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NBC Hopes to Scare Up Ratings with Fear Itself

NBC has recruited a long list of noted directors, actors and writers for its 13-episode suspense and horror anthology series Fear Itself. The series, produced by LionsGate and Industry Entertainment, will boast the work of award-winning horror directors John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), Darren Bousman (Saw II), Brad Anderson (The Machinist), Mary Harron (American Psycho), Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator) and Heroes' Ernest Dickerson. Superman Returns' Brandon Routh and Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss join Cynthia Watros (Lost), Eric Roberts (Heroes) and Larry Gilliard Jr. (The Wire), along with a boatload of other actors who will earn some screen time in one of the series' episodes. And just what kind of horrors can you expect? Landis' "A Nightmare in Lace" follows a bride who receives word on her wedding day that her groom is a serial killer, and Harron's "Community" features a young couple who find their dream home in the perfect neighborhood (until their neighbors start killing ... read more

DVD Tuesday: Re-Animator Reanimated!

Send your movie questions to FlickChickSee Maitland McDonagh and Ken Fox review this weeks new flicks in Movie TalkI cant believe Re-Animator one of my great horror-movie viewing experiences of the 1980s is more than 20 years old But the release of a new two-disc special-edition DVD from Anchor Bay is an excellent excuse to revisit it in DVD Tuesday The 1980 success of Friday the 13th launched a string of stalk-and-slash movies and while the cream of the slasher crop includes some top-notch fright flicks overall its not my favorite kind of horror film Which only makes Re-Animator that much more delightfully surprising A throwback to the golden age of manmade-monster movies based on HP Lovecrafts then little-known Herbert West Re-Animator master of horror Stuart Gordons debut film manages the tricky feat of being genuinely shocking and genuinely funnyLet me be clear I hate horror comedies in general and horror spoofs in particular But Re-Animator doesnt make f read more

Stuart Gordon on Re-Animator and more!

Read the Re-Animator Reanimated DVD Tuesday blogSend your movie questions to FlickChickSee Maitland McDonagh and Ken Fox review this weeks new flicks in Movie TalkOn the occasion of a new DVD of Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon shared some thoughts with Maitland McDonagh about horror humor and severed headsMaitland McDonagh Re-Animator continues to attract new viewers while many of its contemporaries are gathering dust on the shelves WhyStuart Gordon Re-Animator is into its third generation now which I think is partly because it can still take people by surprise Dr Hill [David Gale] is an outrageous character -- I mean hes lusting after that poor girl even when hes a severed head being carried around in a bag But I think its also Dr West [Jeffrey Combs] Hes so myopic so possessed by the vision of what he wants to do to the exclusion of everything else that his mania is funny and horrifying at the same time And when you look past the corpses I think a read more

January 19, 2007: Tale of The Black Cat

"Meow meow meow meow meow meow." My black cat, "Sprite" wanted to get her 2 pounce in about this week's Masters of Horror episode, The Black Cat. I had to give her a six-word limit, or else she would have hijacked this post. She gives it 4 out of 4 claws, mostly because she thought that "Pluto" the cat was very handsome (even with just one eye). Ahem.How can I find the words to describe Stuart Gordon's adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat, when all I can think is "wow?" I've always enjoyed Stuart Gordon's masterful cinematic interpretations of H.P. Lovecraft's work, and had hoped he would bring the same atmospheric, dramatic and gory details to his Edgar Allan Poe debut. Well, he did, and I would love to see Gordon take on even more Poe in the coming years. Come on, Stuart, we know you can't resist the pulse of The Tell-Tale Heart!As Gordon explained in the Fangoria interview I posted Friday, The Black Cat does get into some difficult terrain with realistic scenes of graph... read more

January 19, 2007: Masters of Horror Fearful Feature has posted a "Fearful Feature" on tonight's Masters of Horror episode, The Black Cat. It's a really good interview with "Master Director" Stuart Gordon and our beloved genre actor Jeffrey Combs, who I am certain will make a perfect Edgar Allan Poe in this episode. It's a good read; great to get primed for tonight! Enjoy.[Click Here to Read the Feature] read more

December 31, 2006: Valerie Drive-By

After a two-week holiday hiatus, it felt like home to watch the first glorious blood splats, and that eerie piano in the Masters of Horror opening sequence. It isn't often that horror fiends get their "own" TV series, so I really feel like I'm going through withdrawals when MoH is over, or even on break for a couple of weeks. Now that Dexter has become a favorite series among the horror crowd, it looks like Showtime's really got the goods for my most beloved genre. I've gotta say, once Masters of Horror is over this year, it's going to be a hellish wait for Showtime's horror audience, or at least, for this horror fan. First of all, I haven't heard whether or not a third season is on the books for MoH, and it's probably going to take a good year for season two of Dexter. At least I'll have Battlestar Galatica, Heroes and Lost in the new year, but they can't take things nearly as far as Dex and "The Masters." Ah well. I'll just have to break out the Buffy DVDs for the 200th time (how ... read more

Was thereĀ a movie called ...

Question: Was there a movie called Robo-Jocks?I think it came out in the late '80s, but no one seems to remember this flick. Do you?

Answer: You're looking for Stuart Gordon's futuristic Robot Jox (1990), which takes place 50 years after the human race was nearly wiped out by nuclear war. Now the world's nations avoid war by settling conflicts one on one: Two warriors climb inside giant robot armor and duke it out in a public arena. When I interviewed Gordon some years ago, he told me that the film's title "started out as RoboJox; in fact, I always like to say that the 't' in Robot Jox is silent. We were threatened by Orion over the title because of Robocop [1987]. They claimed we were interfering with their ability to do business, read more


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