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Obama: Clinton Is 'My Friend, 'I Trust Her'
05:34 — Democratic strategist Tad Devine and talk radio host Charlie Sykes talk to Kate Snow about President Obama's efforts to shore up support for Hillary C (more…)
Sanders Closes Gap With Clinton in Polls
06:16 — Tad Devine, Democratic strategist and a senior advisor to Sanders’ campaign, speaks with Alex Witt about Sanders’ strategy to win the Democratic nomi (more…)
Sanders Team: Two Differ Visions for Wall St
04:15 — Bernie Sanders campaign strategist Tad Devine talks about the Democratic visions for Wall Street and explains why the senator is waging a legitimate f (more…)
Sanders Camp Confident for Wisconsin Win
04:34 — Tad Devine, Senior Advisor for the Sanders campaign, discusses the Democratic primary race in Wisconsin and the Vermont Senator’s chances in the gener (more…)
Devine: Sanders Setting Agenda for Election
05:07 — Senior Advisor to the Sander’s campaign, Tad Devine, reacts to the first Democratic debate. He feels Sen. Sanders was not only able to set the agenda (more…)
Sanders Faces Debate Test
04:57 — Tuesday's first Democratic presidential debate will test Bernie Sanders' ability to turn progressive passion into votes. Tad Devine, a senior adviser (more…)
Clarifying Sanders' Stance On the Bailouts
03:10 — Tad Devine, a senior adviser on the Sanders campaign, talks about Bernie Sanders' stance on the auto and bank bailouts.
Sanders Advisor On State of Dem Race
08:31 — Bernie Sanders’ Senior Advisor, Tad Devine, joins MSNBC’s Joy Reid to discuss the state of Bernie Sanders campaign and the race for New York.
Clinton and Carson Lead in Iowa Polls
08:08 — Senior Advisor to the Bernie Sanders Campaign Tad Devine and Former Rep. Tom Davis discuss Hillary Clinton’s recent hearing in front of the Benghazi c (more…)
Poll: Clinton, Sanders Close in Iowa
06:47 — The latest NBC poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders in Iowa by three points -- within the margin of error. Is Sanders ready to go negativ (more…)
Sanders, Clinton Battle for Top Spot in Iowa
05:53 — Bernie Sanders’ Senior Advisor Tad Devine joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the close race with Hillary Clinton for Iowa just four days before the firs (more…)
Poll: Clinton, Sanders Even in Early States
08:05 — Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are deadlocked in both Iowa and New Hampshire, according to a new NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll. Tad Devine of (more…)
Panic Time for Democratic Establishment
14:16 — The Democratic establishment starts to pile on Bernie Sanders as he becomes a legitimate threat. Chuck Todd talks to Tad Devine of the Sanders campaig (more…)
Sanders Positions Himself As an Outsider
04:28 — Senior Advisor to Bernie Sanders, Tad Devine, discusses the recent poll showing Sanders 27 points ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. He also a (more…)
The Debate Over Dem Debates
04:15 — Senior Advisor for Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Tad Devine, joins MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss the recent debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie (more…)
Clinton and Sanders Fight for NY
06:02 — Senior Advisor to Bernie Sanders, Tad Devine, talks about the New York Daily News cover attacking Sanders over his statements on gun violence. He also (more…)
Can Sanders Win the Superdelegates He Needs?
06:38 — Sanders campaign senior advisor Tad Devine sits down with Alex Witt to discuss the Hillary Clinton’s past use of the term “Super Predator” and how the (more…)
Sanders Committed to Finishing Primary Race
08:39 — Tad Devine, senior adviser to the Sanders campaign, talks with Rachel Maddow about the Sanders' campaign's expectations for the rest of the Democratic (more…)
Sanders Campaign: ‘It Isn’t Over’
04:12 — Senior Advisor to Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Tad Devine, talks to MSNBC’s Tamron Hall about how Bernie Sanders is continuing to fight for the nominatio (more…)
Clinton and Sanders Campaigns React to MSNBC Debate
05:08 — Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Sanders campaign strategist Tad Devine reflect on their candidate's performance in MSNBC's Democratic Candi (more…)
Clinton, Sanders Both Want Big Win in SC
05:28 — Hillary Clinton has the edge in South Carolina polling, but as Bernie Sanders proved in our Hardball College Tour, he's not giving up without a fight. (more…)
Will Sanders Toughen Stance Against Clinton?
03:56 — Tad Devine, senior advisor for the Bernie Sanders campaign, joins Andrea Mitchell to explain why it's not over for Bernie Sanders.
Sanders Edges Towards Calling Clinton Corrupt
12:04 — Chris Hayes talks to Tad Devine, Senior Advisor to the Sanders campaign and Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton's campaign director about allegations that the (more…)
Sanders Campaign Refocuses After NY Defeat
05:43 — Bernie Sanders couldn't pull it off New York. How can he stay in the game? Senior advisor for the Bernie Sanders campaign Tad Devine joins MSNBC's And (more…)
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