Mon Aug 3 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksMartha Gets Spooked; Martha Changes Her Luck PBS

Martha fears a "haunted" house. Then, she thinks others are contracting her bad luck.

Tue Aug 4 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksT.D. Gives a Report; Martha's Canine Cleaners PBS

T.D. has a report due for school, but can't find a subject that interests him; Martha and Skits try to help Lily repair a torn pillow.

Wed Aug 5 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksCora! Cora! Cora!; Cora Encore! PBS

An actor (Jon Hamm) and Martha try to reunite Helen's friend Kit with her dog, which she left at home while traveling with her theater troupe.

Thu Aug 6 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksToo Many Marthas; Too Much Martha PBS

Martha helps locate a missing pooch prior to singing at an animal rescue fund-raiser; Martha is put on a diet by the veterinarian.

Fri Aug 7 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksMartha Blah Blah; Skits Behaves PBS

Martha loses the ability to speak after the soup company cuts down on the number of letters in each can of its product; Helen must train Skits to behave or he'll become an outdoor-only dog.

Mon Aug 10 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksMartha's Chair; TD the Pack Rat PBS

In the Season 2 opener, Martha gets a new dog bed, but she misses the old chair she used to sleep in; pack rat TD isn't permitted to bring anything else home.

Tue Aug 11 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksPainting for Peanuts; Martha's No Dummy PBS

To save the zoo from closing, Helen and TD volunteer for an animal-painting class. Unfortunately, it's not what they imagined. Then TD and Martha have difficulty devising an act for a variety show hosted by Granny Flo.

Wed Aug 12 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksMartha Puts Out the Lights PBS

Mrs. Demson circulates a petition to ban fireworks and Martha, who's frightened by them, works hard to get as many signatures as possible. But when Helen and her friends are disappointed by the success of the effort, Martha to seek a compromise solution.

Thu Aug 13 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksThe Penguin Always Rings Twice; The Martha Code PBS

When Jeffy the elephant becomes the prime suspect in a rash of peanut-butter thefts at the zoo, Martha and Skits work to prove his innocence; Martha accidentally eats a secret code, which garbles her every utterance.

Fri Aug 14 6:00pm
Martha SpeaksMartha in the Hold; Get Along, Little Doggies PBS

Martha's family plan a vacation, but she's less than happy about riding in the cargo hold; Martha looks forward to a cattle drive even though a cowhand doesn't think she's up for it.