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VIDEO: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Where None Have Gone Before

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Star Trek: The Next Generation: Where None Have Gone Before
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Length: 45:35
Aired: 10/13/1966

The Enterprise is flung across space into a distant galaxy over 2,700,000 light years away when a propulsion engineer, and his mysterious companion, attempt to re-design the ship's engine systems. watch

VIDEO: Star Trek: Voyager: The Cloud

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Star Trek: Voyager: The Cloud
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Length: 45:50
Aired: 10/13/1966

A nebula whose baffling interior provides no exit while being explored is discovered to be a living entity, and Janeway leads the crew in delicate "surgery" to repair the damage and finally emerge intact. watch

VIDEO: Star Trek: Mudd's Women

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Star Trek: Mudd's Women
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Length: 50:31
Aired: 10/13/1966

Conman Harry Mudd and his "cargo" of three beautiful wives for lonely miners are rescued by the Enterprise and arrested, just as their ship implodes, and look for the new Remastered visuals that show it all off like never before. The rescue burns out the big starship's dilithium crystals, but Kirk's unhappy reliance on Mudd's clients for replacements is in jeopardy when the women's real secret is exposed. watch


The Evil Of Frankenstein
Frankenstein Created Woman -- (Movie Clip) He Lives!
Frankenstein Created Woman -- (Movie Clip) Healthy Young Girl
Frankenstein Created Woman

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Star Trek: Mudd's Women

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Year Title Description
1966 Star Trek: Mudd's Women
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode, Actor - Magda
1966 An American Dream Movie, Actor - Ruta
1966 Frankenstein Created Woman Movie, Actor - Christina

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