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Sen. Baldwin On Bipartisan Gun Law Plan
04:19 — Senator Tammy Baldwin, D - Wi., asserts that Washington "can't just agree to disagree" over gun control reform, and explains her support for a biparti (more…)
Sen. Baldwin: We Need to Close the Terror Gap
04:52 — Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), the first openly gay senator in U.S. history, joins to share her thoughts on the Orlando massacre.
Sen. Baldwin On How to Unite Democrats
05:54 — Senator Tammy Baldwin, D - Wi., discusses her support for Hillary Clinton, and how Clinton and Sanders supporters can come together and unite ahead of (more…)
Senator Jokes: Super Delegates Are People Too
04:48 — Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., discusses her support for Hillary Clinton, why she can be both a human being and a super delegate, if Bernie Sanders shou (more…)
WI Senator Calls for Lifting Wages
02:18 — Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin joins MSNBC's Tamron Hall to discuss how the Democratic candidates are advocating for an increased minimum wage and sp (more…)
Democrats Fiercely Fight in Northern States
03:56 — Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin comments on the new tone of the Democratic race since Bernie Sanders’ Michigan primary win and what that could mean fo (more…)
Baldwin: Clinton 'Very Strong' at Debate
03:51 — Senator Tammy Baldwin, D - Wi., praised Hillary Clinton's debate performance on Thursday evening, and said she supports Clinton's bid for president be (more…)
Who Came Out Ahead in Democratic Debate?
02:48 — With the race tightening in Iowa and New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are toughening their attacks on one another. Senator Tammy Bal (more…)
Calling for a Close to Carried Interest Loophole
Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., joins Morning Joe to discuss why she's calling for a close to the carried interest loophole
Fourth GOP Debate Puts Wisconsin Center Stage
The fourth Republican debate will offer candidates an early opportunity to make an impact in the key state of Wisconsin, which has voted Democrat in t (more…)
Calling for a Close to Carried Interest Loophole
03:42 — Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., joins Morning Joe to discuss why she's calling for a close to the carried interest loophole
LGBT Equality Legislation Introduced
03:19 — Sen. Tammy Baldwin tells Alex Witt that the LGBT equality act would extend protections to the LGBT community.
Sen. Baldwin hails ENDA vote as "tremendous milestone"
01:27 — Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., the Senate's first openly gay member, hailed the expected passage of a bill protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transg (more…)
The U.S. Senate Has A Secret Santa Gift Exchange
Senator Ted Cruz reveals that the Senate had their own secret santa gift exchange. He got Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin, and got her something to ke (more…)
Outrage - Official Trailer
01:56 — Boldly revealing the hidden lives of some of the United States' most powerful policymakers who actively campaign against the LGBT community they cover (more…)
Breaking Through - Official Trailer
02:04 — In Breaking Through, openly LGBT elected officials at all levels -- including the first gay US Senator, Tammy Baldwin -- share their stories of self- (more…)
The Cork N' Bottle String Band: The Ken's Bar Story - Official Trailer
01:20 — In 1996 the Cork n' Bottle String Band began playing bluegrass shows at the empty hole in the wall Ken's Bar. The agreement was for the band to play f (more…)
Ruling 'Huge Milestone' in March Toward Full Equality
07:20 — Senator Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., who was the first openly-gay Senator elected to Senate, joins to talk about the Supreme Court's historic decision on s (more…)
1st Openly Gay Senator Reflects On SCOTUS Ruling
04:43 — Chris Hayes talks to the first openly gay U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin about the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling on same-sex marriage.
Baldwin: This Is a Huge, Huge Milestone
03:33 — Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., discusses the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of national marriage equality, and she calls it a 'huge, huge milestone.'
2016 GOP Candidates Relaunch the Culture Wars
13:52 — Scott Walker said he'd sign Wisconsin's 20-week abortion ban without an exception for rape or incest, because women are mostly concerned about those i (more…)
Tammy Baldwin elected to the U.S. Senate
02:24 — Reporter Adam Schrager recaps Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin s election night victory over former Governor Tommy Thompson.
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