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Exclusive: Ann-Margret to Guest on SVU

Jaclyn Smith and Ann-Margret

Two-time Academy Award nominee Ann-Margret and former Charlie's Angels star Jaclyn Smith have signed on to guest-star in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Executive producer Neal Baer tells that Margret will play...

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March 20, 2007: It's Not Fair!

Thanks to a 76ers game preempting this week's episode, let's jump right into this one. (Maybe next week it might air at the normal time.)Sisely seems to think that nothing's fair anymore. She doesn't get enough sleep, the coaches put too much pressure on her, her left cheek is not hanging out from her shorts enough (OK, so I made that last one up). Really though, that might not be far from the truth, as it seems like any random thing that doesn't go her way isn't fair. So let's start a list of things I don't think are fair:1. Half the episode was dedicated to Sisely. 2. The first 30 minutes were almost like I was seeing last week over again. 3. They sent the wrong girl home. 4. McGrathbot. I have to admit that I was far less entertained by this episode than the last. I think it's simply because I didn't know what to expect last time. This week, I knew the format and, man, did they stick right to it. They really don't have to shoot much footage of this show. Save some money, shoot ab... read more

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