Swoosie Kurtz

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  • Birth Place: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
  • Profession: Actor
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Tue Jan 23 1:00pm
Mike & MollyOne Small Step for Mike(Season 6, Episode 2) FX

To nudge Mike toward getting more exercise and taking better care of himself, Molly buys him a fitness device that monitors his walking, but Mike comes up with a better use for it.

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Tue Jan 23 1:30pm
Mike & MollyPeg O' My Heart Attack(Season 6, Episode 3) FX

After Peg suffers a heart attack after an intense argument with Molly, Mike blames his wife, who immediately sets out to make amends.

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Tue Jan 23 2:00pm
Mike & MollySuper Cop(Season 6, Episode 4) FX

Mike turns into a super-vigilant cop after he gets caught napping, literally, by a thief who steals his wallet while he's asleep in the squad car.

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Tue Jan 23 2:30pm
Mike & MollyJoyce's Will Be Done(Season 6, Episode 5) FX

Joyce reveals she's leaving her house to Victoria in her will, which leaves Molly in shock.

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Tue Jan 23 5:30pm
Citizen Ruth SHO2e

Subversive satire involving a dense pregnant woman (Laura Dern) who winds up in trouble with the law and finds herself a pawn between pro-choicers and pro-lifers. Swoosie Kurtz. Gail: Mary Kay Place. Norm: Kurtwood Smith. Cheryl: Alicia Witt. Alexander Pay (more…)

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Wed Jan 24 2:00pm
Mike & MollyThe Good Wife(Season 6, Episode 6) FX

Molly's choice of leisure activities between novels frustrates Mike who wants her to be the perfect homemaker.

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Wed Jan 24 2:30pm
Mike & MollyWeekend With Birdie(Season 6, Episode 7) FX

It isn't puppy love for Molly when Mike brings home a stray dog for the weekend.

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Wed Jan 24 3:00pm
Mike & MollyThe Wreck of the Vincent Moranto(Season 6, Episode 8) FX

Mike gets angry with Vince when he ducks out of finishing a home-improvement project the two were working on.

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Wed Jan 24 3:30pm
Mike & MollyBaby, Please Don't Go(Season 6, Episode 9) FX

Molly meets up with a former student who is pregnant and living on the street, so she invites her home.

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Thu Jan 25 1:30pm
Mike & MollyBaby Bump(Season 6, Episode 11) FX

Mike and Molly discover her pregnant former student isn't sure what she'll do after the baby is born, so Molly attempts to reunite her with an estranged sister.

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Thu Jan 25 2:00pm
Mike & MollyThe Adoption Option(Season 6, Episode 10) FX

The adoption agency schedules a home visit, and Mike and Molly sweat over everyone being on their best behavior.

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Fri Jan 26 6:35am
Liar Liar MOMAX

Jim Carrey's comic timing is impressive in this comedy about a slick, overachieving lawyer who's forced to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Jennifer Tilly. Audrey: Maura Tierney. Dana: Swoosie Kurtz. Miranda: Amanda Donohoe. Direc (more…)

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Fri Jan 26 2:30pm
Mike & MollyCurse of the Bambino(Season 6, Episode 12) FX

Carl badgers Mike to go with him to see his psychic, while Peggy pesters Molly to attend her church, where they pray for something they've all been wanting and waiting for.

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Fri Jan 26 3:00pm
Mike & MollyI See Love(Season 6, Episode 13) FX

The series ends with an impromptu get-together during which the Flynn and the Biggs families recall what has brought them to the present point in time, which results in one last confrontation between Joyce and Peggy.

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Fri Jan 26 3:30pm
Mike & MollyPilot(Season 1, Episode 1) FX

Teacher Molly Flynn and Chicago police officer Mike Biggs fall in love when, in the opener, they meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and Molly invites Mike to speak to her fourth-grade class about his job.

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Fri Jan 26 4:00pm
American Dad!Oedipal Panties(Season 3, Episode 10) TBS

When Stan's mom (voice of Swoosie Kurtz) gets dumped by yet another boyfriend, she comes running to Stan for support, which he willingly provides (yet again). Francine, feeling threatened, seeks to loosen this umbilical cord, with Roger's help. Meanwhile (more…)

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Fri Jan 26 4:00pm
Mike & MollyFirst Date(Season 1, Episode 2) FX

Molly gets a cold before a date with Mike, but her decision to take cold medicine before the outing turns out to be a bad choice.

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Sun Jan 28 7:00am
Mike & MollyFirst Kiss(Season 1, Episode 3) FX

Mike gets a bruised ego when he and Molly go on a bowling date.

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Sun Jan 28 7:30am
Mike & MollyMike's Not Ready(Season 1, Episode 4) FX

Molly misunderstands Mike's intention when he turns down her offer to come inside the house after their third date.

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Sun Jan 28 8:00am
Mike & MollyCarl Is Jealous(Season 1, Episode 5) FX

Carl is jealous when Mike spends more time with Molly than he does with him, prompting Mike to invite Carl on a double date.

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Sun Jan 28 8:30am
Mike & MollyMike's Apartment(Season 1, Episode 6) FX

Mike plans for romance when he invites Molly to his apartment, but his hopes are dashed when his mom calls.

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Mon Jan 29 1:30pm
Mike & MollyAfter the Lovin'(Season 1, Episode 7) FX

Mike is overly affectionate with Molly after he spends the weekend with her, and Carl advises him to back off a little.

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Mon Jan 29 2:00pm
Mike & MollyMike Snores(Season 1, Episode 8) FX

Molly is troubled by Mike's snoring problem.

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Mon Jan 29 2:30pm
Mike & MollyMike's New Boots(Season 1, Episode 9) FX

Molly is jealous when Mike refers to her as his "friend" in front of a woman who's flirting with Mike.

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  • Birth Place: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
  • Profession: Actor

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