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What you can expect from the final presidential debate
01:28 — Hillary Clinton goes into Wednesday night's presidential debate with the WikiLeaks email hack looming over her campaign. Meanwhile, Donald Trump conti (more…)
What to expect from final presidential debate
11:09 — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off in the final presidential debate. CBS news senior political editor Steve Chaggaris, CBS News elections (more…)
Breaking the final debate down
12:35 — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed on stage in the final presidential debate. CBS News congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes and CBS news sen (more…)
Trump Refuses to Say He Will Accept Election Results
04:50 — Republican strategist Steve Schmidt and political analyst Eugene Robinson discuss the moment from the third presidential debate where Donald Trump sai (more…)
Schmidt: Trump Undercutting US Institutions
03:30 — Steve Schmidt, Republican strategist, reacts to the interview with Mike Pence in which the Republican vice presidential candidate denied that it is kn (more…)
Mark Cuban: Bannon Is Smarter Than Trump
03:27 — The self-proclaimed 'Trump troll extraordinaire' says Trump keeps talking about a 'rigged election' because campaign CEO Steve Bannon wants to boost h (more…)
Child Rugby Superstar!
01:07 — Steve looks at a viral video of a little boy with a bright future in sports.
Hypno Mom
07:49 — Lisa Machenberg, a mom who’s come up with an extraordinary technique to keep her kids in line …. she hypnotizes them!
05:23 — Lisa Machenberg, a mom who’s come up with an extraordinary technique to keep her kids in line... she hypnotizes them!
New Dating Apps
04:41 — Romance guru BELA GANDHI (founder of the Smart Dating Academy), joins Steve with a look at the latest and greatest dating apps designed to better scre (more…)
Hypnotizing Children
01:31 — Lisa Machenberg came up with an extraordinary technique to keep her kids in line …. she hypnotizes them!
Kordell Stewart Addresses Sexuality Rumors
06:57 — Steve sits down with Kordell Stewart for an exclusive sit down interview to discuss rumors about his sexual orientation.
What Can Trump Do to Improve His Numbers?
04:22 — Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Donald Trump campaign senior advisor, talks to Steve Kornacki about how Trump can improve his lagging poll numbers in numerous (more…)
Ask Steve: They Lie All the Time in Church
07:14 — A woman’s date with a guy she met at church goes downhill.
Get Your Kids to Clean Up!
04:48 — Lisa Machenberg, a mom who’s come up with an extraordinary technique to keep her kids in line …. she hypnotizes them!
Clinton Strategist On the Final 2016 Debate
06:00 — Hillary Clinton senior campaign strategist Joel Benenson joins Steve Kornacki to talk about how Clinton is preparing for the final presidential debate (more…)
How Will Trump Act During the Final Debate?
05:34 — Donald Trump campaign surrogate Steve Cortes joins Kate Snow to discuss Trump's final push leading up to Election Day, and the challenges the Republic (more…)
Trump ‘needs a Miracle’
06:20 — Donald Trump has been squeezing in rallies days before the final presidential debate. Republican strategist, Steve Schmidt, joins MSNBC’s Stephanie Ru (more…)
Trump Is ‘Wounded, Desperate and Dangerous’ Ahead of the Final Debate, Analyst Says
04:00 — Ahead of the final presidential debate, political analyst Steve Schmidt tells TODAY that Donald Trump must signal that he will accept the outcome of t (more…)
Last Of The Mississippi Jukes - Official Trailer
01:34 — Robert Mugge's 2003 music documentary, LAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI JUKES, explores the fading traditions of rural Mississippi juke joints. The blues was f (more…)
Biggest surprise so far for Michigan
01:55 — Steve Lorenz joins Jorge Andres with his biggest surprise of the season so far.
Michigan recruiting update
02:03 — Steve Lorenz joins Jorge Andres with the latest on some big time offensive linemen recruits.
Fantasy Football Update: Steve Smith
00:08 — Nick Kostos, Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard take a look at the upcoming fantasy impact for Steve Smith
Music bridges the miles U.S. trumpet player and Afghan teen
02:39 — For more than a year, reknowned Philadelphia Orchestra trumpet player David Bilger has been mentoring 17-year-old Baset Azizi who lives 7,000 miles aw (more…)
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