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Suzanne Somers: I Have Sex "A Couple Times a Day"

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers was very open about her sex life when visiting CBS' The Talk on Tuesday, revealing that she and her husband have sex "a couple times a day."

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Somers, 66, has been with her 77-year-old husband for 46 years. "What is it about men at four in the morning? There's some love at four in the morning and then I'm really awake at eight or so...we have busy mornings!"

Watch her full interview below: read more

Patrick Duffy Pitches a Step By Step Reunion

Patrick Duffy

Will Step by Step ride the recent wave of TGIF nostalgia inspired by the Boy Meets World offshoot Girl Meets World? Star Patrick Duffy sure hopes so.

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Keck's Exclusives: Patrick Duffy Goes Back to Atlantis

Patrick Duffy

Now that he's resurrected Bobby Ewing on TNT's Dallas, Patrick Duffy is attempting to give new life to his campy 1977-1978 sci-fi series Man From Atlantis. Duffy secured the rights to the story after his comedy Step by Step ended in 1998: "It was just lying fallow, so I thought, 'I can take a whack at that.'" Duffy has.... read more

New Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Promo: Fire! Surgery! A Death Scare! Suzanne Somers?!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

If you thought the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were dramatic, wait 'til you see their house-husbands in action.

The new promo for the upcoming third season of the Bravo reality series starts out with fun, games and castmate-on-castmate kissing, but things quickly... read more

VIDEO: Three's Company Alums Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt Reunite After 30 Years

Joyce DeWitt, Suzanne Somers

Former Three's Companys stars Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers reunited for the first time in 30 years.

The two actresses, who hadn't spoken since Somers was fired from the ABC sitcom  in 1981 over a salary dispute, buried the hatchet on Somers' new web series, Breaking Through.

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Keck's Exclusives: First Look at a Three's Company Reunion

Joyce DeWitt and Suzanne Somers

Three decades after Suzanne Somers was escorted off the set of Three's Company (she asked for a salary hike producers found unreasonable), the former Chrissy Snow has hugged it out with her long-estranged cast mate Joyce DeWitt (Janet). In the February 2 episode of Suzanne's digital talk show, "Suzanne Somers Breaking Through," the actresses share an emotional reunion. "It had been 31 years since I'd... read more

Barry Manilow, Suzanne Somers Make Bizarre Pact to Plan Each Other's Funerals

Barry Manilow and Suzanne Somers

As morbid as it sounds, Barry Manilow can rest easy knowing that when he dies, he could go out in style. That's because he and his best friend, Suzanne Somers, made a pact to produce each other's funerals ... or at least one will for "whoever goes first."

On Wednesday's The Talk, the ladies and guest host Somers sat down with Manilow, who was promoting his new album, "15 Minutes." The BFFs revealed that they... read more

Somers to Applegate: "Use Your Cancer to Grow"

Christina Applegate by Gregg DeGuire/, Suzanne Somers by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Suzanne Somers on Monday sent an open letter to Christina Applegate, who announced earlier this month that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Somers, 61, was diagnosed with the disease in 2001.In her letter, she tells the 36-year-old Samantha Who? star, "Use your cancer to learn and grow and as a force to work for you," and offers her perspective:Dear Christina, Cancer is scary, and lonely. You can't ask anyone to make decisions for you because it's just too heavy. There is a lot of 'rush to treatment,' when what you really need is time to research and think about how you want to approach this. Take your time Christina, there is no rush. Take your time and think it through. Use your cancer to learn and grow and as a force to work for you. You might choose to take an alternative approach. There are more options than the ones presented to you in the oncologist's office. You will make it. The success and drive you have had in your career will be the same strengths you will use ... read more

Suzanne Somers on Burned Home: "We Will Rebuild"

Suzanne Somers is choosing "to look at the glass half-full" after her house and car were destroyed in the Monday fire that razed four Malibu homes. As the actress (who, like husband Alan Hamel, was not on the premises at the time) tells Extra, "I don't have a son or daughter in Iraq. I haven't lost a loved one. We will rebuild, and I truly believe we will learn something great from this experience." read more

Patrick Duffy Is the Girl Next Door's Dad

Patrick Duffy

He's lived the life aquatic, come back from the dead on Dallas and worked with Suzanne Somers without ever tripping over a ThighMaster. But can Patrick Duffy keep his TV-movie wife, Patty Duke, from throttling Shelley Long in Hallmark Channel's Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door (premiering Feb. 4 at 9 pm/ET)? traded Qs and As with ol' Bobby Ewing. (Or was it all just a dream?) I see that Patty Duke has been robbing the cradle a little bit....Patrick Duffy: With whom? [Laughs] With me? Nooooo.... we're sort of contemporaries. Are you OK these days playing the father of the hot young chick instead of getting the hot young chick?Duffy: Well, it'd be ludicrous if I was getting the hot young chic read more

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