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Report: Susan Lucci Turns Down Offer to Continue on All My Children

Susan Lucci

This could be the end of an era.

Susan Lucci has turned down an offer to continue starring on All My Children when the soap opera moves online, reports.

According to the site, Prospect Park, the company that acquired the rights to bring All My Children and One Life to Live to the Web, offered the soap vet the same salary she has been making, but... read more

All My Children's Susan Lucci Talks About That Shocking New Chapter in Her Memoir

Susan Lucci

Why'd she do it? All My Children star Susan Lucci tells TV Guide Magazine that the scorching new chapter in the paperback edition of her book All My Life — in which she blasts ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons as "that fatal combination of ignorance and arrogance" — was written at the request of her publisher, HarperCollins.

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Susan Lucci Blasts ABC Head of Daytime for Demise of All My Children

Susan Lucci

Hell hath no fury like Susan Lucci scorned! The upcoming paperback edition of her autobiography, All My Life: A Memoir, will include a bonus epilogue in which the daytime star lashes out at ABC execs for the death of All My Children. The soap, which was canceled in April, filmed its last episode on Tuesday and will air its final broadcast episode on Friday, Sept. 23.

"I think our being in this position is the result of some very bad decisions by you," she wrote, addressing ABC head of daytime Brian Frons. The excerpts were run in the New York Post Saturday. Specifically, she says Frons read more

Susan Lucci on All My Children’s Last Day, the Big Cliffhanger and Her Future Online

Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci is not in denial. She knows Tuesday was her last day filming All My Children as it exists now on ABC.

At the same time, she said, "it just didn't seem real."

"Walking out on to the set for my first scene yesterday morning, I have to say, I started to feel it," the actress told Wednesday, just several hours after the entire production wrapped its storied 42-year-run on broadcast television. "I had to rein my emotions back in because I had to work ... read more

All My Children: Jordi Vilasuso and Lindsay Hartley on the Castillos - And What Might've Been

Jordi Vilasuso, Lindsay Hartley

Cara making out with David? Griffin being bullied by Zach? If you feel like the Castillos are getting the short end of things as All My Children wraps its ABC run, you're not alone.

Before the network announced that it was pulling the home of La Lucci off the air after almost 42 years, Pine Valley's newest residents, a brother-sister team from Doctors Without Borders, were en route to love and happily ever after (for as long as that means on daytime TV). According to Jordi Vilasuso and Lindsay Hartley, who joined the cast as the Castillos last November, Cara was brought in as Jake's estranged wife and "soul mate" (not Tad's, and certainly not David's!), while Griffin was hatched as a love interest for Erica Kane's grieving daughter Kendall. But it was all so very short-lived!

Because of the axing — which spawned the resurrection of AMC superstars Dixie (Cady McClain) and Zach (Thorsten Kaye) — the Castillos have been reduced to being little more than appendages of resident villain David (Vincent Irizzary). What do Vilasuso and Hartley have to say about it? Plenty. The actors spoke with Friday, just days before the series wrapped production entirely, about being hit with the cancellation curve ball, the Castillos' storyline switcheroo, and the online future of All My Children.

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SOAPnet to Air All My Children Marathon

Susan Lucci

SOAPnet will mark the ending of All My Children with a two-day marathon the weekend before the final week of episodes on ABC.

Is All My Children on your Watchlist? Add it and your other favorites now and never miss an episode

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Will Susan Lucci Stay on All My Children When It Moves Online?

Susan Lucci, All My Children

All My Children will live on after it leaves ABC, but will Erica Kane also make the move? Looks like it!

Susan Lucci, 64, the last remaining original cast member on the daytime soap, is considering an offer to stay with the series when it moves online... read more

Sarah Michelle Gellar Will Return to All My Children, Promises Answers from Ringer

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ringer

Before she was Buffy, Sarah Michelle Gellar played Kendall Hart, the daughter of Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) on All My Children. With the soap opera going off the air in September, Gellar has made plans to return — but not as Kendall. In fact, she doesn't exactly know what she'll be doing at all, since Kendall has been played Alicia Minshew for the past several years.

"I can today officially confirm that I will be doing a guest-spot," Gellar said Thursday during the fall TV preview session for her new CW series Ringer. "When I heard the show was canceled, I didn't understand.... read more

Scoop on the New Web Version of All My Children

Walt Willey and Susan Lucci

Can Prospect Park, the company taking ABC's All My Children and One Life to Live to the internet, possibly be ready to make the move with AMC as soon as September? Hard to believe, but that's what TV Guide Magazine is hearing.

Word is, the production company intends to waste no time — or lose any momentum — and will launch the reimagined AMC on... read more

Is Susan Lucci Heading to Desperate Housewives?

Susan Lucci

Is Susan Lucci moving from Pine Valley to Wisteria Lane?

The All My Children alum says she's been talking to Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry about joining the prime-time soap.

"There's been a lot of talking, but we'll see," she told Access Hollywood at the Daytime Emmys. "It's a show I like very much, of course. The cast is amazing. Marc Cherry is amazing."

ABC sets date of All My Children's final episode

For now, Lucci is focusing on All My Children's final weeks. The long-running soap ...
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