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Wed Jun 28 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksMartha's Slumber Party of the Weird; Return to Martha's Slumber Party of the Weird PBS

The gang go camping. They pitch a tent, play Go Fish, eat s'mores and, at TD's suggestion, tell each other wild sci-fi stories.

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Thu Jun 29 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksWagstaff Races; The Missing Metal Mystery PBS

Everyone enters a green go-cart race; someone's been stealing from the local junkyard.

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Fri Jun 30 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksPuppy Skits; Dinosaurs in Trouble! PBS

In the Season 5 premiere, Martha remembers how Skits wound up with T.D.; and Milo and Truman set out to save the museum's fossil exhibit, which is in danger of closing.

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Mon Jul 3 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksAlice Tells a Story; Pirates and Princesses PBS

Alice recalls how she got Nelson; pirate captain Truman and first mate T.D. search for a ship while Princesses Carolina, Alice and Helen all want a castle.

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Tue Jul 4 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksMartha's Sweater; The Mystery of the Missing Dinosaur PBS

Grandma Lucille gives Martha a sweater, but Martha doesn't want to wear it; T.D. spots a toy that looks like one he lost.

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Wed Jul 5 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksThe Puppy Tooth Fairy; Martha's Blue Period PBS

Martha and Skits try to rectify a wrong by becoming tooth fairies for puppies; Martha is blue when Helen leaves for art camp.

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Thu Jul 6 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksThe Puppy Show; Never Forget to Remember PBS

A TV producer asks Martha and the gang to develop a TV series about puppies; everyone wants to play kickup on the first day of spring, but the ball is missing.

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Fri Jul 7 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksBookbots 3: Fit Fights Fat; Grandpa Bernie Cleans Up PBS

The out-of-shape Bookbots battle a literacy-loathing villain; Martha and Skits meet an elderly dog who claims she was bitten by a ball from outer space.

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Mon Jul 10 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksMy Mother the Dog; Martha's Must-Have PBS

Martha becomes adept at impersonating Helen's mom; Martha wants a special collar that supposedly makes people give canines food.

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Tue Jul 11 6:30pm
Martha SpeaksMartha's Puppy; The Cheating Chum Caper PBS

Martha thinks the family should get a puppy, but no one else agrees; Helen believes that she's uncovered a cheating scandal involving T.D., Martha and Francois.

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