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Thu Jul 28 11:00am
Walker, Texas RangerJustice Delayed(Season 8, Episode 16) WGNA

Trivette looks into a convicted murderer's claim of a frame, while Walker helps Alex with wedding preparations. Erika: Tammy Townsend. Russo: Michael Russo. Franklin: John Furey. Breen: Brent Sexton. Dunford: Robert O'Reilly. Carter: Roger E. Mosley. Buck: (more…)

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Thu Jul 28 6:30pm
K.C. UndercoverDance Like No One's Watching(Season 2, Episode 9) DISNEY

K.C. goes undercover in a retirement home as a wise-cracking senior citizen and her disguise wins the affection of a feisty senior.

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Fri Jul 29 1:30pm
K.C. UndercoverDown in the Dumps(Season 2, Episode 8) DISNEY

K.C. tries to boost Ernie's self-confidence by telling him that he's in charge of their mission, although she's secretly running point.

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Fri Jul 29 6:30pm
K.C. UndercoverThe Love Jinx(Season 2, Episode 10) DISNEY

Craig and Kira discover they were never legally married, so K.C. throws them a do-over wedding.

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Fri Jul 29 9:30pm
K.C. UndercoverCatch Him If You Can(Season 2, Episode 12) DISNEY

K.C. tries to capture a wanted computer hacker and finds herself in competition with teen bounty hunter Pinky Carter.

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Sat Jul 30 11:00pm
K.C. UndercoverDo You Want to Know a Secret(Season 2, Episode 2) DISNEY

Kira is forced to tell a family secret she's been hiding for years when a college student shows up and claims to be a relative. Meanwhile, Marisa and Ernie give K.C. tips on how to handle her first date with Darrien.

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Sun Jul 31 11:00am
K.C. UndercoverSup, Dawg?(Season 2, Episode 13) DISNEY

K.C. reluctantly takes on a new canine spy partner when she tries to catch a ring of criminals smuggling fireworks.

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Sun Jul 31 1:00pm
K.C. UndercoverDaddy's Little Princess(Season 1, Episode 7) DISNEY

The Coopers are assigned to protect Prince Promomomo and hide the teen in their home, where K.C. and the prince become smitten with each other.

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Sun Jul 31 1:30pm
K.C. UndercoverHow K.C. Got Her Swag Back(Season 1, Episode 6) DISNEY

K.C. loses her confidence after making a big mistake on a mission, but Marisa becomes determined to get her back on her game.

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