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Exclusive: Nickelodeon to Premiere A Fairly Odd Christmas

Nickelodeon is getting in the holiday spirit with its upcoming movie A Fairly Odd Christmas, set to premiere Thurs, Nov. 29 at 7/6c, can reveal exclusively.

The movie follows the latest adventures of Timmy Turner (Drake Bell) and his childhood friend Tootie (Daniella Monet), who travel around the world granting kids' wishes. But when his good intentions actually result in kids' wishes disappearing from Santa's "good" list, Timmy must find a way to restore order and the children's faith in Santa Claus before ruining Christmas forever

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VIDEO: Jimmy / Timmy Power Hour 1

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Jimmy / Timmy Power Hour 1
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Length: 12:46:57
Aired: 5/7/2004

After blowing off yet another science fair project, Timmy Turner wishes for access to the greatest laboratory in the universe, where he can easily get his hands on quick gadget. However, Wanda and Cosmo cannot come along, so they give him an "Auto Poofer" that will automatically poof him back to his room. Timmy is magically sent to the secret lab of none other than Jimmy Neutron, the boy with the genius IQ. Timmy immediately starts playing with all of the cool inventions that are at his fingertips, much to the chagrin of his disinclined host. But before Jimmy can find a way to get rid of this strange, annoying kid, he pushes Timmy's Auto Poofer and is instantly transported to Timmy's world. Now both boys get to spend some time living in each other's three and two dimensional shoes, respectively; Timmy has everyone in Retroville convinced that he's a boy genius, while Jimmy gets to hang out with some real fairy godparents. But with these perks comes two massive drawbacks: Timmy Turner combats a malfunctioning Goddard that's threatening to destroy Retroville, and Jimmy Neutron has to battle Timmy's crazed, fairy obsessed school teacher, Mr. Crocker who has managed to get into - of all places - fairy world. watch

VIDEO: Attack of the Twonkies

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Attack of the Twonkies
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Length: 45:00
Aired: 5/7/2004

Jimmy returns from an excavation on the Twonkus-3 comet with a small furry creature burrowed in his soil samples that have a rather violent reaction to music. watch


Jimmy / Timmy Power Hour 1

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