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Mon Aug 29 2:00pm
The Brady BunchThe Hero(Season 1, Episode 21) HALMRK

Peter takes a major ego trip after he's hailed a hero for saving a little girl from a Driscoll's Toy Store tragedy. But his bossy new attitude has his family ready to pop him unless he lets some air out of his swelled head. Tina: Melanie Baker. Jennifer: S (more…)

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Mon Aug 29 2:30pm
The Brady BunchThe Possible Dream(Season 1, Episode 22) HALMRK

Desi Arnaz Jr. pops up as himself when Cindy mistakenly gives Marcia's diary to a junk-collection service, not knowing the journal is filled with missives about her sister's famous crush. Also keep an eye out for Gordon Jump of “WKRP In Cincinnatti” as (more…)

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Mon Aug 29 3:00pm
The Brady BunchTo Move or Not to Move(Season 1, Episode 23) HALMRK

Wanting more room, Mike puts the house on the market, while the kids scare up a plan to keep buyers away from 4222 Clinton Way. Mrs. Hunsaker: Fran Ryan. Grossman: Lindsay Workman. Peter: Christopher Knight.

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Mon Aug 29 3:30pm
The Brady BunchThe Grass Is Always Greener(Season 1, Episode 24) HALMRK

Carol and Mike switch roles to see whose job is harder. What they discover has them scrambling for their old roles after Carol fouls out playing baseball and Mike makes a mess in the kitchen. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Henderson. Alice: Ann B. Davi (more…)

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Tue Aug 30 2:00pm
The Brady BunchLost Locket, Found Locket(Season 1, Episode 25) HALMRK

The Bradys turn sleuths after Jan's locket from her “secret admirer” vanishes, forcing the family to reconstruct the past 24 hours. But as Mike and Carol each suspect the other of giving the gift to their middle girl, the actual sender scrambles to hid (more…)

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Tue Aug 30 2:30pm
The Brady BunchThe Dropout(Season 2, Episode 1) HALMRK

Greg gives up on school after a compliment from baseball star Don Drysdale has him dreaming of pitching his way into the hall of fame. Greg: Barry Williams. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Henderson. Alice: Ann B. Davis.

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Tue Aug 30 3:00pm
The Brady BunchThe Babysitters(Season 2, Episode 2) HALMRK

First-time baby-sitters Greg and Marcia rain on Mike and Carol's dinner plans after Cindy comes down with a case of the sniffles and something strange starts happening at the neighbors'. Captain: Gilchrist Stuart. Policeman: Jerry Jones. Marcia: Maureen Mc (more…)

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Tue Aug 30 3:30pm
The Brady BunchThe Slumber Caper(Season 2, Episode 3) HALMRK

Marcia's slumber party is put on hold after she's accused of drawing an insulting picture of her teacher (guest star E.G. Marshall, Robert Reed's cohort on “The Defenders”). But when the party finally proceeds, the boys make some itchy alterations to t (more…)

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Wed Aug 31 2:00pm
The Brady BunchThe Un-Underground Movie(Season 2, Episode 4) HALMRK

Greg goes Hollywood while making a Thanksgiving movie on location in the Brady backyard, until the whole family squabbles over the script and casting of his epic Pilgrim turkey. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Henderson. Alice: Ann B. Davis.

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Wed Aug 31 2:30pm
The Brady BunchGoing, Going...Steady(Season 2, Episode 5) HALMRK

Marcia falls for a 13-year-old insect collector and takes up her honey's hobby to win his affections. Harvey Klinger: Billy Corcoran. Marcia: Maureen McCormick. Mike: Robert Reed. Greg: Barry Williams. Jan: Eve Plumb.

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Wed Aug 31 3:00pm
The Brady BunchCall Me Irresponsible(Season 2, Episode 6) HALMRK

Greg lands his first job in Mike's office, but he doesn't really dig the gig after losing some important blueprints. Randy: Annette Ferra. Phillips: Jack Collins. Mechanic: Gordon Jump. Peterson: Bob Peoples. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Henderson. A (more…)

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Wed Aug 31 3:30pm
The Brady BunchThe Treasure of Sierra Avenue(Season 2, Episode 7) HALMRK

The boys get more than they bargained for when they find a wallet filled with cash, but refuse to share any of it with their sisters. Soon, the kids are at war, until Mike comes up with a plan to return the wallet and restore peace among the Bradys. Stoner (more…)

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Thu Sep 1 2:00pm
The Brady BunchA Fistful of Reasons(Season 2, Episode 8) HALMRK

After a classmate teases Cindy and tussles with Peter, Mike takes the bully by the horns and teaches his kids self-defense. Buddy: Russell Schulman. Mr. Hinton: Paul Sorenson. Mrs. Hinton: Ceil Cabot. Peter: Christopher Knight. Cindy: Susan Olsen. Mike: Ro (more…)

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Thu Sep 1 2:30pm
The Brady BunchThe Not-So-Ugly Duckling(Season 2, Episode 9) HALMRK

Jan invents bogus boyfriend George Glass in an effort to outshine Marcia after she begins to fear that she'll never be as beautiful as her sister. Clark: Mark Gruner. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Henderson.

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Thu Sep 1 3:00pm
The Brady BunchThe Tattle-Tale(Season 2, Episode 10) HALMRK

No secret is safe when Cindy becomes an expert tattletale. Postman: John Wheeler. Mike: Robert Reed. Carol: Florence Henderson. Alice: Ann B. Davis. Jan: Eve Plumb.

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Thu Sep 1 3:30pm
The Brady BunchWhat Goes Up...(Season 2, Episode 11) HALMRK

A fall from a treehouse triggers Bobby's fear of heights, until his new pet parakeet escapes and must be saved from a perilous perch. Jimmy: Jimmy Bracken. Tim: Sean Kelly. Tommy: Brian Tochi. Bobby: Mike Lookinland.

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Fri Sep 2 2:00pm
The Brady BunchConfessions, Confessions(Season 2, Episode 12) HALMRK

Mom always said, “Don't play ball in the house.” But that doesn't stop Peter, who wrecks Carol's favorite vase, then scrambles to repair the damage. Repairman: Snag Werris. Peter: Christopher Knight. Carol: Florence Henderson.

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Fri Sep 2 2:30pm
The Brady BunchThe Impractical Joker(Season 2, Episode 13) HALMRK

Jan's practical joking goes too far after she mouse-naps the rodent Greg is housing for a science project and a spooked Alice calls in the big guns to take down the critter. Exterminator: Lennie Bremen. Mike: Robert Reed. Greg: Barry Williams. Jan: Eve Plu (more…)

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Fri Sep 2 3:00pm
The Brady BunchWhere There's Smoke(Season 2, Episode 14) HALMRK

Greg's smoking days are numbered when Mike and Carol get wind of their son's new habit---and the pack of butts in his jacket. The episode also features the debut of Greg's band, the Banana Convention. Tommy: Craig Hundley. Phil: Gary Marsh. Johnny: Bobby K (more…)

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Fri Sep 2 3:00pm
Oprah: Where Are They Now?The Brady Bunch, Oprah's Teen Crush, and '70s Star David Cassidy at Home(Season 2, Episode 11) OWN

Updates on 1970s stars, including Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen, all from "The Brady Bunch." Also: Henry Winkler; and David Cassidy.

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Fri Sep 2 3:30pm
The Brady BunchWill the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?(Season 2, Episode 15) HALMRK

Jan dons a black wig to break from the Brady blondes (and to cure her middle-child-itis), only to be shunned at her friend's party for showing up in her freakish costume. Lucy: Pamelyn Ferdin. Saleswoman: Marcia Wallace. Margie: Karen Foulkes. Jan: Eve Plu (more…)

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Mon Sep 5 2:00pm
The Brady BunchThe Drummer Boy(Season 2, Episode 16) HALMRK

Football's Deacon Jones drops by to help out Peter, who is sacked by his gridiron buddies after they learn of his glee-club membership. Larry: Jimmy Bracken. Freddy: Dennis McDougall. Jimmy: Pierce Williams. Bobby: Mike Lookinland. Peter: Christopher Knigh (more…)

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Mon Sep 5 2:30pm
The Brady BunchComing-Out Party(Season 2, Episode 17) HALMRK

Tonsillitis hits the eldest and youngest Brady ladies right before a big boating trip with Mike's boss. Doctor: John Howard. Phillips: Jack Collins. Cindy: Susan Olsen. Carol: Florence Henderson. Mike: Robert Reed.

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Mon Sep 5 3:00pm
The Brady BunchOur Son, the Man(Season 2, Episode 18) HALMRK

Greg starts high school and decides that he's all grown up, so he goes hippie and turns Mike's den into his own private love shack. But when the older object of his affections shoots him down, Greg ditches the bell-bottoms and beads for a more Brady-like l (more…)

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