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Mon Feb 2 1:20pm
True LifeI Have a Digital Drama(Season 13, Episode 7) MTV

Following two young couples whose obsessive digital habits are threatening to destroy their relationships.

Mon Feb 2 2:30pm
True LifeTrue Life Presents: Crazy Young Love(Season 16, Episode 40) MTV

The highs and lows of love are documented by three young couples.

Mon Feb 2 3:40pm
True LifeI Have a Family Who Hates My Boyfriend(Season 16, Episode 19) MTV

A man is ignored by his girlfriend's family; a woman disapproves of her daughter's boyfriend.

Mon Feb 2 4:50pm
True LifeI Have a High Maintenance Girlfriend(Season 16, Episode 7) MTV

Demanding girlfriends cause headaches for their boyfriends.