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Timbaland Puts Tamela On the Hottest Beat
02:31 — Have you heard? Have you heard? Tamela and Timbaland, their style's so superb.
Running Through the House With My Woes
02:41 — David and Tamela chase the kids around all day and hope the kids will go to sleep at night. Boy, are they wrong!
The Circle of Trust
02:24 — Sonya opens up about her personal issues that she struggles with from her childhood, and it allows everyone else to speak openly, too.
The Russian Treatment
02:25 — David Mann gets less than relaxed during his massage session.
Daddy Daughter Time
02:25 — Tia and Porcia feel left out of David and David Jr.'s Mann time.
Going Under the Knife
01:47 — Chantal wants David Jr. to get a vasectomy.
Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee
02:38 — Tia takes some boxing lessons to make sure she is prepared for her new job as a bouncer.
Fashion Week On Fleek
01:34 — David and Tamela challenge each other to a fashion show to see who's got a better style.
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