-up Polling
09:29 — John Kasich continues to defend why he is still in the 2016 race, despite Donald Trump’s large lead. Former New York Governor and Kasich supporter, Ge (more…)
Pushing “plus One”? TODAY Anchors Remember Their Delivery Room Dramas
03:27 — Tamron Hall, Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al Roker discuss a conversation on social network Reddit about a woman battling to keep her mother-in-l (more…)
Candidates Vie for Upstate New York
01:40 — It's just about game time in New York and candidates are making a final push for support upstate. MSNBC's Tony Dokoupil reports from Buffalo, New York (more…)
Clinton Positioned for NY Primary Victory?
02:44 — A day before New York's primaries, Hillary Clinton holds a double-digit lead in the state's final polling. Will she pull it off and how is she respond (more…)
SCOTUS Divided On Obama's Immigration Policy?
03:09 — NBC's Pete Williams joins Tamron Hall after SCOTUS heard oral arguments on Obama's immigration policy - one that could protect millions of undocumente (more…)
Will Sanders' NY Crowds Translate to Votes?
03:51 — Tad Devine, senior advisor for the Bernie Sanders campaign, joins MSNBC's Tamron Hall ahead of the New York primaries to discuss whether Sanders still (more…)
Natalie On More Magazine Half-marathon: ‘It Was a Perfect Day’
06:30 — On TODAY’s Take, the anchors talk about their very busy weekends. Willie Geist hosted the debut of “Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist”; Natalie Morales r (more…)
Breaking Down Wall Street’s Campaign Money
02:00 — Wall Street’s influence on the 2016 race has been a point of contention between some of the candidates. MSNBC’s Olivia Sterns reports.
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