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StandUp in Stilettos Video: Tammy Pescatelli on Dumb Friends

Tammy Pescatelli

Tammy Pescatelli may not be the best friend to have. 

On this week's episode of StandUp in Stilettos, the Last Comic Standing comedian jokes about "damn" dumb friends, "Like, damn, you're... read more

Last Comic's Next Move

A whole week after John Heffron won the coveted Last Comic Standing title, success still hasn't spoiled the manic funnyman. But make no mistake — he's ready for a diva trip! As his tongue-in-cheek interview with TV Guide Online suggests, he could get mighty comfortable sitting in the lap of luxury — provided that a certain competitor isn't around to, ahem, bug him.

TV Guide Online: You're a bundle of energy on stage. Can that possibly be good for the health of someone as laid-back as you are?
John Heffron:
Well, I don't have a lot of time to run or do the Stairmaster, so this is my way of getting my heart rate up for 20 minutes a day.

TVGO: Speaking of things that are good for your heart... Tammy Pescatelli called you "a walking Everybody Loves Raymond." Guess she's guaranteed to be the first LCS alum on your sitcom.
: [Laughs] Yeah. Sometimes I get compared [to Ray Romano], but in read more

Comic Tammy: Too Stereotypical?

Forget everything you think you know about Last Comic Standing runner-up Tammy Pescatelli. Although the funny lady appeared to be the joke-off's shrewdest manipulator and most gleeful backstabber, she's really a down-to-earth sweetheart who'd sooner dish out lasagna than insults. Or so she insisted when TV Guide Online recently caught up with her. We're inclined to believe her, too; the straight shooter wouldn't even cop to the competitor for whom she's rooting in tonight's finale (airing at 9 pm/ET on NBC). Um, there are also those Mafia ties at which she's always hinting. TV Guide Online: Since being eliminated, have you met any interesting new fans?Tammy Pescatelli: Yeah, Garry Marshall [the Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride director]. I mean, you just go, "You've got to be kidding me. I grew up on your shows [like Happy Days and The Odd Couple]! Everything you've ever touched, I enjoyed." So that's huge for me. I was i read more

Did Comic Shatter Todd Glass?

Dramatic headline, eh? But in a word, the answer is... no. Being booted from the Last Comic Standing madhouse last week didn't start Todd Glass thinking about switching to a career in Ginsu-knife sales. (He'd be good at it, though!) As another joker packs his or her bags in tonight's episode (9 pm/ET on Fox), TV Guide Online catches up with the funnyman who turns out to be — no kidding — as sensitive as he is silly. TV Guide Online: Let's begin with the end — were you glad that in your head-to-head with Tammy Pescatelli, the vote was so close, or were you like, "Damn those five extra people who picked her!"?Todd Glass: I have a joke where I go, "I laughed so hard, I punched you in the uterus." My brother goes, "That probably lost you five women right there; I'm glad you like that joke so much that it was worth losing for!" When you think about it, there's probably some truth to that. But I was happy that it was close. It was better than read more

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