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VIDEO: Season 2, Episode 13: The S-Word

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Season 2, Episode 13: The S-Word
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Length: 07:00:40
Aired: 2/4/2008

In the heat of a classroom argument, Riley's third grade teacher, Mr. Petto, loses his cool and calls him "nigga." As the media seizes upon the outburst and school officials decry the use of the "N-word" as a violation of district policy, Mr. Petto claims that he only did it after Riley used it first. Ignoring Huey's warnings, Granddad hopes to make the school board pay dearly with a discrimination lawsuit. Riley is more than willing to play along, and he and Granddad promote their cause with a series of television appearances alongside the adversarial conservative commentator Ann Coulter. And after Tom reluctantly agrees to represent them, Granddad brings on the outrageous Reverend Rollo Goodlove to help make their case. As both Coulter and Uncle Ruckus find nothing wrong with Petto's use of the term, Tom points out that there is no way the school district will ever agree to pay the half-million dollars Granddad and Goodlove are asking. Dismissing Tom, Goodlove takes their demands to the school superintendent, who laughs him out of his office. Undaunted, the Reverend blusters that it is only the opening salvo in a barrage of criticism to be leveled at the district. But what few people realize is that, in an effort to use the lawsuit to promote his new show on BET, Goodlove is actually working with Ann Coulter to create a firestorm of publicity about the case. watch

VIDEO: The Story of Gangstalicious, Pt. 2

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The Story of Gangstalicious, Pt. 2
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Length: 21:32
Aired: 2/4/2008

Following the shooting of the rapper Gangstalicious, Riley passes out upon seeing one of his crew kiss him in the hospital. Unwilling to accept that Gangstalicious might be gay, Riley is sure that it was all a dream. Yet, following the debut of his new music video, "Homies Over Hoes," the rapper suddenly starts sending Riley free samples from his new fashion line that look suspiciously like women's clothes. And though Huey points to the kiss, the clothes and the video as evidence of Gangstalicious' homosexuality, Riley refuses to believe it. Meanwhile, as Gangstalicious skirts the rumors about his sexuality, Thugnificent and his Lethal Injection Crew send Riley to land a deal for them to collaborate on a remix of "Homies Over Hoes." As Riley works on securing a deal, Granddad worries about signs suggesting his grandson is gay. Though he is wearing women's clothes and carrying a purse, Riley denies it. Even so, after doing everything he can think of to make a real man out of Riley - including playing football, inviting girls over, and offering to chase women together - Granddad calls in A Pimp Named Slickback to straighten him out. watch

VIDEO: The S Word

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The S Word
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Length: 24:00
Aired: 2/4/2008

In the heat of a classroom argument, Riley's third grade teacher, Mr. Petto, loses his cool and calls him "nigga." watch


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