Summer Glau



  • Top Chef "I haven't missed one episode. I love food. I started out as a ballet dancer and food was kind of my enemy. When I stopped dancing, I realized I can eat and it's OK. I wish I could be a better cook. "
  • 30 Rock "That show is flawless. Tina Fey is a genius. Again, she's a woman who has changed television. "
  • Brothers & Sisters "I've been loyal to this show since it first aired because I love how it's an ensemble cast that has incredible tact for each character. They've really gone on a journey and I've felt really connected to them so I always watch that show. "
  • Damages "My favorite show that I'm totally addicted to. My sisters got into it before me. I watched the first episode and it's a little bit darker and more hardcore than most TV. It took me a second to get into it, and then I absolutely could not turn away. I watched it from start to finish. This is a show that takes female empowerment to the next level, so of course I'm supportive of that. "
  • Gossip Girl "To be honest, I love Gossip Girl. It's so beautiful, I can't look away. I see these young girls wearing these beautiful outfits, and their hair, and getting to see New York as sort of a character of its own. "

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