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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Spend Beach Day in Hamptons
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise have a beach day in the Hamptons.
Katie & Suri's A-List Meet and Greet
00:51 — Holmes takes daughter Suri Cruise to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser.
Katie & Suri's A-List Meet and Greet
00:51 — Holmes takes daughter Suri Cruise to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser.
Katie Holmes Gets Caught in the Wind
Katie Holmes' hair goes crazy in the wind while the heavy lifting is left up to Suri Cruise as she carries box of toys out of her home in New York Cit (more…)
Katie Holmes Takes Suri To Disneyland
Katie Holmes enjoyed a fun day at Disneyland with her daughter Suri Cruise. Katie was seen riding the roller coasters, swings and enjoying her time at (more…)
Katie Holmes Talks Single Life in NYC
Today Your source for all things celebrity and entertainment. Katie Holmes is setting the record straight € she's really just like us. Despit (more…)
Katie Holmes Treats Suri Cruise to a Shopping Trip at Tiffany's
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise visit Tiffany's and Co jewellery shop in New York City, one day after reportedly buying the latest iPhone from the Apple (more…)
Katie Holmes Talks Raising Suri Cruise, Says She Doesn't Look Back At Her Past With Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes insists that Suri Cruise be raised away from the public spotlight. The 35-year-old actress made her first guest appearance on the Today s (more…)
SNTV - Suri makes a friend
Suri Cruise makes a friend on the set of her mother Katie Holmes' new project, The Kennedys.
Suri Cruise Voted Best Dressed Celebrity Child
Suri Cruise is only 5 years old but she is already getting praised for being so fashionable. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes € adorable daughter h (more…)
SNTV - What Suri wants, Suri gets
Suri Cruise wears whatever she wants and even tells dad Tom Cruise what to wear.
Suri Cruise Breaks Arm, Advised 'No Butt Smacking'
Suri Cruise breaks her arm and sports new cast, with strange warning to refrain from 'butt smacking.'
Tom Cruises Dodges Question on More Children, Says Suri Is a 'Sweetheart'
Hollyscoop caught up With Tom Cruise at the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Premiere where he talked about his new film, his daughter Suri Cruise an (more…)
Suri Cruise Enrolled In $40,000 A Year School
Katie Holmes has enrolled her daughter, who might just be the worlds most famous first grader, in a brand new pricey private school. Suri will be in t (more…)
Suri Cruise Verbally Attacked by Paparazzi
Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise were just trying to get to their car when a paparazzo verbally attacked the 7-year-old.
Suri's 850 Dollar Purse
Suri Cruise adds an $850 Ferragamo purse to her already stylish collection.
Suri Cruise Rocks a Furry Pink Hat on School Run With Mother Katie Holmes
Suri Cruise giggles as she wears a furry pink hat on the way to school with her mother Katie Holmes.
Beyonce: I Want A Large Family With Jay Z
Beyonce who is expecting her first child with Jay Z says that she is not going to stop at one because she wants a large family. € There is an (more…)
Suri Cruise's $130,000 Christmas Wish List Unveiled
Suri Cruise Unveils her $130,000 Christmas Wish list. Hey everyone this is Ani Esmailian for Hollyscoop. Suri Cruise is no regular kid. The offspring (more…)
Suri Cruise's Dog Has Gone Missing
It seems Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's daughter Suri Cruise's new dog, Honey, has gone missing. Reports are saying 50 signs were posted around Beverly (more…)
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