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Ep 4
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Length: 48:06
Posted: 12/19/2014

Ep 4 Rudy is reunited with unhappily married Julie and with aspiring boxer Tom. watch

True Romance: Guest Columnist Nora Roberts Loves Her Movies

As a writer, I work alone. And I like it. When creating my books, I'm not only the writer, I'm the director, the costume and set designer, I'm hair and makeup. And I'm the entire cast. The wrap parties are pretty quiet, but I get all the champagne and pizza. It's a great job, and not nearly as schizophrenic as it sounds. Really. When a book's being adapted into a movie, the writer turns all those other fun jobs over to the movie experts. If the writer's lucky, those experts may want her input. I'm really lucky. My first stroke of luck was in having producers like Mandalay and Stephanie Germain Productions interested in adapting four of my romantic-suspense novels for TV [airing Mondays beginning Jan. 29; see complete schedule below]. The second, having Lifetime showcase those films, slammed it out of the park. It was fascinating for me to read each draft of the scripts. The translations keyed into the heart of the stories. As casting progressed, my delread more

Rocky Balboa's Missing Adrian, Paramount's Logo and More Questions

Question I just saw Rocky Balboa and liked it but do you have any idea why Adrian was written out of the cast of characters Did Talia Shire not want to do it DanielFlickChick In interviews Sylvester Stallone has said that in the first drafts of the Rocky Balboa screenplay Adrian was still alive but died later in the story But at some point he decided that it was more dramatic to start out with Rocky sleepwalking through life because hes so devastated by having lost the love of his life The only quote attributed to Talia Shire Ive run across has a rather evasive ring to it she never addresses whether or not anyone ever spoke to her about the possibility of being in the film and she certainly doesnt say she turned the part down But there are pictures online of Shire attending the Los Angeles premiere which suggests to me that if she had been angry or disappointed shes over it now Question About two years ago I read on TVGuidecom that Ellen DeGeneres wouldread more


The Whole Shebang
Rocky Balboa Scene: It's Not Over Till
Rocky Balboa

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Looking for Palladin
Looking For Palladin
Looking For Palladin
Rocky Balboa

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Ep 4

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Year Title Description
2012 The Godfather Legacy TV Show Series, Remarks by
2008 Looking For Palladin Movie, Actor - Rosario
2006 Rocky Balboa Movie, Actor - Adrian
2004 I Heart Huckabees Movie, Actor - Mrs. Silver
2000 The Visit Movie, Actor - Marilyn Coffey

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Thirty Years Later, Rocky Balboa Still Packs a Punch

Can we all just close our eyes and pretend that Rocky V never happened? Because if ever there were a franchise-finisher to be remembered for staging the Italian Stallion's final bout, Rocky Balboa, due out Dec. 20, portends to be it. Having grown up with this film series, I cheered and I cried at a press screening last week, as the famed palooka-turned-pugilist entered the ring just one more, most memorable time.The Oscar-winning Rocky and its first follow-up were seminal films, even coining the term "a Rocky story" to sum up the tale of an underdog (in this case, a loan shark's sad-sack collection man) who overcomes the odds to achieve greatness — a bid for both true love and the title. Rocky III, with the arrival of Mr. T's Clubber Lang, found Rocko facing his fiercest opponent yet — as Burgess Meredith's Mickey reveals (in his raspy growl) that previous comers "wuz hand-picked!" — and then dealing with the loss of the trainer he for so long held dear. Rocky IV, an ... read more

Casting About: Rob Lowe Joins Sisters Act

UPDATE ON ROB LOWE: Be sure to check out Brothers & Sisters exec producer Jon Robin Baitz' brand-new TVGuide.com blog entry regarding Lowe joining the cast.As first spilled by the Ausiello Report, former West Winger Rob Lowe is joining ABC's Brothers & Sisters as a Republican senator and romantic interest for Calista Flockhart's Kitty (and no, that was not a euphemism). Lowe will appear in at least six episodes; Mike has the details.... Per Reuters, Alicia Witt (Cybill) will star in Blue Smoke, a Lifetime movie based on the Nora Roberts best-seller about a female arson investigator haunted by a pyromaniac stalker. Scott Bakula, Talia "Adrian!!!" Shire (as Witt's mother) and Matthew Settle (Brothers & Sisters) also star.... Relative newbies Rachel Specter (Entourage), Brendan Miller (Accepted), Anna Osceola, John Keefe (The Practice), Christopher Todd (The Sopranos) and Jocelin Donahue will populate the Comedy Central pilot Not Another High School Show, which promises to ... read more

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