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Fri Feb 12 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksMartha in the White House PBS

The president wants a canine companion, so Martha recommends several of her neighborhood pals. But it's Martha who's summoned to the White House when one of the president's aides learns that she can speak.

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Mon Feb 15 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksTomato, You Say; Martha Questions PBS

T.D. has a tomato on his shirt and Helen wants to know why; Martha can only speak in questions.

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Tue Feb 16 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksT.D. Gives a Report; Martha's Canine Cleaners PBS

T.D. has a report due for school, but can't find a subject that interests him; Martha and Skits try to help Lily repair a torn pillow.

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Wed Feb 17 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksSkits and Mr. Scruffles; Brave Truman PBS

Skits befriends a newcomer to Wagstaff City; Truman is afraid to try his sled on the steepest hill in town.

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Thu Feb 18 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksMartha's Millions; Carolina's Gifted PBS

Carolina is appalled that a dog inherited millions of dollars, but Martha discovers it's not who spends the money, but how it's spent, that matters most; Carolina and Helen head to the store to spend a gift certificate Carolina received last year.

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Fri Feb 19 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksTruman's Mad; Dog for a Day PBS

Truman has high expectations for a science kit he ordered; Martha and TD switch places for a day to determine who leads the harder life, but they discover neither has it easy.

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Mon Feb 22 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksAlice Covers Up; Carolina Picks a Lily PBS

Alice may miss a pool party; Carolina adopts a puppy that fits in her purse, but has second thoughts when the gang point out it will eventually outgrow the pocketbook.

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Tue Feb 23 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksThe Opera Contest; Maestro Martha PBS

The kids create operas for a contest; bad guys Pablum and Weaselgraft plot a heist during a charity concert.

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Wed Feb 24 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksMartha: Deadline Doggie; It's the Giant Pumpkin, Martha PBS

Martha sniffs out leads for Carolina's paper, but her tips don't pay off as intended; Carolina's quest for a big story to keep her paper afloat leads to very strange one.

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Thu Feb 25 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksMartha Acts Up; Ronald Is In PBS

Martha is cast in a production of "Alice in Wonderland," but dislikes her part; Ronald diagnoses everyone's problems after reading about psychology.

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