Mon Apr 20 11:00am
Doctor WhoThe Name of the Doctor(Season 7, Episode 14) BBC

The seventh series ends with the discovery of a secret the Doctor planned on taking to his grave.

Mon Apr 20 12:00pm
Doctor Who: The Day of the DoctorThe Day of the Doctor BBC

The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure through space and time. In the present, something terrible awakes in London's National Gallery, and in 1562 a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England.

Tue Apr 21 12:00pm
Doctor WhoInto the Dalek(Season 8, Episode 2) BBC

A Dalek fleet surrounds a lone rebel ship, and the Doctor is the only one who can help.

Tue Apr 21 1:00pm
Doctor WhoRobot of Sherwood(Season 8, Episode 3) BBC

The Doctor joins forces with Robin Hood when robots threaten Sherwood Forest. Together, they work to end the evil reign of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Thu Apr 23 11:00am
Doctor WhoListen(Season 8, Episode 4) BBC

Ghosts of the past and future crowd into the lives of the Doctor and Clara, and send them on an adventure that takes them to the end of the universe.

Thu Apr 23 12:00pm
Doctor WhoTime Heist(Season 8, Episode 5) BBC

The Doctor attempts to break into the most dangerous bank in the Cosmos.

Thu Apr 23 1:00pm
Doctor WhoThe Caretaker(Season 8, Episode 6) BBC

The terrifying Skovox Blitzer prepares to destroy mankind. Meanwhile, Danny Pink and the Doctor are on a course to meet.

Fri Apr 24 11:00am
Doctor WhoKill the Moon(Season 8, Episode 7) BBC

The Doctor and Clara crash-land on the moon, where they discover a mining base strewn with corpses and encounter giant spiders

Fri Apr 24 12:00pm
Doctor WhoMummy on the Orient Express(Season 8, Episode 8) BBC

The Doctor battles a terrifying mummy who is stalking passengers on a train.

Fri Apr 24 1:00pm
Doctor WhoFlatline(Season 8, Episode 9) BBC

Clara battles a menace from another dimension and tries to free the entrapped Doctor.

Mon Apr 27 11:00am
Doctor WhoIn the Forest of the Night(Season 8, Episode 10) BBC

Huge forests grow up overnight around the world and begin to overwhelm the Earth.

Mon Apr 27 12:00pm
Doctor WhoDark Water(Season 8, Episode 11) BBC

The Doctor is faced with an impossible decision, as plans are drawn in the mysterious world of the Nethersphere.

Mon Apr 27 1:00pm
Doctor WhoDeath in Heaven(Season 8, Episode 12) BBC

Season 8 ends with the Doctor taking on a new role as Cybermen invade the streets of London, and old friends unite against old enemies. Meanwhile, questions remain as to whether the UNIT can contain Missy.

Tue Apr 28 11:00am
Doctor WhoThe Eleventh Hour(Season 5, Episode 1) BBC

The 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) must save the world in 20 minutes even though the TARDIS is wrecked and his sonic screwdriver is disabled. Fortunately, he also meets Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) in the fifth-season premiere.

Tue Apr 28 12:00pm
Doctor WhoThe Beast Below(Season 5, Episode 2) BBC

Amy and the Doctor visit the distant future, where they find an abandoned Earth and the British people living on a starship in space, searching for a new planet to call home.

Tue Apr 28 1:00pm
Doctor WhoVictory of the Daleks(Season 5, Episode 3) BBC

The Doctor and Amy meet Winston Churchill during a trip back to World War II, where they also encounter Daleks.

Wed Apr 29 11:00am
Doctor WhoThe Time of Angels(Season 5, Episode 4) BBC

The Doctor tracks the last of the Weeping Angels at the request of Father Octavian, and River Song resurfaces.

Wed Apr 29 12:00pm
Doctor WhoFlesh and Stone(Season 5, Episode 5) BBC

The Weeping Angels surround the Doctor and his friends, forcing them to make an escape through the forest vault.

Wed Apr 29 1:00pm
Doctor WhoThe Vampires of Venice(Season 5, Episode 6) BBC

The Doctor takes Amy and Rory on a romantic getaway to 16th-century Venice, where he encounters "pale, creepy girls who don't like sunlight."

Thu Apr 30 11:00am
Doctor WhoAmy's Choice(Season 5, Episode 7) BBC

Amy faces a terrible choice when the Doctor reappears in her life after a five-year hiatus.

Thu Apr 30 12:00pm
Doctor WhoThe Hungry Earth(Season 5, Episode 8) BBC

A drilling project penetrates the Earth's crust with adverse consequences.

Thu Apr 30 1:00pm
Doctor WhoCold Blood(Season 5, Episode 9) BBC

The Earth is on the brink of its final war, or a new age of harmony.

Fri May 1 11:00am
Doctor WhoVincent and the Doctor(Season 5, Episode 10) BBC

The Doctor and Amy Pond meet Vincent van Gogh.

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