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Mon Oct 3 9:00am
Doctor WhoClosing Time(Season 6, Episode 12) BBC

A silver rat in a department store causes trouble for the Doctor during his visit with an old friend.

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Mon Oct 3 10:00am
Doctor WhoThe Wedding of River Song(Season 6, Episode 13) BBC

History is out of sorts on the day the Doctor is supposed to die.

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Tue Oct 4 9:00am
Tue Oct 4 10:00am
Doctor WhoAsylum of the Daleks(Season 7, Episode 1) BBC

Season 7 begins with the Doctor being kidnapped and confined to a planetary prison that is actually an asylum.

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Wed Oct 5 9:00am
Doctor WhoDinosaurs on a Spaceship(Season 7, Episode 2) BBC

An unmanned spaceship carrying dinosaurs hurtles out of control, but the Doctor tries to save it and its prehistoric cargo.

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Wed Oct 5 10:00am
Doctor WhoA Town Called Mercy(Season 7, Episode 3) BBC

The Doctor becomes the reluctant sheriff of a Western town that is under siege by a relentless cyborg.

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Thu Oct 6 9:00am
Doctor WhoThe Power of Three(Season 7, Episode 4) BBC

Millions of sinister black cubes fall from the sky, and the Doctor worries about an invasion of Earth.

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Thu Oct 6 10:00am
Doctor WhoThe Angels Take Manhattan(Season 7, Episode 5) BBC

The Doctor bids farewell to Amy and Rory; statues in New York come to life.

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Mon Oct 10 9:00am
Doctor WhoThe Snowmen(Season 7, Episode 6) BBC

The Doctor and his new companion, Clara, fight to save Christmas from the villainous Doctor Simeon and his army of evil snowmen.

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Mon Oct 10 10:00am
Doctor WhoThe Bells of Saint John(Season 7, Episode 7) BBC

The Doctor battles the Spoonheads after discovering something sinister is lurking in the Wi-Fi.

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Tue Oct 11 9:00am
Doctor WhoThe Rings of Akhaten(Season 7, Episode 8) BBC

The Doctor takes Clara to the rings of the planet Akhaten, where the Festival of Offerings is in full swing. Clara meets the Queen of Years, but she soon learns that a sacrifice will be demanded at the festival.

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Tue Oct 11 10:00am
Doctor WhoCold War(Season 7, Episode 9) BBC

The Doctor and Clara land on a Russian nuclear submarine in 1983 as it spirals into the ocean depths with an alien creature creating havoc on board.

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Wed Oct 12 9:00am
Doctor WhoHide(Season 7, Episode 10) BBC

The Doctor and Clara visit an isolated mansion located on a moor that is allegedly haunted. There, they meet a ghost hunter and a psychic who are searching for the Witch of the Well.

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Wed Oct 12 10:00am
Doctor WhoJourney to the Centre of the TARDIS(Season 7, Episode 11) BBC

The TARDIS crashes, and Clara becomes trapped inside. The Doctor rushes to save her before his damaged ship self-destructs in 30 minutes.

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Thu Oct 13 9:00am
Doctor WhoThe Crimson Horror(Season 7, Episode 12) BBC

Bodies are found in Victorian Yorkshire with skin that is waxy and glowing red.

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Thu Oct 13 10:00am
Doctor WhoNightmare in Silver(Season 7, Episode 13) BBC

The Doctor and Clara arrive at the dilapidated theme park Hedgewick's World and are confronted by the Cybermen.

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Sat Oct 15 6:00am
Doctor WhoListen(Season 8, Episode 4) BBC

Ghosts of the past and future crowd into the lives of the Doctor and Clara, and send them on an adventure that takes them to the end of the universe.

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Sat Oct 15 7:00am
Doctor WhoDeath in Heaven(Season 8, Episode 12) BBC

Season 8 ends with the Doctor taking on a new role as Cybermen invade the streets of London, and old friends unite against old enemies. Meanwhile, questions remain as to whether the UNIT can contain Missy.

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Sat Oct 15 8:15am
Doctor WhoHeaven Sent(Season 9, Episode 11) BBC

Part 1 of 2. The Doctor faces his greatest challenge in the form of a fearsome creature known only as the Veil.

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Sat Oct 15 9:30am
Doctor WhoHell Bent(Season 9, Episode 12) BBC

Conclusion. The Doctor returns to Gallifrey to face the Time Lords.

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