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Tue Jul 5 9:30am
The Brady BunchGhost Town U.S.A.(Season 3, Episode 1) POP

The Grand Canyon is the setting for a three-part adventure that finds the Bradys behind bars after a prospector fears they'll lift his loot. Zaccariah: Jim Backus. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Henderson. Alice: Ann B. Davis. Peter: Christopher Knight (more…)

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Tue Jul 5 10:00am
The Brady BunchGrand Canyon or Bust(Season 3, Episode 2) POP

Part 2 of three. After breaking out of Zaccariah's jail, the Bradys finally hit the Grand Canyon, where Bobby and Cindy promptly get lost. Zaccariah: Jim Backus. Jimmy: Michele Campo. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Henderson. Alice: Ann B. Davis. Peter (more…)

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Tue Jul 5 10:30am
The Brady BunchThe Brady Braves(Season 3, Episode 3) POP

The Grand Canyon adventure concludes with the Bradys helping a runaway Native American reunite with his tribe, who grant the family their own native nicknames. Jimmy: Michele Campo. Chief Dan Eagle: Jay Silverheels. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Hende (more…)

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Wed Jul 6 9:30am
The Brady BunchThe Wheeler-DealerNew(Season 3, Episode 4) POP

Greg's first car is a $100 lemon, so he tries to sell the souped up---but pooped out---repair job to his clueless chum. The episode marks the TV debut of actor Charles Martin Smith, who went on to star in 1973's “American Graffiti.” Eddie: Chris Beaumo (more…)

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Wed Jul 6 10:00am
The Brady BunchMy Sister, Benedict ArnoldNew(Season 3, Episode 5) POP

Greg willfully dates Marcia's nemesis after she accepts a date with the guy who bumped him from the baseball team and class presidency. Warren: Gary Rist. Kathy: Sheri Cowart. Greg: Barry Williams. Marcia: Maureen McCormick. Carol: Florence Henderson. Alic (more…)

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Wed Jul 6 10:30am
The Brady BunchThe Personality KidNew(Season 3, Episode 6) POP

The episode that defined the “Peter Brady party” finds the middle boy's big shindig a bust due to his new, annoying personality. Kathy: Sheri Cowart. Judy: Margie DeMayer. Susie: Karen Peters. Kyle: Monica Ramirez. Peter: Christopher Knight.

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Thu Jul 7 9:30am
The Brady BunchJuliet Is the SunNew(Season 3, Episode 7) POP

Marcia's overgrown ego after landing the lead in “Romeo and Juliet” forces Carol to bring the curtain down on her daughter's diva dreams. But after she learns how to play nice with others, the show goes on---with Marcia filling much smaller shoes. Miss (more…)

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Thu Jul 7 10:00am
The Brady BunchAnd Now a Word From Our SponsorNew(Season 3, Episode 8) POP

Overacting sinks the Bradys' acting dreams after they are cast in a laundry detergent commercial by a wacky director (Paul Winchell). The episode was Robert Reed's least favorite and resulted in a multi-page memo to producer Sherwood Schwartz voicing Reed' (more…)

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Thu Jul 7 10:30am
The Brady BunchThe Private EarNew(Season 3, Episode 9) POP

Peter gets burned for eavesdropping on his siblings when the kids “secretly” discuss a party being planned in his honor. But when Mike and Carol catch on, it looks like the snoop will get what's coming to him...and more. Peter: Christopher Knight. Mike (more…)

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Fri Jul 8 9:30am
The Brady BunchHer Sister's ShadowNew(Season 3, Episode 10) POP

The one that launched a thousand jokes: Jan auditions for the pep squad, hoping to outdo her supersister, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” But when she gets cut, Jan pins her hopes on an essay contest that goes awry. Gwen Van Dam. Jan: Eve Plumb. Mike: Robert (more…)

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Fri Jul 8 10:00am
The Brady BunchClickNew(Season 3, Episode 11) POP

A broken rib sidelines Greg's football dreams, which turn nightmarish when he catches a bad call on film as the team's photographer. Linette: Elvera Roussel. Greg: Barry Williams. Coach: Bart LaRue. Alice: Ann B. Davis.

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Fri Jul 8 10:30am
The Brady BunchGetting Davy JonesNew(Season 3, Episode 12) POP

Another star stops by 4222 Clinton Way as Davy Jones appears to help Marcia secure a singer for her prom. Laura: Kimberly Beck. Mrs. Robbins: Marcia Wallace. Dorren: Tina Andrews. Jan: Eve Plumb. Greg: Barry Williams.

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Mon Jul 11 9:30am
The Brady BunchNot-So-Rose-Colored GlassesNew(Season 3, Episode 13) POP

Jan agrees to get glasses after smashing into a family portrait Mike planned on giving Carol for their anniversary. But when Jan and the kids secretly get the shot retaken, Mike spots a flaw in the photo not present in the original. Gaylord: Robert Nadder (more…)

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Mon Jul 11 10:00am
The Brady BunchThe Teeter-Totter CaperNew(Season 3, Episode 14) POP

Bobby and Cindy set out to bust a see-sawing record to show the older Bradys just how important they are after they're left off the invite list to family wedding. Winters: Dick Winslow. Bobby: Mike Lookinland. Cindy: Susan Olsen. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: (more…)

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Mon Jul 11 10:30am
The Brady BunchBig Little ManNew(Season 3, Episode 15) POP

Sick of being “shrimpo,” Bobby tries to stretch himself, but learns that little is a big help when he and Greg get locked in Sam's meat locker and only the smallest Brady fits through the door's window. Bobby: Mike Lookinland. Greg: Barry Williams. Sam (more…)

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Mon Jul 11 4:00pm
GunsmokeAbelia(Season 14, Episode 8) TVLAND

Jacqueline Scott plays a widow whose home is being used as an outlaw hideout. Judd Ward: Jeremy Slate. Tom Cole: Tom Stern. Gar: Jack Lambert. Wales: Gregg Palmer. Festus: Ken Curtis. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Jonathan: Mike Durkin. Marieanne (more…)

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Tue Jul 12 9:30am
The Brady BunchDough Re MiNew(Season 3, Episode 16) POP

The kids' shot at a music career is gunned down by Peter's prepubescent vocal strains and Greg's song, “A Time to Change.” The episode also marked the debut of their other pop ditty, “We Can Make the Whole World Brighter.” Peter: Christopher Knight (more…)

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Tue Jul 12 10:00am
The Brady BunchJan's Aunt JennyNew(Season 3, Episode 17) POP

Imogene Coca plays wacky Aunt Jenny, who helps Jan overcome her fear of growing up to look like her dopplegänger relative. Jan: Eve Plumb. Carol: Florence Henderson. Mike: Robert Reed. Alice: Ann B. Davis. Peter: Christopher Knight.

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Tue Jul 12 10:30am
The Brady BunchThe Big BetNew(Season 3, Episode 18) POP

Greg becomes a Brady slave after losing a bet with Bobby, who weasels his way into Greg's date with his dream girl du jour (played by producer Sherwood Schwartz's daughter, Hope.) Mike: Robert Reed. Peter: Christopher Knight.

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Wed Jul 13 9:30am
The Brady BunchThe Power of the PressNew(Season 3, Episode 19) POP

A gig on the paper turns Peter into “Scoop Brady,” who uses his well-read column to gain brownie points with a troublesome teacher. Price: Milton Parsons. Iris: Jennifer Reilly. Diane: Angela Satterwhite. Harvey: Bobby Riha. Jan: Eve Plumb. Bobby: Mike (more…)

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Wed Jul 13 10:00am
The Brady BunchSergeant EmmaNew(Season 3, Episode 20) POP

The Brady house becomes a barracks when Alice's military (and identical) cousin Emma takes the vacationing Alice's duty for a week. Alice/Emma: Ann B. Davis. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Henderson. Greg: Barry Williams. Marcia: Maureen McCormick. Jan (more…)

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Wed Jul 13 10:30am
The Brady BunchCindy Brady, LadyNew(Season 3, Episode 21) POP

Cindy has a secret admirer, thanks to Bobby's anonymous gifts and phone calls, but his cover could be blown when she asks to meet him. Tommy: Eric Shea. Cindy: Susan Olsen. Carol: Florence Henderson. Alice: Ann B. Davis.

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Thu Jul 14 9:30am
The Brady BunchMy Fair OpponentNew(Season 3, Episode 22) POP

Marcia transforms nobody Molly Webber (Debi Storm) into a knockout who becomes her rival for head of the seniors' big banquet. Mr. Watkins: Lindsay Workman. The Astronaut: William Wellman Jr. Suzanne: Suzanne Roth. Marcia: Maureen McCormick. Carol: Florenc (more…)

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Thu Jul 14 10:00am
The Brady BunchThe Fender BendersNew(Season 3, Episode 23) POP

Jackie Coogan pops up as a mean motorist who hauls Carol into court after their car crash leads to conflicting reports from the kids. Judge: Robert Emhardt. Carol: Florence Henderson. Bobby: Mike Lookinland.

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