Christmas Every Day
Everyone loves Christmas. Who wouldn't want to celebrate it every day? The globe is put into gridlock after Timmy wishes for 365 days of Christmas a y (more…)
Kamikaze Bingo
Larry dishonors an art dealer at a Japanese restaurant, and accuses a nursing-home resident of a Bingo fix.
Game Over...?!
The Demon King has reprogrammed the monsters, making it too dangerous for the Color Rangers and Baka to stay. Unfortunately, the game console and the (more…)
Hoop Dreamz
Chop surprises team leader and rising star Tino with a promotion, but who will now run the A-Team? Chop pits by-the-book salesman Andy against street- (more…)
Wendy Williams on the Wild Side
12:11 — Talk show host Wendy Williams drops by Joy's apartment along with best friend and comedian Susie Essman and Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. They talk fa (more…)
The Anonymous Donor
The Davids and the Blacks move into a new house, and take in a new guest; Larry rewrites a dry-cleaning rule; Jeff finds his reputation stained; Larry (more…)
Open Mike Night
A confident Molly offers her wisdom to Samuel who now wants to be a standup comic. Meanwhile, Molly's advice to Harry causes him to challenge his prot (more…)
Jato Rocket Car: Mission Accomplished?
Watch the ALL NEW season of MythBusters Wednesdays at 9PM E/P. Back for MythBusters' 10th anniversary with more rocket power, more gadgets, and a hug (more…)
The TiVo Guy
A malfunctioning TV device puts Larry's marriage with Cheryl into a crisis mode.
Bollywood Travolta
Gender disparities cause one team to lose faith when a challenge seems insurmountable, and emotions run high as a Racer must weigh their own well-bein (more…)
The Smiley Face
Larry vows to topple a sacred dating taboo, and regrets making concessions to his new office neighbor; Jeff's alibi to get out of a dinner backfires.
CTD 216 Clip
00:49 — TOPIC: Does a wife have outfit-approval rights over her husband? PANEL: Susie Essman, Sandra Tsing Loh, Andy Kindler, Dave Navarro, Dr. Stan Katz
CTD 219 Clip
00:52 — TOPIC: Do wives have outfit-approval rights? PANEL: Susie Essman, Victoria Stilwell, Gloria Allred, Sam Seder, Rabbi Wolpe
CTD 214 Clip
01:00 — TOPIC: Does someone’s femininity or masculinity give away their sexual orientation? PANEL: Susie Essman, Sandra Tsing Loh, Alan Zweibel, Carol Leifer, (more…)
CTD 213 Clip
01:15 — TOPIC: Is it okay to deny candy to “Trick or Treaters”? PANEL: Susie Essman, Jeff Ross, Aimee Mullins, Cheryl Hines, Steve Skrovan
CTD 109 Clip
00:59 — TOPIC: Is joking about Affirmative Action acceptable? PANEL: Susie Essman, DL Hughley, Mika Brzezinski, Michael Beckwith, Joe Scarborough
CTD 212 Clip
01:23 — TOPIC: Are men expected to know how to change a tire? PANEL: Susie Essman, Jeff Ross, Aimee Mullins, Lou DiMaggio, Kevin Rooney
CTD 321 Clip
01:06 — TOPIC: Are piñatas bad for children? PANEL: Susie Essman, Cat Cora, CCH Pounder, Patton Oswalt
CTD 218 Clip
01:06 — TOPIC: Are sports fans too die-hard? PANEL: Susie Essman, Gloria Allred, Larry Miller, Sam Seder, Taraji P. Henson
CTD 322 Clip
01:06 — TOPIC: Should your date to an award show look their best? PANEL: Susie Essman, Merrill Markoe, Jonathan Alter, Walter Kirn, Paul Provenza
CTD 215 Clip
00:52 — TOPIC: Is seeing your therapist in a thong a deal breaker? PANEL: Susie Essman, Sandra Tsing Loh, Alan Zweibel, Dave Navarro, Dr. Stan Katz
CTD 110 Clip
00:53 — TOPIC: Whose responsibility is it to initiate intimacy? PANEL: Susie Essman, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Mika Brzezinski, Michael Beckwith, Joe Scarborough
CTD 220 Clip
01:12 — TOPIC: If you enjoy a massage a little too much, is it cheating? PANEL: Susie Essman, Victoria Stilwell, Kevin Rooney, Sam Seder, Rabbi Wolpe
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