T-Pain Celebrity Watchlist

T-Pain Shows Off His 'Big Ass Chain'
01:00 — The Auto-Tune-assisted singer brings out his seven-and-a-half-pound bling. (6.10.09)
Jay-Z Buries The Auto-Tune At Summer Jam
01:08 — T-Pain even joined Jay onstage as he performed the Blueprint 3 track "D.O.A." (6.8.09)
Jay-Z Performs 'D.O.A.' At Summer Jam 2009
00:31 — Hova rocks his new anti-Auto-Tune song at the Hot 97 show, and T-Pain is there to support his stance. (6.8.09)
First Round Is On Omotayo
03:22 — Omotayo "grinds" it out to T-Pain's "Buy You A Drink."
T-Pain Doesn't Think Jay-Z Is Out Of Touch
00:45 — "If he's out of touch, then everybody's out of touch," the singer said of Jay's age and relevance back in June. (9.8.09)
'I Co-Sign His Whole Album'
00:45 — T-Pain says Kanye West's upcoming LP, "808s and Heartbreak," is "all Kanye." (10.13.08)
Lil Wayne goes off!
00:31 — After a performance set including T-Pain and Ludacris, Weezy breaks off into a new freestyle
Season 5: Squidbillies: Season 5 Trailer
00:59 — Packed to the gills with all 10 episodes from the series' fifth season and bonus content including Art + Music, Pete Stuff and behind-the-scenes featu (more…)
T-Pain Dime assist to negro
00:15 — He's number 3 putting that dime chip
The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Dramatic Reading
Season 11: Hear Kathy Bates, T-Pain, and Valerie Bertinelli read some revealing excerpts from Andy Cohen's new book.
T-Pain on Working with Diddy
Season 12 Episode 186 Show Highlight: Rapper T-Pain tells a WWHL Caller why Diddy was the biggest pain in the butt to work with and says that Diddy di (more…)
Kenya & Sheree Auto-Turnt!
Season 12 Episode 186 Show Highlight: In honor of T-Pain being in the Clubhouse, Andy Cohen shows a hilarious auto-tuned rendition of Kenya Moore and (more…)
T-Pain on Auto-Tune Use Today
Season 12 Episode 186 Show Highlight: Rapper T-Pain, who made auto-tune popular, tells Andy Cohen what he thinks about other artists using auto-tune a (more…)
Recap: Week of Dec 14, 2015
03:55 — GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz endorses machine-gun bacon, Mike Yard makes a shaky case for Kwanzaa, and cops bust a despised pharma CEO.
Pardon the Integration: Hanukkah vs. Kwanzaa
04:31 — Pundits Mike Yard and Rory Albanese go head to head in a spirited yet meaningless argument about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.
Dec 16, 2015 in :60 Seconds
01:01 — Mike Yard and Rory Albanese debate the importance of Kwanzaa, Ricky Velez takes advantage of an ignorant community, and Holly Walker sings the praises (more…)
Blacklash 2016: The Unblackening: 5th Republican Presidential Debate
04:02 — The GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas shines a spotlight on Ben Carson's chilling bedside manner and Donald Trump's insult-fueled campaign.
That's Not Science: Solar Farm Fears
04:14 — Residents of Woodland, NC, reject solar farms in order to conserve the sun's energy, and Ricky Velez discovers that isolated ignorance has major benef (more…)
Panel: Serena Williams vs. A Horse
06:51 — T-Pain, Holly Walker and Grace Parra address a bitter controversy surrounding Serena Williams's 2015 Sportsperson of the Year award from Sports Illust (more…)
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