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NY Rep. On Trump Securing Nomination
02:39 — New York Congressman, Sean Maloney, comments on Donald Trump reaching the number of delegates to secure the GOP nomination.
Still No Endorsement from Speaker Ryan
04:24 — Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks, April Ryan, and MSNBC Political Analyst David Corn join NBC’s Peter Alexander to discuss ho (more…)
Trump Reaches 'magic Number'
03:29 — Host of ‘Ralston Live,’ Jon Ralston and Politico reporter Marc Caputo discuss how Donald Trump has officially clinched the GOP nomination and discuss (more…)
Speaker Ryan: ‘I Want Real Party Unity’
00:15 — Speaker Paul Ryan responds to a question regarding Donald Trump officially winning the GOP nomination, but still does not announce an endorsement.
Trump Clinches GOP Nomination
03:03 — NBC News has confirmed that Donald Trump has officially clinched the Republican nomination for President by exceeding 1237 in NBC delegate count. NBC’ (more…)
Cosby's Accusers Build Strength in Numbers
02:31 — New York magazine's Jen Kirby joins MSNBC's Tamron Hall to discuss the allegations against Bill Cosby, and how many of Cosby's accusers feel power and (more…)
Donald Trump a Friend or Foe to Veterans?
02:56 — Jon Soltz, chairman of Votevets.org, joins MSNBC's Tamron Hall to share why he believes that Donald is unfit for the presidency.
Tim Robbins On the Value of Arts Education
04:01 — Academy award-winning actor and director Tim Robbins joins MSNBC's Tamron Hall and explains why an arts education is integral to academic achievement (more…)
Cosby Maintains Encounter Was Consensual
05:02 — Co-author of Beverly Johnson’s memoir (one of the Bill Cosby’s sexual assault accusers) and Vanity Fair contributor, Allison Samuels, joins MSNBC’s Ta (more…)
Trump in 1998: Bill Clinton Is a ‘victim’
06:53 — Opinion writer for the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, and Huffington Post’s editorial director, Howard Fineman, join MNSBC’s Tamron Hall to discuss (more…)
Tamron Hall: I Didn't Like Madonna's Performance of 'Purple Rain'
01:29 — During the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night, Madonna paid tribute to Prince with a rendition of the last musician’s signature song “Purple Rain.”
How Was the Nero Verdict Reached?
04:28 — MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down the verdict delivered on Monday, which saw Officer Edward Nero acquitted of all charges related (more…)
Secy. Kerry: US Is Providing Assistance in Search
01:11 — Secretary of State John Kerry offers his condolences over the missing EgyptAir plane. He explains how the U.S. is providing assistance on the search.
A Look at Past Incidents Involving EgyptAir
03:55 — MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin breaks down the history of EgyptAir and its "checkered past."
Weather Forecast for EgyptAir Search
02:05 — NBC Meteorologist, Bill Karins, shares the weather conditions during the EgyptAir disappearance and how the forecast looks for the upcoming hours in t (more…)
Intelligence Chief: Campaign Sites Under Attack
01:22 — National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, has stated that there are indications that presidential campaigns may have been the subject to cyber-at (more…)
Sanders' Surrogate: There’s a Tension Building
13:46 — Former Ohio State Senator and Bernie Sanders supporter, Nina Turner, discusses her experience at the Nevada Democratic Convention and responds to DNC (more…)
NV Dem Chair On Threats: This Is Sanders’ Responsibility
03:51 — Nevada State Democratic Party Chair, Roberta Lange, comments on the report that there was a shooting at a Bernie Sanders’ campaign headquarters in Nev (more…)
Facebook CEO Meeting With Conservative Leaders
03:31 — Conservative leaders will be in Silicon Valley to meet with Facebook leaders and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, to discuss the article that claimed that news c (more…)
Imagining a Clinton, Trump Debate Stage
08:32 — Is Hillary Clinton armed and ready to take on Donald Trump on the debate stage if Trump's trademark insults and personal accusations fly? MSNBC's Beth (more…)
Voters Cast Ballots in Kentucky, Oregon
03:50 — Voters are casting their primary ballots in Kentucky and Oregon. MSNBC's Tony Dokopuil and Cal Perry report.
Baby Bison Euthanized After Tourists' Mistake
02:09 — When two tourists stumbled upon a baby bison at Yellowstone National Park, they thought they were helping the calf by transporting it to a ranger stat (more…)
How to Pull Off Bright Fashion Colors: It’s Tamron’s Tuesday Trend
04:08 — Chassie Post, lifestyle editor for Gilt.com, joins TODAY’s Tamron Hall for Tamron’s Tuesday Trend.
Man Tries to Walk in 100 Mph Wind (like Al Did in 2005)
01:15 — TODAY’s Take looks a video of a man on Mt. Washington struggling to walk into howling winds that reached 109 mph, and falling: “That’s gotta hurt,” Ta (more…)
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