Stevie J Celebrity Watchlist

Stevie J Surrounded by Women But Where Is Joseline?
00:56 — We got 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star Stevie J, leaving dinner with an entourage of women but one woman in particular is missing from the group…his (more…)
Stevie J Is Blaming His Kids for Unpaid Child Support.
01:36 — The “Love &Hip Hop: Atlanta” star allegedly owes $1.1 million in child support … but says his kids spend the checks too quickly.
Stevie J and Kenneth Faried Spotted by the TMZ Tour Bus
01:02 — The TMZ Hollywood Tour spotted Stevie J and Kenneth Faried, and one of them even got on the bus to say hello.
Stevie J Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane!
00:58 — Stevie J may be a star on ‘Love And Hip Hop’ but before the reality TV drama Stevie J was making good music with Notorious B.I.G., Mariah Carey and ev (more…)
“Love & Hip Hop” Star Stevie J’s Clothes Have Been Bleached!
01:48 — Stevie J’s estranged wife Joseline got totally jealous and ruined $65K worth of his stuff!
Check Yourself: Free at Last
04:45 — Jessica Dime and Yung Joc comment on their accidental date while Ernest and Momma Dee discuss their marriage counseling session.
Check Yourself: Watch Your Back
05:17 — Kelsie and Scrappy recap what went down at the D-Lo showcase while Tiarra and Jessica Dime talk about Karlie Redd's announcement at Mimi's party.
Check Yourself: Mother of All Problems
05:26 — Momma Dee, Shirleen, and Scrappy recap the messiness that went down during the brunch meeting while later Momma Dee and Ernest discuss their issues in (more…)
Check Yourself: Playing With Fire
05:04 — Jessica Dime and Karlie Redd discuss the dirt revealed during their conversation while later Bambi, Jessica Dime, and Karlie Redd recap all that went (more…)
Check Yourself: Full Disclosure
05:30 — Scrappy and Yung Joc comment on their radio interview while Mimi and Ariane discuss Mimi's interrogation about Mimi and Chris' relationship.
If Looks Could Kill
04:57 — Tommie and Tiarra get heated while discussing their meeting with Scrapp while Scrappy recaps his conversation with Bambi.
Check Yourself: Blackmail
05:34 — Kelsie and Shirleen discuss Rasheeda's staff meeting at Pressed while Mimi, Jessica Dime, and Tiarra recap Tiarra's apology to Mimi.
Is Stevie J Still Maried?
01:07 — We got Stevie J out and asked him if hes still married? Stevie flashes us his wedding ring but it’s on his pinky finger!
Check Yourself: Episode 11
06:17 — Betty Idol and Momma Dee recap their first meeting while Scrappy and Momma Dee discuss the video Scrappy posted online about the transgender community (more…)
Check Yourself: Final Goodbye
04:56 — Ariane, and Betty Idol comment on their studio meeting, and recall some of the confrontations D. Smith and Betty have had.
Check Yourself: of Kings and Queens
05:25 — Scrappy and Yung Joc relive their bachelor pad party while Momma Dee and Shirleen recap their altercation at Rasheeda's store.
Check Yourself: Common Ground
05:27 — Kirk, Scrappy, and Yung Joc focus on the distractions at the strip club while Jessica Dime and Scrappy recap their flirtatious conversation at the gym (more…)
Check Yourself: Confessions
05:19 — Yung Joc gives the play-by-play of Amber and Tiarra's fight while Karlie Redd, Tiarra, and Jessica Dime recap all the drama that went down at Stevie J (more…)
Check Yourself: Final Outcome
05:08 — Shirleen, Scrappy, and Momma Dee give a play-by-play of Momma Dee's surprises while Yung Joc, Scrappy, and Momma Dee recap their conversation about Ba (more…)
Check Yourself: Slice and Dice
05:01 — Momma Dee and yung Joc discuss their music meeting while Karlie Redd, Tiarra, and Jessica Dime recap what went down at the Def Comedy Jam.
Check Yourself: Episode 12
04:41 — Scrappy, Momma Dee, and Betty Idol recap their meeting at the dance studio while Yung Joc, Kirk, and Scrappy recount Amber's flirtatious ways.
Check Yourself: Heart to Heart
05:17 — Tommie recaps her conversation with KK while Karlie Redd and Jessica Dime relive the moment Karlie learned about Lyfe Jenning's baby mama.
A Day in Atlanta
10:33 — Chef Benzino masters the art of cooking; Bambi gives back to the community; Tammi shares all on her relationship and fashion; and lastly, Young Joc ta (more…)
Meet the Cast
16:07 — Meet the cast of VH1's newest series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.
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